Thursday, March 15, 2012

Michelle and Lea's Trash Day. Uh Oh...

Okay...Here Goes. Finished Product. Sort of? Dad wasn't home, had an early appointment so the two sisters home from work did the duty of trash day....(horror music plays) ...

Normally hubby has been loading the trash into the trailer for the girls and away they go to the road for pick up. It's cute to see them (normally) : /

Okay sister, let's get it in any way we can...

"No not that way, this way." "Are you kidding?" "No listen - it will work I tell you..."
Hmmm...If we figure out trash day on a muddy wet day we can solve the world's problems I tell you.

I think we got it! Ta dah! (sort of?)

Well to make a long story short, Michelle on the riding mower with Lea riding in the back holding on to the trash can and trailer...ran into a huge muddy pit. Uh oh. The trailer comes undone as well. They try and they try bless their hearts and finally Michelle has to run to work. Lea hops on the riding mower and tries with all her heart to hold on to the trailer as the trash cans decide to fall off.

Tears ensue and I can surely understand. Let's just say she met the fedex man with mascara under her eyes. Poor Li-Li!

Today Mar. and I went to the little town to return something at the little wallyworld. It was fun. Mar. bought several beautiful rose bushes and then stopped by the grocery to get some little extras.

I became very tired and exhausted at Wallyworld so for the grocery I sat in the car reading the sweet local paper while Mar. flew in for the items. While I was sitting in the car looking at the paper I see this darling bride with such a sweet countenance. Oh my goodness. It was Hubby and I's old friend's daughter. It was so very hard to believe. So glad to see such a sweet countenance and she married well from the looks of things. (married well as in Christ reigns) : ).

On the way home it was so pretty outside, i was feeling better so we took a drive through the little old historical (very very historical) town on the way home...Oh. my. goodness. Breathtaking. Huge oaks on the river, old church from the 1800s and many registered homes on old gravel streets much like I grew up. Bing Crosby's wife was from this little town. Neat. Many carriage houses still standing....Relics everywhere.

On the way home, we were coming down the ranch road and stopped when we spotted a nice size turtle crossing the street and becoming miscombobulated. Mar. got out and gently picked up the turtle and put him back in the grass safe and sound all the while stopping to pick some daisy dukes mind you. : ) Great times. Who can complain? Iced tea in the car on a beautiful spring-like day.

Tonight for sup? Enchiladas.

A song I heard while I was laying down that makes me smile.

We also listened to Sara Groves, the song Compelled. I love that song.

This morning as i was praying I had this on my mind an have had this song on my mind:

Better run. Just wanted to get my thoughts and pics down of the trash day in the country.


Love, ~Amelia


The Coderlambian said...

Those songs make me smile as well. Your daughters are real troopers!

Lea said...

Oh my! Yes, that was the worst experience I've ever had taking out the garbage... hoping next time is better! : ) Those pics were taken in the calm before the storm. lol

Thank you for your sweet empathy... you're such an empathetic mom and that is such a blessing... : )

haha... I keep thinking of that Phil Keaggy song especially one day last week when the sun was trying to peek through... : ) Love that Twila Paris song too...

Glad you and Marianna had a fun day out today... hope you're able to recharge tonight and get rested up again!

Love you!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing all that! (P.S., my old Civilla blog is up and running again. Are my posts coming across your reader? I'm using my old follower button and you are on it.)