Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Musings by the Pond

Yesterday: Spring has sprung when I paint my tosies. They say, flip flops are the Southern girls glass slippers! : ) These one dollar flip flops are the best in the west. Soft squishy and mold to the foot. Perfect! I was getting a little sun trying to get well after a wearisome shopping trip trying to take back a skirt with a d.o.a. zipper and of course the poor little wallymart in little-town doesn't quite know what to do with "dot com" exchanges. Poor little clerk in the store was a nervous wreck bless her heart. But I did feel a sore throat and headachie feeling trying to come back after a 30 minute refund. I was tired before we left and I should have listened to my bod, I should have listened to God! I do not want a relapse and have gotten a touch of one. Poor Michelle is not feeling well either so those germies are floating around too.

I tried to take some pics of today it is SO beautiful this evening! Hopefully I can get those up soon. The pics don't do it justice though. My thoughts today were that anyone not spending the day in the country is really, really missing life....really missing life. It's just off the wall gorgeous...timeless beauty.

This was also relaxing for me yesterday, reading one of my very favorite books by the pond. "First We Have Coffee", a darling, sweet, sweet book. And you have my clear nail polish for my finger nails. I like clear on my finger nails.

Dreamie pic of home sweet home. I love the reflection.

A beautiful evening sky.

Here are some favorite songs of late, we've discovered Sarah Jarosz and are so enjoying her neat music, much of it is bluegrass, so artistic and sounds so very neat playing outside.

One of my husband and my favorites: 'My Muse'.

"My Muse" We think of the Lord. : )

"Run Away" Hubby and I laugh and say that's us in the country.

An official video of "Run Away". Interesting, not sure what to make of it but it turns out innocent enough? : )

Well I better run now, it's our one year anniversary of being here in the country and it's St. Patty's day too, so yes we are all wearing green. : ) Homemade pizza and a huge salad is done, made by our four daughters.

Enjoy your evening. May we all Live the Life. Pray I'll have sense on what to do and what not to do as far as activity. I can't believe how weak I am after being sick. A good reminder in some ways of our strength being in Christ.

Love to All, ~Amelia

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Cass Griffin said...

Lovely, lovely. :) I didn't know you had a pond!!! I would move to the country to have a pond too. :)

I sat on the back deck Saturday evening, watching the chipmunks, listening to the squirrels scurry thru the upper branches and sipping my decaf sweet tea. ;) It was beautimous...and the funny thing is I thought of you and your girlies and your "country life"...I can't help but think that you were out at your pond during that same time. :)