Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michelle Takes Mom Shopping! So Fun!

My sweet daughter Michelle took me shopping the other day and it was so much fun. I really, really, needed that and was ready to go with no one needing to twist my arm I assure you! Oh my it was great going to my old stomping ground, a gorgeous drive, trees, cattle etc., the mall is quiet and oh so nice. Plum luverly and it made me feel like a human being again. I also wondered how in the world I could have ever moved from this area? Thank God I'm back.

I'm realizing I had better keep my tent pitched to our new but old area here. : )

Michelle was so, so sweet! She treated me to a very nice Chinese buffet lunch and then off to the mall. Michelle has been firmly reminding me I needed a nice denim skirt and she was going to take me to Cato's to get one by George! Not only did I find one nice belted denim skirt but a dark denim one too suitable even for a Sunday morning church service. So I found TWO denim skirts! Yay! I've been wearing my homemade one and it was almost falling off of me after being sick and changing my diet vegetarian last summer. : )

Before I left I put one of my fave outfits on.

It's almost time to go and I can't get a good shot. I look serious here, it's a serious thing trying to look decent for a picture isn't it? : P The only decent shots had toothpaste splatters on the mirror, yep, when you've been sick for over two months you just don't worry with cleaning toothpaste spatters.

I tried to wear comfy shoes but pretty ones. After being sick for so long, I'm realizing I must live life and enjoy it....dress up and enjoy it. My daughters and I agreed that we think undergarments should be pretty too. Do you remember the director of Gone With the Wind? He made sure one of the actresses had a beautiful petticoat that rustled and crinkled. The actress made the remark that no one would see the petticoat or know it was there. The director said...You will know. : ) I have even found a like-new beige lace vintage full slip on ebay, probably from the 50s? They just don't make them like that anymore. It's beautiful.

Another thing I've learned and am learning is to quit working when I'm tired. And rest. Just stop and rest. I'm not a high energy person and never have been, so it doesn't take much to tip me over to either physical or emotional exhaustion. Around 3 or 4pm I wind down.

On the way home from shopping it was such a lovely evening I had to pull my trusty camera out and get some shots getting home from our great day!

Home! : )

For supper today: I made a Cajun bean soup with rice for supper, my girls made baked potatoes with it.

In the works: I cut out and completed sewing a darling pink linen with maroon leaf print long skirt. I even snuck in an order of ballet pink flat shoes to match from ebay to go with the skirt. It will make such a cute outfit with a white whispie earthy feminine top, perhaps lace leggings too.

It's a wonderful life, thank God I'm on the upswing, I tire easily but God is with me in a major way and thanks to Him I'm getting better.

Here is a cute song hubby and I heard last night at our datenight restaurant...Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes. (Hubby took me for Chinese too for datenight) Do you get the impression I like Chinese food? : ) It's funny isn't it? The Supremes at a Chinese restaurant. *big smile*

This song makes me smile and want to be-bop too, this gets me going:

I listened to my Christian radio station today (Chuck Swindoll was good today) and the soundtrack to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' with Becs while she studied and I sewed. Our family watched Susan Thomas F.B. Eye tonight. Such sweet programs. The girls sing the theme song as their anthem. Such a fun time!

It's late, that's my update. More to come to show and tell about life.

Time capsule for the week of March 12.2012.

It's a wonderful life!

Love to All, ~Amelia

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Glad you had such a nice outing! Looks lovely!