Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sound of Silence...

I'm not talking these days, I've discovered that I should treat this throat of mine like laryngitis. Because, the minute I start talking the minute my throat retaliates.

So it's been note writing to family members etc. And at times I look like Susan Thomas F.B. Eye. I was even writing down what Rush said to Hubby today since he didn't hear it.

By the way..When the media and the establishment tells me to vote a certain way? I run the other way for sure. It's a bit like Sergeant York when he asks the German leader which way, and of course that darling Gary Cooper - Sergeant York goes the opposite way. Quite funny, and so, so true. In life that is true so many times. Many people I know that do not hold my values...I go the other way. Politely listen and smile yes, act upon my own God given convictions, wisdom, discernment, yes and amen.

For me? The unborn are at stake here. Simple.

If you were an unborn baby in the womb which way would you vote?

My thoughts this dreamie looking evening as I look out my bedroom windows....sillouettes of the trees still a dark green and grey against an evening sky. There is something quite 60s about it, almost as if Mary Tyler Moore should be walking through the door as the theme, "You're Gonna Make it After All" That's me. And I will!

Better run, it's tea time. Been praying for so many today. So many needs and situations.

Go with God, Love, ~Amelia

P.S. Hope to get the rest of our Christmas pics up soon, maybe one day the satellite will behave. You can go back to the next page to see our tree and such from last Dec. if you are interested. Some friends have requested peeks and such. : )

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