Monday, February 4, 2013

Mrs. Amelia's Topsy Turvy Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window...  It's a bit dreary, very still with little black birds.

I am thinking...   Well, if you really want to know, I'm thinking I would like to clobber the next person who insensitively asks or accuses in some morbid way my husband or I....or my oldest daughter Li-Li herself, as to why she is not married. Oh. Boy. I would like to ask some of these churched people why they don't train their sons or themselves to guard their eyes and stay away from pornography let alone movies that are nothing less then flesh buckets - classic or no classic. It blows my mind this rude, stupid question - from so many angles! My daughter cannot marry anyone in adultery and that's just what that all is.  She is not an object.  None of my daughters are objects, they are Godly ladies who would like to marry a Godly man one day and keep a sweet home.  I know several other sweet families experiencing the same ridiculous scenario. And then there are those of course who see marriage as a project just to "do".  I don't even want to see the end results for that kind of thinking. Frightening. Stupidity gone to sea.

I am thankful for...  I am thankful for being home and soooo many blessings that we are tempted to take for granted.  A bed to sleep in, soft blankets, food to eat. Health in the Lord.  Knowledge on natural medicine etc.   Answers to prayers! : ) 

I am wearing... Black wind pants, grass green turtleneck, hair in bun, silver button earrings, tennis shoes, lavender fig cologne, full but light makeup. I like my makeup very much...I need makeup very much. ; )   Thank God for makeup...

In the learning room...  Becs is getting ready to edit photos on her computer at the formal table.

I am remembering...  I need to wrap my mom's birthday gifts, a sunhat and a pretty pin.  I also need to bathe my four doglets to-day.  Today!

I am going...   No where today, Mondays are usually like that and I don't complain. I hope to go for a walk today though... I think it's always uplifting to go for a walk and talk the Father.

I am currently reading...  "Main Street Vegan" still. That book is fascinating, many notes and much learning taking place.   Also a new to me Grace Livingston Hill book, "All Through the Night" It was written in 1946 I do believe. Her books are so wonderful.  

I am hoping...  Today I probably need hope in some areas to be quite honest.  Yes, I'm quite honest. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you will see I'm quite honest.  I hope to have wisdom in my honesty but quite honest never the less.  If blogs always are perfect showing only the best moments, I'm not so sure that helps others very much.  Sometimes people need to know that yes, other brothers and sisters in the Lord have those days too.

On my mind...  That I'm getting older.  That I become upset and hurt when one of my aging parents moves into army sergeant mode and I feel fussed at.  I dislike that very much and it makes me sick at heart because I try so hard.  Picture the army sergeant on White Christmas.  Knowing his makeup (much like mine actually) he's feeling badly about it now... or will be.

Noticing that..  I need to get with the program today. :  )

Pondering these words...   I just read Mar-Mar's Daybook this morning! : )  I'm now pondering the words from one of our favorite books Mar wrote about, "Lena" by Margaret Jensen:

 "What if that tree could talk, Lena? Think o f all the secrets that majestic oak could tell."    Laughingly Lena answered, "Oh, but that tree do talk.  It say, 'Lena, just stand where God put you, like I do. I don't fret and carry on to be a tall pine.  I just be standing here, unshakable, unmovable, a shelter in the storm, and a shade in the heat.'  Then I tell myself, 'Lena just be-- just be abounding in the work of the Lord.  Do your work as unto the Lord, for God sees the heart and is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.'  That tree be talking, Nurse Jensen, and I talk back.  I say, 'God planted you outside my kitchen, and He planted me inside this kitchen.'  We just stand praising the Lord together."

(I need to re-read that book!)

From the kitchen..  I'm going to try a new soup today, it's a creamy tomato soup.  I have the celery onion mixture thawing.  Mar-Mar bought the mixture after Thanksgiving for a dollar and we put it in the freezer.

Around the house...  I'm listening to "To a Wild Rose"...the dryer has stopped. Doglets are sleeping as usual at this time.... Becs is quietly looking at her pc screen, trying to decide whether to attempt a photo shoot today...The dress-costume I think was thrown away when we moved. Poor Becs.  I'm trying to help her think of another but I don't think we have a replacement.

One of my favorite things...   Being with my family.  Cooking contentedly in the kitchen.

Here are some pics I would like to share:

My sweet special friend, Mr. Ed:

Hi, you can call me Mr. Ed!

Hello Mrs. Amelia what's cooking?  Can I help with dishes?

