Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Few Glimpses of Our Old Fashioned Christmas

My little girls made this when they were little in Homeschool. I love this.

My dd26's New Year's crown, isn't it pretty? So very retro indeed.

Just a few glimpses of our old fashioned 40s Christmas tree! The reflectors are very old, the Christmas elf is an original from my Grandma and Grandpa Oddo. Many of our ornaments are the original Light-Bright brand. Neat eh?

My Grandma is from Naples, Italy and my Grandpa is from Bisaquano, Sicily, Italy. My Grandma came here with her family when she was an infant landing in Boston and settling in New Orleans for her young years. My Grandpa landed in New York with his cousin at the age of 15. Grandpa sang in operas in New York for many of his young years, he was discovered when he was hanging clothes out to dry on the line in New York singing to himself, the right lady was their at the right time walking by. He was very much like Mario Lanzo. He was the sweetest thing ever. Grandma told it like it was but her heart was huge. I loved their old fashioned down to earth home...Much like a LaMadeline restaurant with the wood floors. Thank God they never entered into the big city materialism that many of their Italian counterparts did, they chose to live in the little town on the bay where they were very happy and content. They lived on the Bay for years and had the humble home moved to country acreage, living simply always. My Grandpa said his church was his garden and I think he had that right. I loved the way they knew what was important. Grandma never bought fancy for herself but when she bought me or our little babies something it would be from Sakowitz....I love and miss her and my Grandpa dearly...I miss their laugh and just being simply loved by them. They knew what was important. Laughter, love and health here on this earth. My Grandma's wonderful cooking didn't hurt us either. : ) No One cooks like my Grandma as my Hubby will agree. No one but us girls here... Hee hee. Yep, we have the goods on that. Our little well kept secret. : P It's still not as good as Grandma's though... No one will ever be.

Still under the weather, I've got more photos from a few walks and birthdays but our satellite internet is very finicky with the rainy weather so this is what I'll call good for today.

Be blessed and please pray I'll get up to 100 percent healthwise as my friend Jane lovingly relayed to me.

Laying here listening to Rushbo, listening to the rain. Not so shabby. I'm so very blessed.

Take care All! I hope everyone is praying for our nation. God help us this election season.

Love, ~Amelia

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