Friday, December 16, 2011

It Started Last Week...What? Christmas. : )

Yesterday we really got with the program. At least the girls and my mom did! I had some sewing to do for Christmas so I was in my workshop below (my formal table with my sewing machine plopped on top) with of course a jungle of wrapping paper and ribbons...Creative messies we are. The above pic is of Michelle artfully decking the stairway. I think it's beautiful! Wait til you see the finished project!

This is my mom, she'll be 82 this February. She is very good with things like this and enjoys it. She actually borrowed my sewing tape measure to get the waves of greenery perfecto.

Then the lights go on! We had all of this on hand from our last home. It's great. : )

One really neat day last week, Michelle and I made bookmarks for the residents of a Midtown hospital. Michelle makes these beaded ones and I glued the ends, and of course, this was the perfect place for me to hang these guys to dry! The front of our oven worked beautifully as a drying rack! : D
This is our little tree- friend this year. We're really happy with him. He is serving us well and putting up with us. : ) We put him up on a wooden platform to give him some height. It's a great way to present a less expensive Christmas tree. We use old fashioned icicles and very old 30s and 40s ornaments, some of our reflector tins could even be from the beginning of the century. Of course many sweet ornaments made by our girls and given to us as gifts too. : ) I love every one!

Wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby after Christmas last year, and a couple of savvy dollar store choices too.

The girls and I recently watched:

Since You Went Away

This is the beginning...You may enjoy all the parts on youtube too. You may even want to invest in this movie...

The Overture by Max Steiner is so very beautiful. One day I must get that soundtrack! I love the quote as well on the American home. Oh that it would be like that again in this nation! But you know? We can surely make our autonomous homes in this way I really do believe. Expect it (goodness), pray about it and keep things sweet. : ) I say keep things sweet and real so our kids will know the real deal, they'll reject the counterfeit and cheap if we surround them with goodness, and the love of Jesus. (me thinks) : )

This movie is one of those movies we can play in the background and we all drop everything to run to the screen for some of the most poignant scenes ever. The behind the scenes info on the actors Jennifer Jones and darling Robert Walker is heartbreaking. I'll let you look it up on your own, it's very sad, just so very tragic. I love that Robert Walker...what a darling. I want to just grab him out of this movie and give him a hug.

I hope to have some more Christmas pics up soon, when night fell I took more. From our home to yours...

Better run, Lea and I are listening to Michael W. Smith Christmas cd. Oh it is so ever beautiful! We are going to make some cookies today. I think we will make some Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies today, the poofie kind. We made Italian fig Wed. as you'll soon see. Lot's of neat pics to come! (Hopefully my pc will behave for me) : )

Much love to you all, I mean that, xxxooo ~Amelia

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Laurie said...

Your house looks beautiful! How fun! I always look forward to seeing/reading what's going on in your home. :) Love you guys! ♥

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

The smells of baking, your beautiful Christmas tree and such a lovely movie to watch cuddling in front of the tv on a nice evening! It sounds so wonderful, Mrs. Amelia.

You will have to show us some of your favorite ornaments. It sounds like you may have such a lovely collection.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

PS. I dare not mention how pretty those bookmarkers are that Michelle made on her site incase they are for gifts but please tell her I find that they are so very lovely! I am sure the residents enjoyed them.

Cass Griffin said...

Pretttttty! :) I love all of it. I have had a very difficult time getting into the "Merry & Bright" spirit of Christmas....just been tough...but your post put a smile in my heart and a reminder to me of what a gift the simple goodness of family and love truly is. :)

God Bless you. Everyone. :)