 Mar-Mar & Mr. Ed, is this not adorable?

More pics of Mr. Ed this week!  He was a guest at our house last Christmas. : )  I miss him. : (

My friend Mr. Ed.  Animals are so great, they are so loving. They are who they are...  I wish people were like that. : )

Have a great week everyone, til the next time...More pics of Mr. Ed to come! He was a darling!
~Mrs. Amelia 


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hello Amelia,
It has been a little while since I called in, I have been so busy but I have a few moments now and the children are still asleep so I've been able to catch up with some of your posts which I really enjoyed. I do appreciate your honesty too. Oh you know when Christians ask those dumb questions or make stupid comments about our family and lifestyle - usually they are about how many children I have, I always smile sweetly and give a diplomatic answer but inside I am saying to myself and to them - 'please not you too, don't you get it - these children are a blessing not a burden'! And then the Lord sends someone along and often it is someone not from church or a stranger who tells me they think big families are wonderful and that my children are a credit to me! I'm still learning how to respond to the 'humorous critics' at church. Your Mr Ed visitor made me smile. Reminds me of the day I looked up and there was an old thoroughbred horse standing on my front porch outside my front door staring in through the glass. He actually came to the front door! I almost dropped what I was carrying. My children were younger then and he allowed them to pat him. He was so gentle and loving. It turned out he was a former champion racehorse that belonged to our neighbour and he had left the other horses in his paddock because he knew it was his time and a few days later they had to put him down. Why he chose to visit us I don't know but we felt very honoured and I was so sad when told he had been put down.
Time for me to go now - first child is up and my day is underway. Have a wonderful and blessed week.

Amelia said...

Dear Ann,

You are so sweet to take the time and leave such a thoughtful comment...So good to hear from you! It's hard keeping up with blogs sometimes isn't it? It seems I go in and out with blogging in certain months. It blesses my heart you have been reading here and I hope your heart was blessed in some way.

Oh my goodness, I can imagine some of the comments you receive on your beautiful large family, people are so anti-family in this warped culture. Can you believe that even I with four daughters have received the same comments but probably not near as many as you have. I think large families are a blessing, we admire them so much, just like the Duggar family. I think it is soooo great. : )

It's so sad when the comments come from people who are in ministry, homeschoolers, maybe someone who likes one of our daughters but doesn't like the common sense standards. Many times people like the results but not how we got there. One man in ministry recently wrote that if people are too "strict", sinners won't want to hang around with them. : O Oh my.It breakse my heart... As I know you would agree, it's not being strict, it's just guarding things in common sense spiritual ways that should be guarded and not grieving the Holy Spirit.

Oh that is so sad that the horse that showed up at your home was put down...Oh that just makes my heart ache. Isn't it something to have a horse show up on our porch? I just love things like that out in the country. I bet you wish you would have known more about the horse that arrived at your home, perhaps you could have kept him? What an amazing story.

This horse, Mr. Ed was quite a little (big) character! I'm going to put up more pics this week.

Thanks so very much for the sweet, sweet comment. It is a blessing to me. Bless you Ann! : )

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Hi Mrs. Amelia.

This culture is crazy isn't it? The things that people feel they can just say or ask is amazing to me. It makes me so mad sometimes. How do the girls deal with such comments? (sigh) I never grew up in rude family. But, I have found that I have had to be quick in dealing with those that have not been so blessed to learn disernment in their comments.

Your make up comment cracked me up! Praise God for make up! I agree. ;)

I adore your Mr. Ed pictures. He is a lovely guest it seems. But, why is it I remember he ate some of your plants the last time he came for a visit? Am I mistaken? giggle.

Amelia said...

Hi Carmen,

Oh me oh my...It's been interesting. It was a youngish man who told my husband that over the phone. Dh told him we would rather the girls be single forever then be "happy" with someone who was unGodly. I've had another undiscerning homeschool mom sit herself down w/Li-Li asking her that question as if Li-Li is to blame and could do something about it.(a bit offensive!) Li-Li was gracious about it of course but these comments are so hurtful. One minister whose son had wanted to marry a very young Li-Li at one time broke up with her because she was inquiring in their courtship about homeschooling & raising children. The same "young" man now in his 30s is married to a woman who desires to work outside the home, puts the children in daycare...and now this minister father complains but throws in ignorant jabs at us all at the same time. We know God sees all and knows all and oh how those little chickens come home to roost.

In the meantime...comments do hurt and even in the homeschool realm things have gone downhill but God stays the same.

