Monday, October 31, 2011

What Shall I Give Him?

Last Saturday it was a gorgeous day out, Hubby and the girls were outside doing things, the man had a lit torch to fight off the Texan mosquitoes that weren't scared by the coldfront. Hubs turns into Jem when he comes home from the office. I'm a cross between Scout and Donna Reed.

Me? I did my walk through outdooors several times. It is beautiful let me tell ya but I can't bend over like my girls to garden yet until my back heals completely, things like that take their time don't ya know and I will always use caution. So I asked the Lord what I could I do for Him with my time?

It reminds me of the poem by Christina Rosetti, "What Can I Give Him?"

What can I give Him as poor as I am?

Sometimes when I'm feeling in a quandry about some things I just ask God what He wants me to do, or rather What can I do so I don't dwell on these quandries.

My oldest daughter Lea is a Christian counselor at a prolife clinic, (This is Lea Saturday night getting supper cooking) I used to be a counselor at a prolife clinic too but when I became pregnant with my second little baby girl I realized hubs and I could no longer make the trek to the clinic in Midtown with our Little-Lea. I then took calls from home and then we moved to the country and it was long distance.

Today. I live in the country once again, I have four little-big girls and I homeschool. So I asked the Father, "What can I do Lord with my talents?"

A couple of months ago, Lea, our oldest baby girl came home from the clinic letting me know they needed bags. Bags? Bags for what? Bags for prolife literature, baby booties and a blanket in a non-see-through bag. Material bags would be nice, something simple with handles. I listened and pondered for a while...a month or so. I know, it's a long time to ponder. I do that sometimes. I pray and wait, wait and pray. I like to sew simple projects, it's so wonderful and liberating I think having a sewing stash and when I need something I can sew it up simple.

Well God started nudging me to sew up a bag when I sew me up something.

I made a couple and Lea brought them in.

Last Saturday when I asked the Lord what I should do, He said to go get that snowman material, the time was now. Today. Last Saturday.

Let me confess. That snowman material has been with me for at least ten years. I once thought I'd do a jumper with it. I don't wear jumpers much anymore so I made a little skirt. I still had a lot of snowman material left.

It's cute snowman material. Last Saturday I put the snowman material on the table thinking about those bags...It suuuurrrrrrrreee looked awfully cute on that table. I had to talk to myself..."Amelia don't be selfish, you have a couple of more Christmas table cloths in the closet and unborn babies are more important" ...You know I'm ashamed to type it, it sounds so selfish.

I promptly got my little self to the sewing machine.

I got eight bags out of my material! Yay! I even made some curly little handles out of some interesting gingham material. It curled as I sewed it and I thought it looked cute like that.

As I sewed I prayed, "Thank you Jesus-thank you Jesus" I prayed for the babies and their futures and for Life in Jesus name. I prayed these little snowmen would speak love to these mommies, some scared and confused. The Love that only Christ can give.

Pray for these mommies and their unborn babies that these mommies will choose LIFE in Jesus name!

Hope everyone is enjoying the cool weather. The above photo is typical here, flannel shirt, pants -capris rolled up, my girls tell me these pants are too short for pants and too long for capris. I took the black socks off...and they said that was an improvement in itself. Frumpy is comfy in the cool of Autumn. Yes indeed.

Pray for the unborn, it seems our unborn are getting lost in the shuffle of the country.
What can we give Him? How can we use our natural talents? His yoke is easy and His burden is light...

Love in Christ, Goodnight. ~Amelia


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Those little bags are so cute, Mrs. Amelia. Your obedience to the Lord will come back to you with a double portion!

Marianna said...

What a refreshing post! Just good, down to earth, obey the Lord with what you've got, show love to others, sort of thing! Love it! Who knows what the Lord will do with those little bags... so many of the girls that come in are just looking for love and that's why they got into such a bad situation in the first place. A homemade bag with snowmen could be just the loving touch that they need during a crisis pregnancy. Love that. The big things are always the small things in the Kingdom of God.

Jane B. Gaddy said...

So sweet, Amelia! God will use those darling bags for his honor and glory and to touch some sweet young woman that needs just that... a touch from HIM!
Jane BG

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do..."