Monday, July 22, 2013

Why do We Blog? Happenings, Show n' Tell!

Why do we blog?  I read this, this morning and it answers the question beautifully at least for me! 

"Today He (Jesus) is only a name to many.  But to us who know and love Him, He is as precious ointment in our lives, ointment to be poured forth from our lives as a sweet savour of His presence."

I figure if I share my life here, it will be Jesus.  I figure if I encourage others here, it will be Jesus.  I hope to share the ointment to others not only in what I blog but in how I interact with others in blogging.  Sometimes my heart is grieved when I notice others who are supposed to represent Christ who seem to be all me, myself and I on their blogs, these same blog authors never seeming to really interact with others or visit others.  Such is life.  But I have noticed it and I reiterate my thoughts:  It hurts my heart because it would be much like going to a Bible study or fellowship and the leader spouts the  Bible lesson or life story or perhaps grand bargain or doodle-di-dandie (fill in blank) of the week and leaves without ever saying a word to anyone, never reciprocating ever.  I don't think I would like to attend that fellowship anymore would you? 

I heard a darling associate pastor a couple of weeks ago at a church we visit and he said...
"Some people think they are all that and a bag of chips!"  : )

On with the show here...    : )   Please oblige my wee prophet side on that little subject but I feel the Spirit's prompting that it's time to write something about what I see as a problem, even a little of a disgrace if you think about it.

Here are some goings on in our home on The Fourth, that you may want to peek into and please by all means let me know what your family did too!  I love hearing about you too.  Come on and pour yourself some coffee...Stand around the kitchen with us and enjoy! 

This is Becs on the Fourth, she is making a real Watermelon Sorbet!  This is a solid, trimmed, watermelon carved with toppings of nuts and healthy things!

Delle and my sweet mother.  My mom is 83 years young!  Praise the Lord!

Here's a little Show n' Tell....   This is that same Simplicity #4881 skirt that I love to make so much.  I made a little belt with extra fabric so I can tuck my shirt in and it won't look frump-a-rama... : )

Most of the time I wear a top over these skirts and sometimes will belt the top if needed but on this primarily green skirt with white dots, a white top over it didn't work.  The green shown through.  Sooo...I think I discovered something!  Yay for me!  : )

The Fourth and Preaching in the Middle of Town....This pic above represents a church we also visit and are considering, this is in little-big town.  This is an old fashioned larger church where we are acquainted with the pastor from years ago.  The church reaches out so much and I think that is great.  This is a yearly event in the center of town.  Hundreds come to this event and it's so beautiful.  Our Vets are recognized, there is patriotic singing and then annointed preaching all in the center of town! Lots of food and booths.  A huge donated fireworks display then blesses the crowd.   In the crowd I saw cowboy hats, overalls, just a lovely, lovely sight for me as I sat and observed and noticed against the most beautiful evening sky.  Do you see the mommy above with her baby in a stroller and her other children?  I thought she looked sooo retro.  Perhaps someone who stepped out of the 1930s?

   I thank the Lord for each of you!  I blog to share, I enjoy sharing others' lives too like good neighbors, to be an encouragement to others.  I thank the Lord for those who are soooo very sweet and considerate.  It is you who are the true ointment of Christ!   And that's what it's all  about!  

Amen.   Love to you all,     ~Amelia   ...The Last Child in the Woods     



peggy, the simple woman said...

I am one of those who fail to get around on other blogs and comment often. I think it is the idea of taking more time, but when you think about it, encouraging others is so important. I have been trying very hard to get into the good habit of replying back to those who comment on my blog. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Steve Finnell said...

You are invited to follow my Christian blog.

Amelia said...

Hi Simple Woman! Oh my, you have been very kind, I think it's wonderful the way you have taken the time to comment and share too on your blog. It's hard to do everything all the time on every blog especially when we haven't been online blogging ourselves I have found. There are some though, perhaps those we've blogged with for a while, perhaps we commented in timely manner before and we take the time to comment from time to time and it's as if we are speaking to an empty chair now as time has gone on, it's hard to receive what they have to say about anything when months and even a year go by and they never respond ever. It can be odd and makes us wonder. The good thing is, God has reminded me to make sure I make myself an encourager to others first and really try hard to do that first. It's hard sometimes isn't it?

You are a blessing!

Amelia said...

Hi Steve, thank you for the invite! Blessings!

Covnitkepr1 said...

I write a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I’m your newest follower.

Amelia said...

Hello Covnitkepr! Thank you so much for the invite! Bless you!

Barbara said...

Thank you for the fun comments on my blog and THANK YOU for the inspiring skirt suggestion!! Love it! I may have to run out to buy Simplicity 4881 T-O-D-A-Y!!!

Amelia said...

Dear Barbara, I think you'll like the skirt pattern, it's only two pieces! It's a very flattering pattern I've found, I've made it out of cottons, corduroy, black velvet and even a crinkle taffeta...I just love it. I found out about this pattern from a sweet Christian lady who worked in the Hobby Lobby fabric department. She suggested it to me. : )

Thank you for your sweet comment Barbara, I really appreciate it.

God bless you!

good_to_be_home said...

Amelia, I enjoyed your thoughts on blogging. I think as Christians we do desire to make relationships with our brothers and sisters, it's one of the things I loved about Xanga....the wonderful way we could fellowship even through the internet! So thankful for your encouragement through the years, with your writing AND commenting. xoxo

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Shanda, that is sooo sweet. I appreciate your words here so much and have taken them to heart. I hope that blogger can be more like xanga in the future! : ) xxxoooo