Monday, October 8, 2018

Prayer Request for Uncle Bennie. Treading in Prayers...

Do you remember Days of Our Lives, or As the World Turns?  My mother never watched soap operas but my mother had a sweet helper who would come every week or every other week and she would watch the then black and white soap operas while she worked,...I remember the dramatic music and the world turning in black and white on the t.v. screen on the kitchen porch where our yellow breakfast table was.

Sometimes our lives resemble the ups and downs of those dramas (in a way) don't they?

Me?  When I receive bad news about a beloved family member I'm a lot like a scuba diver.  I come up out of the water and receive the news and then...bubble, bubble, bubble I go back down with my goggles and fins to my prayer chamber of sorts.  I can carry my prayer chamber around like an oxygen tank too.   Just praying and doing the next thing...Just praying and doing the next thing.  ....Sometimes walking and treading in prayers...I may be at the store, but I hope to be the graceful swan whose little feet are treading like mad under the water as Mrs. Dunwoody's book describes.  ...But I tread in prayers.

This time it is my Uncle Bennie.  Please pray for Uncle Bennie, it's been up and down, up and down.  One negligent thing happening to him in the hospitals after another.

He's 86 years old and underwent triple bypass heart surgery.  He's a fighter.  He's also a survivor of prostate cancer.

The cardiologist and surgery team did a wonderful job, they studied the case and conferred 101%.  He came through beautifully...  But then there was the nurse who punished him because he argued with her on the ice cream type of thing she was trying to force feed him.  She then gave him mega doses of morphine which damaged his kidneys etc.  There was also a younger doctor who came in and spoke things to the effect of to his daughter such as...Why don't you just let him die peacefully...This doctor said this in front of my uncle!  Very dark! I will not expound.  But his previous doctor strongly disagreed with that.  Oh wow.  He said...

No!  Bennie is a fighter!

My uncle studied to become a vet for animals, long story, things happen and evolve.  He would have been an outstanding vet by the way. It's just life happened.  The short story is he knows a bit on medicine, he also had every right to question that nurse.  We all do, do we not?

He finally strengthened after a tracheotomy and everything else through many, many prayers storming Heaven.  He was transferred to another facility hospital where he was improving daily.  ...Until the nurse left him in his waste.  All day.  He had some sores back there where the previous hospital did not clean him properly.  Infection entered his bloodstream and he was sent back to the original hospital the next day.  The nurse that had left him was found sleeping in the hallway.  Picture taken.

He's not doing well and is tempted to give up.  Fluids building in lungs and if you are a nurse, doctor or have had a loved one in this position you know what all this entails for that poor person.

Today it's a dire situation.

This affects a lot of things.  My mother is 88 and of course, it upsets her, so our family (I'm an only child) has to keep her up and lifted too.  She loves the Lord but becomes upset easily when things seem dire.

I'm sorry to have been away.  I'm just going to post this and a couple of other things, but please know I've been up and down and around and around in my prayers.  I just don't have a lot of mental energy to spare these days.

I love and appreciate all of you and covet, covet, covet your prayers.  Ya know, at the age of 57 things are already quite crazy and we fight for our youth and desire to age gracefully with the reputation of being that beautiful person inside and out that our parents taught us to be and it seems it's always something to bring us to our knees.  Maybe that makes true beauty?  A softness?  Perhaps it's the school of sorrow coupled with the companionship of Brokeness?  Perhaps the broken pieces come together much like a heavenly tiffany lamp?  (I remember hearing or reading the tiffany lamp analogy and liked it.)

Many may never understand, we'll have to accept that, sad but true, but Oh Lord help me to be that uplifting one, never a downer person.  Oh God help me to be a Life-giver!   When I am weak, He is strong.

Here's a photo of Uncle Bennie holding me one Easter morning when I was little.  His favorite nurse at the hospital is a fellow Italian male nurse who cares for him in the night hours.   Today will be rather telling.  Please pray for my Uncle Bennie.  He is the only uncle I have, things have been distanced for the past years, he has his hands full with his adult kids but he always manages to call my mother when he thinks we're in danger of a flood or anything of the sort.  He's a very sweet person.  Very sweet.

Here is a shot from one evening here...It's very representative of my life these days.  My grown daughters living their lives.   They are a great help with support for my mom and others too.  This was one of the first evenings in this journey of Uncle Bennie.

