Thursday, January 5, 2012

Simple Under-the-Weather Woman's Daybook

loading ... It's time for a daybook journal entry I do believe, it's been a long, long time...I'm feeling badly with a nasty cold so I thought this might be fun and easy... : ) Join me in a cup of hot tea won't you?

Outside my window...A wonderful interesting looking day out....Blue sky, white fluffy clouds and wonderful, wonderful deep grey blankets like lovely deep backdrops behind the trees. Loving it. I hear a small airplane, reminds me of my dad flying when I was little.

I am thinking... I'm wishing I weren't sick and how I need to get this home organized a bit, especially gift wrap, but also that I should celebrate the mess a bit like Andy Rooney says to do. Wrapping paper and tissue galore, ribbons means laughter and love in our family, a wonderful birthday celebration not to mention remnants of Christmas.

I am thankful for...My home, my great Hubs and Daughters and the wonder of living here in the beautiful country and forest. My fanciful doglets...When I was a little girl having indoor doggies was a dream for me.

I am wearing...Black sweatshirt, black workout pants, (CoCo Chanel would be proud) and ruby-red knee socks with black dots coupled with white flip flops. (Ha. Coco Chanel would not be proud.) The white flip flops are really the clincher don't you think? My left heel is hurting I do believe a case of plantar fascitis and my mushy flip flops are wonders.

In the learning room... Rebecca is reading a Frank Peretti book.

I am remembering... How it used to be when I was taking my little girls to Mrs. Blount for piano lessons in Smalltown and I really, really miss her now. I need a friend like Mrs. Blount again. Where is she? With Jesus now.

I am going...Nowhere. Yesterday was a wonderful day full of plenty of activity for our sweet Michelle's birthday(Pictures and info to come). The only place I'm going is to take a nap and then for a walk on the property.

I am currently reading... My Bible with Streams in the Desert devotional. For leisure reading, Since You Went Away. (A book from the 40s with letters back and forth of a soldier and his wife during WWII) The old 40s movie I've blogged about, Since You Went Away is from this book. The book is a 1940s original copy; I love holding old books in my hands...I always wonder who had held the book before me. I'm also browsing my Uncle Wesley's Kappa Sigma book from 1938. Very interesting and sad too. I never knew him, I see his beautiful handwriting is in the book. Thinking of the differences in my German uncle and my Italian uncle. German uncle Wes was tall and good looking with blonde hair and blue eyes, my mother said he would walk in a room and everyone would turn and look. Italian Uncle Bennie was and is good looking, black hair and brown eyes, not as tall. A bit more subdued but a sweetheart, would do anything to help anyone, a cute sense of humor too. He is a sweetheart til this day.

I am hoping...That this country will have the sense and fear of God to elect a prolife and pro Israel president! Also praying for pulpits with preachers with the guts to say it.

On my mind...I think it's great that Santorum is three fourths Italian, he is the same generation Italian American that I am. His grandparents came from Italy as mine did.

A young lady who was ringing me up in a costume jewelry shop yesterday, (I finally found some simple clip on hoops and white spring ear rings too) I wear clip-ons...never did believe in punching holes in my ears for ear rings sake. : )

The young lady told me she couldn't believe how young I appeared when I told her how old I was, just turned 51 last week (say middle age crisis?) *chuckle* I don't mean this as a backdoor compliment, but I needed to hear that, so I'm writing it down here for a remembrance! : )
I wanted to hug that girl's neck and I told her so! : D

Noticing that... It's getting late in the day.

Pondering these words... The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Why don't people (especially homeschool parents) get that simple truth? Or why do they forget that? Just notice most homeschool support groups for the sad spiritual decline. I wonder if many never did have the Lord as the center, they were only following a herd, not the Word. Our kids must have that personal relationship with Christ for Eternity.

From the kitchen... Boiling water in a whistling kettle, Spice tea is on it's way! Marianna just brought me the steeping cup. Thank you Marianna! Supper? I don't know, just told Mar. she will have to do that little thing. Jem is fasting today, so it will need to be a hardy one. I did clean some greens today so that will be part of it.

Around the house... Darlings, both Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire are in an old movie. "Blue Sky". They are such cutie pies... I sure wish things were more like that now. Gentleman were gentleman. Ladies were ladies and were respected. Homemaking was esteemed.

One of my favorite things... My family always. Always.

Photos I would like to share...
The following are random photos as last fall I went unannounced upstairs to bedrooms to take some pics of the different personalities of our girls' rooms. I hope you enjoy them.

This is our youngest, Rebecca's room. The walls are actually a very light blue. I laughed so hard when I saw the huge "tree" in her room. I shook my head laughing; only Rebecca would think to do this. I love her room. The green chest was used by my dad for military school. The white desk was his when he was a little boy. (The 1930s)

This is Michelle's room, very lady-like, very elegant. The walls are a lovely shade of sage green, she has hints of burgundy velvet in her bedspread and I love her dreamie curtains. She even has a reading couch. Her room is very finished.

This is Marianna's room, the walls are a lovely light green, more of a very pretty shabby chic look here. The color on the wall was from a kleenex box shade of green. Marianna brought the box in and had them mix the paint. She had a beautiful smaller white Christmas tree with "Little Women" ornaments from tiny prints she made from a book. It was so Victorian. Much like a neat tea house. Maybe she should leave it up year round?

This is our oldest daughter, Lea's room. She likes things very simple and clean, a bit more modern but cozy-sweet too. She has a lady's black fidora hat on one of her white dressers. White chenille bedspread.

That's my little show and tell. : )

Have a good evening everyone!

Love, ~Amelia


Unknown said...

Fun to see the girl's rooms, thanks for sharing ; ) It's easy to see personality and preferences just from a bedroom. My room used to be a lot more interesting with lots of great stuff to look at, not so much now that I'm a married woman and share one with my husband.

Hope you feel better!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I always enjoy reading your post, Mrs. Amelia. I hope that everyone in your house is feeling better now.

The title of the book, “Since you went away” sound really wonderful. I will have to keep a look out for a copy for me.

I am hoping that our nation will elect a God fearing person as well.

The girl’s rooms are so fun to take a peak into -- Each distinctly different and yet still so adorable.

Sending hugs from miles away.

Amelia said...

Carmen, The full name of the book is: "Since You Went Away...Letters to a Soldier from His Wife" by Margaret Buell Wilder.

xxxooo... ~Mrs. Amelia (I'm feeling so worn out still...still fighting it. I covet your prayers...I even have a nice shiner of a cold sore. Depression tries to set in at times and I don't know how on earth that could be. Shame on me. But with the looks of things in the nation etc. I am greatly disturbed...The way the media is pushing things down our throats and people fall for things (people who should know better)'s a bit frightening...God be with us!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Thanks for the full title.

Prayers are being sent up. I have you written down! ;)

Yes, what a mess the media has been. Oh, their agenda makes me ill. Tell the girls that I am reading their political post. ;) Hugs to you!

Amanda said...

i loved taking a peek into the girls rooms!
they are all feminine and so lovely