Saturday, June 1, 2013

That's a Moo-Moo and Sweet Recollections. God is Good.

We've been having a fun time moving the chicken coop. Really!  I just love being outside with Jem and our daughters...Today it was Jem, Becs and I...I love looking up at the blue sky and white fluffy clouds.  It was the sweetest thing...I asked Jem if he still needed me outside, and he looked up and smiled and said...I'll always need you.  God is good. 

Yesterday Jem and I took a walk to the back of the property and I sat on his lap like a little girl and we just talked and enjoyed the blue skies and old oaks with that great strong breeze we get on the back of the property.

Li-Li lovingly made Italian stuffed artichokes yesterday and that is a blessing, a work of love and art! She said Jem and I were being "bad parents" (instead of bad children) ; ) going off on a walk right before supper time! *big smile*

Marianna is making Jem a lunch menu so he'll be a healthy daddy.   I think. that. is. so. sweet.  Mar makes sure to make Jem daily lunches so she is further tweaking her lunch making skills. 

This morning our girls went to have coffee with a friend and I thought Mar looked soooo sweet in a yellow cotton vintage dress and pony tail.  The yellow cotton dress is sleeveless with a zipper back, cinched waist and gathered skirt.  She wore it with ballet flats because no vintage-girl should ever wear flip flops with a vintage dress!  : )

Speaking of vintage, you know what I found????? (Rather what Mar found?) Mar was shopping on Etsy, her precious friend, Sarah gave her a gift certificate for etsy for her un-birthday and Mar stumbled across a genuine 30s dress that fits my measurements perfectly and the price was half!  *Oh*  The more I prayed and thought about it the more I thought I was going to have a wonderful time wearing that dress to the old, old downtown church or dress-up occasions as well.  It reminds me of something Alice Faye would have worn in a Shirley Temple movie.  And the dress is nice and long tea length like I like them! My Italian grandma would have worn this dress when she was young, and she would have loved it. 

I sooo understand you now Grandma Oddo, how you loved lace and pretty things and didn't like the super mod things

I've decluttered four pair of shoes today!  Yay for me!  I've decluttered a pair of blue jeans that fit strangely! The waist was tight, the thighs too large, that's a new one! Now that's a moo-moo (said like Ethel & Lucy when they were space aliens) ; )  That's what we girls say here when something is strange.

 That's a moo-moo!

Yesterday Becs and I went into smalltown to the grocery store, we had a sweet time, it's our buddy time.  I love to hear her say..."That was a good crowd today at the store"  I think that is sooo sweet.  The crowd is mostly elderly and other mommies like me.  God is good.

Tonight for supper I think I will do a huge pot of kale, I made a huge pot of corn on the cob already and will probably add a potato dish of some kind along with more of Li-Li's Italian stuffed artichokes, my Italian grandma's heirlook recipe!

What do I hear now?  I hear Jem in his workshop outside the bedroom window and sweet music, Christian music of various kinds.  God is good. 

Well, I have a few things to try on to see if I should keep or donate so here goes as I close now.  So many sweet things to thank God for and notate. : )

I'll close with a little pic of our sweet new rescued doglet:   Coffee Belle 

Little Coffee has had it rough, we can tell, but she is a hilarious ball of energy at times!   Her eyes are so very expressive.  So glad Mar brought this girl home to a sanctuary of sorts. Thank God convictions and mercy have been caught in our home.  It always, always, always blesses my heart to see our girls say and do things from their own hearts because of what has been caught in our home and of course taught as well. 

Do you like the photography above?  This is one of Bec's shots! : )

You may enjoy Bec's blog for more photos of in and aournd our homestead:
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Take care all, I'm off to treat myself to some iced tea and maybe more decluttering if I get the druthers!

Love,  ~amelia
God is good

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Elizabeth Marie said...

I just found this blog of yours. Moved over here from xanga and am finding all sorts of old friends. ;) I feel like I have lots of catching up to do!