Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Memories of a Pediatrician and Other Poignant Thoughts

Oh my, just laying here still fighting sickness and reading Marianna's comment below entry. It made me laugh and it made me cry. (cry in a good way) : )

I was laying here praying and thinking of the song Hope by Paul Cardall on my

Vision for a Godly Home Blog on Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us?

......And it made me think of our pediatrician.

Don't ask me why, but then again of course I would think of him since I'm thinking of my first baby back then in the hospital and on and on...

Her toddler giggle was so darling...

When she was born I remember our pediatrician coming in my room and me thinking:

Oh my, a doctor that is close to my age group! I had no idea!

His hair was a little longer in the back and he reminded me of one of my classmates. He tells me,

She's perfect!

I remember I had studied the little booklet I had in my LaMaz bag written by him, (smart guy) This little booklet probably saved his office tons of phone calls on everyday stuff...

He is the only doctor I've stuck with. Our family has used him for 29 years now.

Why do I think so much of this pediatrician?

One thing, this white-coat-clad doctor grieved with me one seemingly normal day, it was for a few seconds but it meant the world, tear filled eyes speak multitudes.

I always think to myself....I can't receive much of what a person knows until I know how much they care.

How did I see this in our pediatrician?

I lost my step daddy in 1991. Now we loved my step dad. Al. Al was a sweetheart and my little girls loved, loved, loved Al. We all really loved Al, who wouldn't? He was the sweetest thing ever. A humble but most talented sculptor, he sculpted Denton Cooley's monument. But he never bragged ever, one of the most humble talented loving people I'll ever ever know. I miss him so much. He was physically present at the hospital when my firstborn Lea was born and the births until Michelle was born. He would lovingly take my sweet girls walking to the corner store holding chubby hands...He was Pa Pa. The hit of our wee girls visit was chips and a drink from the little corner store in the old part of the big city with Pa Pa. For years I saved every little thing he had bought the girls, candy, anything. Yes, he was sorely missed and the pain was unbearable at times.

Al died one night of a heart attack with no warning. The worst night of my life. My mom was sent home from the hospital in a taxi with Al's clothes over her arm. I'm not complaining, it was all they could do, we were not there. (So many feelings on this night and reactions, another blog)

Michelle, my thirdborn, is now 22 years old. She was a beautiful little baby, huge brown eyes. She would let Al carry her over his shoulder and Michelle would sing in her baby talk....She was probably 16 months old or so...

After Al passed away, Michelle would see silver haired men in the store that resembled Al and run up to them and put her little arms around their legs wanting them to pick her up.

I shared this with a broken heart all the while keeping my composure with our pediatrician one day as I had taken baby-Michelle in for a suspected ear infection. He stood there for a second and his eyes welled up with tears and he was speechless as he quietly backed up and exited the room looking me in the face scooting out in the hallway ever so quietly... He's a quiet sort of guy, but quiet waters run deep.

I appreciate our pedi til this day.

Another thing I appreciate in these days of traditional but modern medicine is I can talk medicine and herbs etc. both with him on a real, honest and intelligent basis. Perfect. One day I shared with our pediatrician friend about our oldest daughter Lea (he took care of her when she was born!) and a break-up and how I counseled Lea this particular most ignorant young man didn't reject her but rejected her values. Dr. Pedi agreed sincerely. I can pick his brain and I can get him laughing just like a respected brother. Hubs and I see him at Target on certain eves close to closing and I can wave and smile and he smiles and quietly asks in his soft spoken voice...still a youngish voice...

Hi, What's going on? As he keeps moving with his cart. ; ) I keep moving too. He wants to go home and we do too.

We noticed he drives the same car from over 20 + years ago and lives what seems to be a simple life. And may I say, the area he is in, is an affluent one, so he is definitely out of the box. In his booklet he stressed for women to stay home with their children. Hallelujah!

I've not kept any other doctor this long, it's just one of those things.

This pediatrician remembers little things and observes...When I brought our second born Marianna in, at less than a week old she followed him with her eyes as he kicked from the wall in his roller chair rolling back across the room. He tells me:

You have a smart one...her eyes followed me..He scoots up and asks as he examines pretty little Marianna,

Was this delivery better?

(He somehow knew how traumatic my first delivery was, and he remembered)
Several reasons of why I stuck with this doc and still recommend him to others.

I suspect it has to do with respect and honesty on both ends...

Whether we are professional or friend:

Never be afraid to laugh or weep with people, transparency is a beautiful thing in my book. It attracts those who are real and tends to repel those who may be synthetic.

God bless goodness, transparency and sincere care in everyone from all walks of life, and that includes bloggers too. *smile*

My thoughts this grey interesting looking afternoon soon-to-be eve...As I sip on my raspberry leaf tea that Marianna brought to me. Lea is keeping my mom company and Michelle and Rebecca are working their tails off today. Hubs is the tassle-loafered (George Bailey) Broker today.

And yes, I even took a light walk in my robe and pjs this morning in the nice balmy air...The trees are their own art in the winter. God's handiwork.

Love to All, ~Amelia

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