Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're Here!

With tears in my eyes sitting here listening to Steve Green's Sail to Heaven's Shore, "Give us courage....lead us on..."

We're here and moved in, it seems like a dream come true. : ) I feel like we are home now. The first morning we awoke here I did miss my suburban street and neighbors though, it was a strange feeling indeed. We all felt a little out of sorts. Fatigue, change, all of that stuff....

The beauty here is not easy to describe, it is much like being able to relive something from my past, something I have missed and had had sorrow that I moved from it.

Our girls are loving the serenity and beauty of it all as well, and of course we are decluttering and blessing others making frequent drop-offs at the donation center.

A couple of days before we moved in, one of the neighbors brought over two beautiful fern hanging baskets, my husband choked up over the phone reading their note to me. It's nice to be loved and appreciated.

The girls have had some of their sweet friends to come and visit too, and a wonderful gem of a friend drove almost an hour to come help us the day we moved in, she and her two precious kids and another sweet little girl from another family. It's so nice to see smiling faces to greet us and spur us on. At least for me it is...I always say when we first move in it's the best time to have company, we have an excuse for a mess! ; )

We went out to eat the second night at the little restaurant in the little town that we always remembered....Oh my goodness! Not one thing has changed!!! It was amazing!!! Such fun! On the way to the little town, it was surreal, it was in the evening and the golden sunlight filtering through the trees was incredible...I just cannot put the feelings in words. It was like God was giving me a second chance to enjoy this beautiful place, ....He has.

Mr. B. has stopped by twice and we are amazed by this sweet man. Amazed. He is a special friend indeed. Sharp as a tack. He brought his daughter and husband to meet us last Sunday. Nice people. I'm so very blessed, Mr. B remembers each of our daughter's name and ages, he remembered Rebecca does photography... I'm just amazed, just simply amazed at this man's care.

I'm learning once again to make sure and heed the quietness and appreciate it, to not seek community from others who may not be showing community for whatever reason. To just rest in the Lord. As I type this, I smile (a little) because hubs and I have been tempted to wonder and be a little upset about a few who aren't really showing much care at all, but we know God has a reason for absences that seem loud to our ears on certain days. It's okay.

In the quiet there is a huge blessing, a blessing that I adore...a blessing of the Lord's Presence! How can I complain?! Way too much beauty around to complain! Look what the Lord has done!

It's lovely here, and oh I must tell you how nice to listen to soothing sweet old fashioned Christian music in this environment...Classical music, and even old jazz, The Girl from Ipanema....and just listening to nature, birds singing their sweet choruses, viewing the swaying trees watching ripples across the pond...neat sounds....neat sights...

So please dear friends, please know our internet connection is glitchy and unavailable on certain days and we're here trying to get well water and dishwashers and washing machines fixed and working etc. etc.

Okay. Now for a walk with my doglets and preparation for that Greek dish I'm going to try for sup. Yes indeedie!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Mood

We're packing up a storm and gradually moving things in...I wonder what this present house must think? It seems the walls are lonely without some of the pictures and things...

Here is a post done by my baby - Becca. She is our artist photographer...She truly has captured the mood in our family. Enjoy and be blessed!

Poetic Capture