Sunday, December 11, 2011

Awkward Jury Summons, Muffie Rides Again, Real Christmas

"Do you want to hear my blog?" I say to my Grace...She says "okay". Here goes.... I sit here with my baby Grace listening to Christmas music....We're here just us monkeys today. The big cookie making day at my mil's today. Neither of us were feeling quite up to it today so after our homechurch we both gave the announcement we would be chilling.  I'm supposed to be sewing some Christmas gifts but Grace thought it would be nice for me to sit here with her while she is editing photos. She doesn't have to ask twice. These days? I kind of like to have one on one time with her, it's a rarity. So I think blogging here while Grace is editing will be a nice choice and maybe later we'll wrap a few presents. Do you want to see what I made for Mr. B? I made him one of these for his shoulder and back... ...What is it you may ask? This is a heat-up-thingie.  Jem and Joycie brought it to him with some pumpkin bread. Some pumpkin bread for Byron too of course.  This one is made of corduroy we had leftover from another project. I sew channels up and fill each partially with white rice. A person can heat them up in the microwave and it provides heat relief for backs etc. I think they would be great just for cold feet at the bottom of the bed too. Maybe I'll make some simple no-channel bean bag style ones for Christmas but I'm thinking not, it's getting close and I'm not through with the projects I have. Mr. B. is awaiting surgery after Christmas and is in pain. You must know Mr. B is such a nice man, he sold us this property and is much like family to us. He's so funny, he tells us he wants to buy the ranch in back of us. (giggle) I think it's so funny, just to wake up one morning and think to yourself you want to buy an entire ranch.  He shared with Jem and Joycie how he lived in the famous plantation in Smalltown when he was a little boy. Very interesting stuff, this man is part of history and a blessing to know. One of these days I'm going to have to meet his wife, I tried to call her to learn her version of how to cook turnips but they had already left for oil town. Last week we had a scare with little Muffie. The little guy had a black spot larger than a dime behind his ear because of a tick. I'd never seen the likes of that so we brought him in to our precious vet in oldtown. I just love that vet and his staff. The place is nothing fancy, the vet is a farm vet. I'm thinking he and James Herriott would be kindred spirits. He leaves out the door agreeing with us how great tea tree oil is...When he had came in the door arriving he made a comment about the pretty blue eyes of another dog. Darling people there. Nothing pretentious about them it. He charged me very little for the visit, and I think that is great. I just love it when people work because they love helping others not trying to get rich from them. My husband is like that too. We're rich in the Lord. : ) I also had a day at the courthouse for a jury summons. Honey-Childs, I was a nervous WRECK. My girls don't understand. I told them if they had been through things with nutty people of all kinds from previous incidents etc. they would be nervous too. There are reasons why people develop fears. I was SO NERVOUS I dropped my jury summons, all of my books and my bottled water in the courthouse commode. Yes, I did that little thing. Do not ask me how I managed to do that. I watched in horror as everything toppled into the spotless (thank the Lord) commode. I see the author's face through the water as bubbles rise to the top. I told the lady in the hall directing people what happened, (she looked almost as nervous as me) When I told her what happened she thought for a minute and offered to give me a new one to fill out and then we both decided to just bring the wet one in to the bailiff. Well...I walked in the court, the bailiff''s older blue eyes sparkled, he smiled big and he asked me if I wanted him to iron it. We all laughed and I informed him the water was clean. Oh my goodness dear friends I was so relieved when I was set free from jury duty over an hour later, I audibly whispered. "Thank you JESUS". I just don't feel it's my season for jury duty. No I don't. Thank the Lord I was able to go on with Joycie to the dime store in smalltown afterwards and trust me I wanted to kiss the floor there. God knows all about it. : ) "The roots of all our lives go very, very deep, and we can't really understand a person unless we have the chance of knowing who that person has been, and what that person has done and liked and suffered and believed." ~Fred Rogers from Life's Journeys According to Mister Rogers Speaking of LIFE. We were so privileged to visit hospital patients last week, and it was REAL CHRISTMAS. We have a most darling (I love being a mom, I can say things like that) dear Christian friend who is a resident phys. and was able to lead the way even accompanying us on guitar as we sang Christmas carols. Many of the VOH girls came and it was wonderful. One lady touched my heart deeply. If you know much about me at all, you will know I am a huge mercy person. (a smidgeon of prophet in there that pops out every now and then) but mostly mercy. It's tough being a mercy in this world let me tell ya. But this lady was so very upset, understandably so. I do not know her diagnosis that is a private matter but she was extremely upset and cried so very hard. I'm a woman and I know the cry I saw and heard. Please pray for the lonely hurting at the hospitals. We all went traipsing about the hospital like little children following the Pied Piper! It was great fun and a huge blessing just as much for us as the precious patients. Some of the older patients have lost their children and are all alone now. Next time I go I will be sure to bring many kleenex for both me and them I assure you. : ) I'll close with some pics to share with you I just found in a photo library, I quickly picked 5 from the folder. Hope you enjoy! From our home to yours! Jem and Zuzu working on the stacked quartz backing to the woodburning stove. Partners!  Shots from an evening sky from my kitchen window... From the front porch...Isn't it so neat the way the evening skies are so very different in personality and feel in different seasons? Better run now....Presents to wrap with Grace.  Hope you enjoyed my uncooked update. I hope you are having a sweet Holy Season. Love to All, I appreciate all who take the time to read here. May God bless and be with you all. ~Amelia A helpful book worth reading this season: Hundred Dollar Holiday by Bill McKibben Feeling Invisible? See my Vision For a Godly Home blog. Enjoy and be encouraged!


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

So thankful that you got out of jury duty! Extremely funny about the water issue of your papers! I am glad it was taken well by others too.

Those sky pictures are beautiful.

And, glad you got to spend time with Rebec. She is such a doll! I enjoy getting glimpses of her pictures.

Hugs to you!

Jane B. Gaddy said...

I always love coming here, Amelia. It blesses me. I'm wishing you and your beautiful family a joyous Christmas Season. "For unto us a child is born, a son is given..." So thankful for our precious Savior. Hearing about your dear family assures me that there are kindred spirits out there, so far away from me, yet so close. Thank God for you!
Jane BG