Monday, April 3, 2017

i tHinK i cAn dO ThIs AGaIN. i tHink i cAn. ...Cracking Up

This is such a pretty shot I think that Delle's sister-in-law took the day of Delle and Josh's wedding...You can see the sweet flower girls, our oldest daughter, Lea; a rather contemplative, poignant shot I think.
Yep, I can picture that week like it was yesterday.  It was edging close to the wedding.  It was a lovely fall afternoon here in the country and I was laying on my back on my bed, eyes closed, my arms and feet out a bit like Dr. Paul Bragg said to do in his book for ultimate relaxation.  Yes indeedie.  Sun beaming through the trees in my sunshine room.

Delle is in the kitchen, I hear her say...What?  No, that's not the right price...  Delle comes in the room...Laughing.  Laughing.  I smile with a twinkle in my eye and look up from my relaxing nap of sorts, this sounded like a good one.  Yeah, there had been lots of good ones in those weeks. All kinds of cacka.  Delle is almost doubling over laughing, Dad just called from the tux place!  I heard him yelling at the people at the shop because they are overcharging him!  He was saying...  This is RIDICULOUS!!!...................  I just lay there.........And cracked up.  What do ya do but just ...Crack up?

It's kind of like the time I got the gas and the break pedal mixed up and ran right into our old time 1930s corrugated steel garage door sitting in the drivers seat alongside my dad in the passenger seat.  My Italian American mother flew out of our house arms flying in a whirl (She was kind of mad)...I look at my German American dad and he had his face in his hands....Cracking up.   So I guess the German-half of me, the actor, joker side (people rarely see) comes out in me many times and I too.........Crack up. 


It's in these times we must be very aware of the...Heelots.  If you know much about me, you will know I try to be sensible.  I don't go for materialism or keeping up with the Jones. (That competitive stuff makes me want to puke).  Yes it does.  I detest it.  ...It might even make me crack up because I think it's so ludicrous.

All joking aside.  It looks like I'm going to gain another sweet son-in-law.  ...And I think that's a-pretty good.  

And yes.   All is well.  God is Faithful.

I hope you enjoyed my little blog and got a chuckle out of it.

Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...Amelia.
 BabyPhoto by Robert Stock

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Linda said...

Hello dear Amelia! I did indeed get a chuckle (or two or three) as I was reading this post. And I totally agree in that I do not "keep up with the Joneses". In fact, I don't really care what they are doing. LOL! I am a minimalist, enjoying more space than "things", if you get what I mean. I have never had much but I feel rich, because God takes care of me and I have some good friends, a roof over my head, food in my stomach, clothes on my back and I feel happy and contented with who I am and what I have.

I was so happy to see your post! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Amelia said...

Hi Linda! I love what you commented here. Yes, having more space then things is a beautiful thing indeed! I love to read about minimalists, and try to simplify as I can. My parents and grandparents were Depression era so we saved quite a bit. I do love giving things away though so that is good when de-cluttering.

You wrote: You don't care what they are doing. LOL! *love* that! Yes! I too LOL many times in that little cloud above my head when some try to name-drop etc. If only they knew I don't give a darn! LOL Their love of money and things can't buy true happiness. : )

It sounds like you have it right Linda. : ) Contentment is a beautiful thing. God has been good to you truly so. Great thoughts!

Blessings! "To the richest man in town, George Bailey!" : )