Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lil Muff's Snazzy Safety Vest

Yep, my mama didn't know what I was thinking when she gave me a red blouse that didn't fit her. Yep...yep, yep. I thought, I now have me some nice fine red material that will be perfect for our Lil Muffie's vest I'm a-plannin'. I say in a perky voice: Um hm! : )

Now you must know that my dear husband is starting to call me "Edward Scissorhands" around here. Not that we've ever seen that movie, it's not our style but the looks of the poor character in the movie with the radical scissor hands...why the artistic side could be me on some days. I'm an artist by nature. Sometimes I'm a quiet contemplative artist, sometimes I'm a broadway dancer artist, sometimes a ballerina, but sometimes, oh yes....sometimes, I'm a radical Edward Scissorhands. In highschool I was known to turn out a fashion illustration in an hour, a fashion illustration design that would hang in the showcase. Did I ever tell you the time I decided to get into the showcase with my friend and pose like a statue? Just to see if anyone noticed? I told you I had more than one side didn't I? And that doesn't even count my artist brush of words.

So, to make a long story short, it's hunting season in these parts and we really don't care for that. No matter which way you look at hunting it is dangerous. I know. My dad accidently shot himself in the leg cleaning his gun once in his waterfront gas station for boats. I'll never forget my poor daddy coming up the walk way to our house for supper time limping with blood stained khaki pants and the horrible look on his face as he grimaced. No, I really don't like hunting for man or animal unless protection is needed, guns and the like frighten me if not used properly and with extreme care. I've been in the presence of other accidents as well...let alone poor animals wanting to naturally roam and not to be shot for sport for pity's sake.

Now Muffie-man above in the picture? He's probably all of ten pounds but this little guy thinks he is ten feet tall and is my husband's right hand man. Hubby takes the four doglets out to the back of the Forest Cathedral here and Muffie thinks he is Charlie the cow-dog's partner in crime. Yes, Charlie has been known to take off into those woods and we go to prayin' because we want our little guy back.

Well my pinking shears went to work while hubby was talking to a client on the phone. I smiled gleefully as hubby shook his head amused talking to the customer. My pinking shears went to work as I tried my little red safety vest on Muffie smiling all the while at hubby smiled back shaking his head even more while discussing business over his phone.....and voila... A few minutes later and a few stitches of some leftover elastic and it works!

Just in the mood to blog this evening...Yes, I'm watching Hannity and Rove (that Romney head). Hm. I just thought I'd share on this cute little vest I threw together.

I'm doing fine. I rejoice over the Lord's blessings.

And please pray for us concerning church situations. It's tough out there, I think most that read here understand exactly. We want a nice loving church with nice sweet standards when we do visit an organized church other than our homechurch and I really do want to visit with this pastor at the church we have been visiting. Mr. Pastor, (said like little Scout to Mr. Cunningham in To Kill a Mockingbird) if you read this I would really like to visit with you and talk about your grandpa's hardware store. After all....My daddy, grandpa and great grandpa frequented it there, my daddy said it was right by the pharmacy, I have an old bottle from the pharmacy, I would sure like to talk with you along with my hubby of course and our girls. If you would please see fit to give us a few minutes or so you may be awfully surprised and perhaps amused by the two waterfront families I am from. (I respectfully smile) : )

On those families? Like the old sports car ad said...."Italian styling & German engineering". Enough said. : )

Yes indeedie.

Signing off for the evening dear friends for an Audience of One.
Love in Christ, my Lord and Savior, the One who never lets us down.

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