Sunday, January 22, 2012

Won't You Join Me?

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I'm still sick, sore throat and a what seems to be an ear infection. Iknow, Iknow, you are sick of hearing about it or don't care one. You know how it goes, people either don't want to hear of your troubles or don't care one. Ha.

But the point in this little post is to applaud a fun little low-energy hobby I've acquired...

Do you remember when you were little and were sick and would play paper dolls or read little books and such in your bed? Well I'm a big girl now and now I play pinterest. : ) You can click here to see mine!:
Pinterest Logo

So do you think you would like to try Pinterest too? My girls have had friends design their weddings on pinterest, I'm putting things I like; my style, quotes, books and Christian values on mine...even products I like, things that melt my heart, etc. It's really gotten to be a fun thing and very relaxing as I'm taking it easy at this time. Carmen, my blogging friend has recipes on hers. The possiblilities are endless. You could do one with patterns for sewing etc. I have boards with my fave old movie stars and my fave movies too. I saw one sweet board with old churches. Neat. Just a feel-good little thing for eye candy, just like looking through a scrapbook.

It's so fun, it's like when you had a scrapbook and would cut out pictures out of magazines that you liked and would leisurely glue them on pages to save and keep and glean ideas from. Totally leisure fun!

I have also installed the red "Follow Me on Pinterest" button under my profile description here if anyone is interested in Pinterest as well.

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It's been a very slow week as I'm not doing much and God keeps telling me to slow it down even more. It's okay.

I lost my eyeglasses on the property this week too as I was walking in the back of the property, great. I can't find them and the way I'm feeling will not try again, all of my daughters and hubs have tried to find them and can't. So. I have my Sarah Palin's super glued together once again. Thank God I have them and am able to wear those for now.

My dad was none too happy I was not able to visit again. I think he's about ready to send his private doctor or pharmacist to me! : ) I'm cranking up the meds once again. This day too will pass and God is good.

Happy Sunday. Listened to a wowee sermon this morning in homechurch:
People On Broadway
A good sermon, and it's not about who you may think...

Have a nice Sunday eve, it's the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade today, did your pastor preach a prolife sermon? I have an article as you probably already know on my Vision for a Godly Home blogspot: Roe Vs. Wade, What Has Become of Us?

If it's one thing that ticks me off in view of what I saw growing up...Is seemingly churched out religious people who could care less about the unborn and the stuff that really matters.

Sorry if that sounds hard, I suppose it's the prophet side that comes out at times. If it can't come out on this subject when can it?

Better run, my girls and I are in the middle of solving the problems of the world. ; )

Love, ~Amelia


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I couldn't help but giggle. Beloved and I have been solving the problems of the world today too! ;)

I keep pinning food recipes! I like to cook but I have to say if I cook everything on my board, I am going to need to add an exercise board too!

I am so sorry you are still sick. I hope you are resting up a lot and cuddling with your sweet animal babies!

OH, I am sure those glasses will show up!

Hugs to you!

Jane B. Gaddy said...


My first thought was that I would love to look for your glasses. I'm sure I could find them! I do hope you feel 100% soon. My daughter (one of my three) and her two are so into Pinterest (did I spell that right?) and they like it better than Facebook. I must get there soon.

I share your same sentiment about "churched-out" people (love that expression. I plan to use it!) and their complacency about—well, about everything. I have so loved church all my life. Still do. I just miss the real thing. I think you have a head-start on home church, and believe we are fast getting there. Well, that's how we started. That's how we will end up... until we go up! So longing for home and sitting at the feet of our dear Savior. Until then....

Bless you this evening, my friend, and much love to you.

Amelia said...

Hi Carmen, thanks so much. I'm trying so very hard to get well...I've never had something take so long to get rid of. Frightening!

Perhaps we could have a conference and we could all solve the problems of the world together!


Amelia said...

Hi Jane, Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find those glasses? I keep waiting one day to see a cow wearing them! : )

It means the world your encouragement on homechurch. I'm forever disappointed at what I see now in various churches...I look up the sites and think...Oh my! They don't even seem to know what they have been saved from. They don't seem any different than the world. I don't get it at all and it makes me sad.

I really, really wish we could find a church in vicinity that is a sweet church, but it does seem homechurch is the way at least for now. It may be this way til we reach the other side? With the way the world and the church are going, the way they have merged, homechurch is the sweetest and safest thing. I'm so glad the Lord is my safety.

I hope all is well with you Jane, I know you must be very busy with writing and all. : )

With love and blessings! ~Amelia