Lea is in the distance practicing her golf swing. *gentle smiles*.  No, I don't golf.  She is learning this new sport little by little, me?  The swing hurts my back after I had a bit of an injury a while back.  That's okay.  I'll watch her.

This evening I was walking and praying...walking and praying...

There is something peaceful as we walk and pray and watch our loved ones peacefully going through their lives...something comforting in that.  Just like when they were little children, watching them play.

May we be like little children, resting in the Father.  Easier said than done at times.

Just treading gently all the while hoping for understanding...but softly bombarding Heaven with prayers.

Peace to you all, Love to all,    Amelia in the Forest

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Photo by Robert Stock

P.S.  I continue to care for our little Guiseppe, our sweet little elderly blind dog.  Prior entries tell the tale on this little angel.

I also wanted to re-visit true religion, and what the Bible simply says.   Another time?

EDIT  Thursday. 10.11.18  1:28pm   Yesterday we received word that Uncle Bennie is doing well on a respirator.  The infection has not spread and is at bay.   Please blogging friends, seen and unseen:  Please continue your prayers.  For me?  I've noticed that in this over a month-long venue of wrestling prayers that the minute I think things are at a lull, my prayers go to a lull. I may still be praying consistently and sincerely but not quite so fervent.  This time I will continue my fervent prayers even when things seem up'n adam.  I ask that you too will friends.  Thank you so much, everyone! 


Debbie Harris said...

Dearest Amelia~I have so wondered about you with your Uncle Bennie, thank you for this up date!
My prayers continue to go up for your dear Uncle, for you my dear and sweet sister in Christ and for your family.
Your dear mom...I will pray specifically for her as well. May she find rest and peace in her loving Savior and look to Him during this time.
For you dear one, remember to look after yourself and allow Jesus to strengthen you, and don't forget to rest.
Much Love to you and may the peace of God comfort you.

I'm away right now spending time with mom, but you are always on my mind and heart.
Sending you big {{HUGS}}

R's Rue said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Amelia

I will pray for Uncle Bennie.
I'm so sorry he has had to endure such unkindness while he is suffering.
He is blessed to have a niece who loves him and the Lord, someone who knows how to pray.

Tell Uncle Bennie that others care and are praying.

Sending hugs to you today.


Anonymous said...

Dear Amelia

I will pray for Uncle Bennie.
I'm so sorry he has had to endure such unkindness while he is suffering.
He is blessed to have a niece who loves him and the Lord, someone who knows how to pray.

Tell Uncle Bennie that others care and are praying.

Sending hugs to you today.


Mrs. White said...

Your dear Uncle is in my thoughts and prayers. I love the pictures you shared. You always inspire me. God bless you all!

love Mrs. White

Barbara said...

Your Uncle Bennie is in my prayers.

The hardships of our lives are usually so tough to understand. We trust our LORD to do all and only what is needed to conform us to the image of Christ.

May the LORD's peace envelope you thoroughly today.

Amelia said...

Dear Debbie, Thank you so much, so sweet of you to have kept us on your heart and in your prayers! : )

I hope you're having a wonderful time with your mom! <3

I appreciate you!

(((big hugs))) ~Amelia

P.S. I hope to put a quick update on the blog soon! Please continue prayers friend. <3

Amelia said...

Thank you dear Regine, (((hugs))) to you.

Amelia said...

Aw Shirley! Thank you so much. I'll forward your precious gift of prayer and care to the family, they will appreciate it so much. I know I certainly do. <3

(((hugs))) ~Amelia

P.S. Hoping to put a quick update up today on this blog!

Amelia said...

Mrs. White, You are the encouragement to me. Trust me on that. : ) Thank you so very very much for your thoughts and prayers.

I will try to put an update up on the blog today!

Love, ~Amelia

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Barbara, Life is a roller coaster sometimes isn't it? Thank God we can trust in Him, He is our everything. <3

You are a great reminder Barbara. : )

(((hugs))) ~Amelia

P.S. Hopefully writing update today on this blog.

Lea said...

Boy, God sure does teach us to pray during the trying times in life. Sending up continued prayers for Uncle Bennie. He is a sweet, soft spoken soul and I cannot imagine all he's been going through these past two months now.

Aw! Thank you for posting the pics of me practicing my golf swing! :D That is SO sweet of you! Thanks for giving golf a shot as well! I love to share things I enjoy so thanks for being a good sport and giving it a try!

Love you, Mom!