It helps greatly to have sweet friends who have Godly convictions no matter where the geographic location.

Mr. Ed... Oh yes, he does fancy potted plants. Yes indeed. Pics to come! : )

Makeup. I say it would be a sin not to wear it in my case. : P *big smile*

Have a great evening dear one!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

You make me giggle! No. You are to beautiful for make up to be needed. But, it does make one feel more put together, or at least so in my case.

Clobber them with smiles! Good grief though. I don't know how I would react. Your girls must do very well at handling those people.

There sure are some nice guys at our church. ;) But, unfortunatly there are plenty of girls to chose from at our church as well.

I liked what you said about the momma's that needed to rear Godly Men!

I sat down and talked to one momma and she said that her guys are looking for girls with out drama and will be willing to not squirm at maybe doing some missionary work. I thought, wow! That is on his list? It would seem to find someone that would fit that.... apparently not!

It seems Godly Men and WOmen have to be so careful, even more lately!

Amelia said...

Good Morning Carmen! *big smile* thank you! I know what you mean, that makeup evens things out and brightens what should be brightened doesn't it? ; )

I feel I do need to say that on people who have asked nosie, rude, accusing questions they are usually not from our area and it's from people who don't know our reputation or heart etc. And as that minister and that lady from another state who sat dd down? Their children are raised from a liberal book of sorts and it shows. Perhaps jealousy and envy are operating? Of course we know the answer on that one. Even the Bible says, Jealousy and envy who can stand against it? Many of these people, their families are a mess.

His timing is best and it's worth the wait. Sometimes the right thing may be at the wrong time and the Lord just needs elbow room to work His work in many cases.

I'm curious, what is the drama the boys at your church are talking about? : ) ...Are the girls giddy? Are they shallow? Are the young men wanting to go on the mission field full time or are they talking of a mission trip from time to time? Those things interest me what goes on in different parts of the country and in various denominations. I see things handled soooo differently in various churches. Reformed seem to see marriage as a go grab a wife duty. The nondenominations seem to be in the dating game.

And yes Carmen, you are sooo correct. Both young men and women need to be very, very careful. People are into things. But God is bigger. : ) We can all sure rest in that.

I hope you're having a great day Carmen! I enjoy your comments. : )

Thank the Lord for who He is! : )

He will protect and guide. The path is rockie at times but that's life on this earth. I guess we just need to realize on certain days we are citizens of Heaven.

Love your comments

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Mrs Amelia.

We are attending a FIC while here in NC. The girls at the church are delightful. The are cheerful, homeschooled, helpful, etc. They don't seem to be full of drama to me but I am not around them except on Sunday. I don't believe they have traveled much (seen any of the world so to speak) mostly have only stayed in their state. They love their Mothers and Fathers very much but yet don't seem to be clingy. I am not sure how their Mother's would feel about their daughters moving out of this state though much less not attending the very same church as they do!

I do not know what the young man meant by the term "drama" actually. His mother was speaking to me so I didn't get much of his position on the issue.

He wants to have a business that he can leave off and on, one in which can run itself while he is working on the mission field. (A back and forth business it seems.) His mother said, "A lady who doesn't mind sleeping in a tent with bugs while on the mission field with out complaining. She doesn't have to love it but she has to be able to deal with it for a couple of weeks" I have no idea what it meant except for this statement.

We have about 5 men that are around marriage age so to speak in the church. Many young ladies to choose from as well. (many!!!) Yet, their Mommas say that the guys say to them, "No one is on the horizon for them yet." I would love to pick these guys brains.

As one girl said in the church to me, "It seems that the guys are so scared that they will give the impression that they might be intersted in courting or get accidently matched up, that they go out of their way to not even talk to the girls." Yet,my perspective is that the guys are just enjoying their guy friendships from Church.

It must be pressure. Maybe, the guys are scared to make a mistake in getting to know a girl when it comes to the courting issues? However, it appears the guys know the girls extremely well. The girls are all friends with the guy's sisters. I would imagine it is odd to date a sister's friend!

I think the guys in the courting realm often are just waiting for GOd to bonk them on the head one day and say, "That's the girl for you" without much effort from the guy at all. It is almost as if "love at first sight" would be a blessing to them! Although, it doesn't appear as if they are wanting something superficial. They are not scared of hard work so going after a girl doesn't seem to be the issue.

It is fascinating to watch, not that I get to much, I am always chasing after children! ;)