Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Morning Musings

Hello All, Just sitting here with Mar and enjoying the morning sunlight...a perfect morning out here in the country. The pond is sparkling and I expect "Farmer John" to come walking across the yard with a huge sunny smile on his face at any time now...Yes, it's that kind of morning.  My girls want to know who Farmer John is.  He is imaginary....You know, the childhood pics you would see in your readers?  This is the kind of buttery yellow sunny day, a Farmer John would be in.

I think I'll treat myself to a nice little blog here...said in a Jimmy Stewart voice.

I'm listening to a cello instrumental my daughter put on, it's by some friends, I'm rather tired of this cd myself.  I was listening to Christian radio, Skip Smith.  I like him.  He is kind in person and he speaks the truth.   I was listening to a cd before that of Itzhak Perlman's greatest hits.  Lovely, lovely violin music. Our family enjoyed Itzhak yesterday for Valentines day.  We had a nice Valentines day, a fun family time. The girls made pizza and decorated so cute.  We had great fun!

I'm washing clothes, Delle is in the kitchen making tea loaves and Mar is sitting here studying her court reporting notes.  I was tickled, she was tickled. Her college teacher asked her why she was popping her hands up on her steno machine. (Mar got busted in a way) Mar was prematurely trying to figure out something on the number keys before teacher taught it...  Funny.  The teacher says....Busted...Busted!  I told Mar she should have just told the teach that she is 3/4 Italian.  What should she expect but hands popping up!  I say, Italian styling German engineering.  That's my girl!  Ha!

Li Li is trying on a very pretty taylored royal blue dress, it's wool, sleeveless with brass buttons. It looks like a normal First Lady's dress. (Not now days) Horrors. I'm talking Jackie Kennedy-First Lady.  Dear me!  It's strange. The dress is sleeveless. But wool.  I told her to try a black knit top under it and she did.  Bare legs don't cut it with that look though....No Li Li.  You must put black tights on if you do the black long sleeves under it as a jumper.  You knowwwww I say....Like Coffee Smith in the old movie with Mickey Rooney , "Love Laughs at Andy Hardy."

Rebecca was doing a photoshoot in the living room and now is in the kitchen making some concotion. : )  She's a hoot. 

Hopefully Jem and I will be venturing out for a datenight and I need to check the weather report to see how to dress.  Two of our girls will be attending the symphony.  It's sooo nice. Mar's old boss is a vice president of an oil company and is a huge part of the French community in Midtown.  He receives tickets to this French concert, very, very good tickets for this French Valentines symphony and he has been so gracious to offer them to Mar-Mar twice.  Mar-Mar shares how the Lord has seen fit to bless her with free symphony tickets for over seven years, some way, some how, someone blesses her with free tickets!  God's little gift.  God also sent her a red wildflower on the side of the road yesterday...I told her it was God's Valentine to her. : )  God does quiet secret little things like that doesn't He?  I know He does. The little red flower is sitting on my kitchen window sill in a glass vase.  A sweet, pretty reminder of God's love for us.

Ugh. I just decided the cello cd is getting rather old. Mar is doing a test now right here, right now so I'm switching to the Book Lovers cd with classical.   I don't think Sara Groves would help her either... not while taking a test that is!  Too perky.  We'll save that for later.

I'll close with some sweet pics of Becs & Mr. Ed...I found these this week and loved them.  I also threw in a nursing home photo.
A contemplative moment with Mr. Ed.  We sure miss you Mr. Ed...

Mr. Ed at our front door, "Can I come over to play?"

This shot is a bit random...It's my buddy from the nursing home with me last Christmas. The layers of my hair look like I cut it but I didn't, I just have it pulled back and the whispies fall down...The smiles here represent what is right and good in life!  My buddy is mostly deaf, partly blind, has a hard time speaking and is the sweetest soul you would ever want to meet. Several times now I walk in his room and he is making his bed from his wheelchair with the use of one arm. It breaks my heart, blesses my heart and convicts my heart.  If you ever think you have it so bad, go to the nursing home. You will be blessed by the residents.  When we go we mustn't act as though we see them as numbers. They are people and friends to our family.  They are a privilege to know.   I personally like to squat next to them eye to eye. Sometimes I whisper in their keep their eyes on Jesus...He is with them.

Jesus is with us. 

Have a sweet day,    ~Amelia

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Cinnamon said...

What a sweet update. Almost feels as though I am sitting there with you watching all this activity in your home. So sweet.