Saturday, June 15, 2013

God Infuses Unexpected Elements of Joy

Marianna practices her court reporting in a most serene setting with Sweetie, and Daisy our new rescued baby duckling...

Why is Sweetie not with the flock you may ask?

The other evening we had quite a scare.  Mar noticed out the window our new little pup, Coffee over a clump of something playing with that something as if it were her squeaker toy.  The something was Sweetie!  The girls were hysterical because we have prayed over Sweetie and nursed Sweetie back from a most grave condition if you remember, thus we call Sweetie, our Miracle Chick. Sweetie is very docile, very sweet and we were worried about Sweetie being vulnerable.

We thought Sweetie was  perhaps gone from us this time.  Mar picked Sweetie up and Sweetie picked his little head up and closed his eyes, laying his head over on Mar's shoulder. We prayed and treated Sweetie and are keeping him in our abode until the wounds heal, and then Sweetie can go back with the flock.  God sure uses this little chicken to show His grace and mercy not to mention Healing Hand.  Jem is workng hard finishing up a bigger and better fence today for the flock. 

On a very sad note, we did lose a little chick the other week, Charlie one of our doglets, brought a new baby chick up to the porch and dropped her down, the little chick was dead.  We have no idea what happened exactly or how the chick had gotten loose.  Poor thing.

Not only do we have Sweetie inside to get well  but we have this sweet little rescued duckling too!  One of Mar's classmates rescued her from the bay.  Mar brought her here and she can eventually enjoy our pond.  She is so darling and very social too!

Her name is Daisy.

 Today, Sweetie.
Sweetie and little Daisy are getting along so well, I think the duckling thinks Sweetie is her mommy...isn't that darling?  Sweetie doesn't seem to mind. God's little creatures.

"Into all our lives, in many simple, familiar, homely ways, God infuses  this element of joy from the surprises of life, which unexpectedly brighten our days, and fill our eyes with light."


Something funny that happened today!

  Our oldest daughter, Li Li had a friend come over for an outing.  Her friend came a few minutes early and Li Li was upstairs.  Mar Mar was downstairs totally unprepared for any company-conversation or appearance whatsoever.  I put my lippystick on and came on out to say hello and offer my Southern glass of iced tea of course.  I go to the pantry to get a to-go glass for our friend and a hand comes out of the pantry with a plastic cup in it. (Mar-Mar).  She had quickly gone into the walk-in-pantry for refuge.  It was hilarious and ya know friends?  I didn't miss a beat. I just took the cup from the "hand" and went on my merry way!


This week I've given away 10 blouses and a dress.  Several of the blouses are like new, but the colors or collars weren't working for me, I would have to force myself to wear  three of the blouses.  I felt (still feel) guilty because two were gifts, and thoughtful gifts.  One I ordered on clearance and have only worn it once. But I have to remember a lady will be soooo blessed to have those blouses. Some lady out there has been praying for some very nice blouses and the colors will be perfect for her.  The dress was a nice resale shop find, a very nice dress but not the fit I thought so Mar Mar will enjoy it or she will pass it on. 

For supper:

A Lima Bean Mediterranean Soup with olive bread.

Sweet Movie:  We watched part of Kit Kittredge an American Girl last night, so darling.  It's a sweet movie, rated G and educational of the Depression.  Jem thought it was very good as well. 

Prayers:  Please pray for our doorman at Walmart in Smalltown, he is an elderly gentleman who has been working there since Mar and Li Li were little bitty girls.  He just lost his wife, and bless his heart, his head was stooped over as he grasped the bar where the carts were. I was leaving with my cart...I stopped to make sure and make eye contact, I wanted to say a little be Jesus with skin on to him.  I know what it's like to lose someone you love and the world is spinning around.  He suddenly looked up and smiled sweetly, thank God I was able to look him hard and sincerely in the eyes with a heart of compassion and say a little something to him and I know there will be other times too, but I pray others will see the burden there too.  Please God show yourself in special ways to this precious man. 


I hope you all are having a pleasant weekend, God be with you!   ~amelia


Karen said...

It sounds like you all are having a wonderful time with Sweetie and Daisy. Thanks for sharing the great pics. Have a blessed day!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Ah! Such sweet pictures! It is so you to have a duck and a hen inside your house! You make me smile!

Have you seen your walmart friend again? What a nice thing to be able to know all your neighbors in a small town!

Amelia said...

Hello Beloved's, I'm waiting to see our Walmart friend far I've missed him some way or another. I hope to see him soon.

Yes, it's finally getting to the point of people knowing us a little better in smalltown. I imagine we will always be outsiders but at least they'll know we are sweet outsiders not meaning any harm to them, just wanting to love and care and be loved and cared for in a way. : )

I look forward to hearing from you dear one! : ) xxxooo