Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mrs. Amelia's Daybook

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Photo by Robert Stock

Outside my window... It's an overcast day, very grey, warm. neat little breezes, the trees sway and leaves flutter down. I'm praying it won't rain on the driveway (if it does rain) because the propane man is supposed to come tomorrow and won't be able to deliver if the driveway is mushy, his truck is too heavy. We are getting very low on propane! (The sun looks as if it is coming out now)

I am thinking... It will be fun watching the debate tonight as a family, we can make a party out of anything over here. Yes indeedie. We're already talkin' about all the neat food to make. Delle just called about a healthy cookie recipe perhaps going to the store to get the ingredients.

Something funny... Last night we were watching a Duggar's episode and Anna Duggar was talking about cloth diapers for her babies. Delle and Lea were remarking how disposables are so much easier, a worthy luxury so to speak...I commented that the cloth were probably more comfortable for baby. Lea (29) pipes up: "I don't remember disposable diapers being uncomfortable." : P

I am thankful for... My family, God's faithfulness. So thankful my girls know how to cook and assemble meals etc. It was like music to my ears to hear Delle remind me to take the bakery fresh buns out of the freezer for supper. I think that's great.

Also thankful for a wonderful little health store with owners who will help us even with things we already have on hand.

I am wearing... A grass green turtleneck with a black v-neck quarter sleeve sweater layered over it with black nylon workout pants.

In the learning room... Beccs reading "Sinking of the Bismark"

I am remembering... I need to keep my washer and dryer running...and I need to bathe our four doglets if I'm able today....and take my meds and eat a quick lunch.

I am going... Nowhere at all. I need to do a few essentials today without overdoing it. Being ill has kept me from much.

I am currently reading.. So many books right now it's almost comical. My Bible and devotional as always. "First We Have Coffee", Paul Bragg book on Nerves, Patricia Bragg cookbook, "Try Giving Yourself Away" (excellent!)

I am hoping... I will get 100 percent well soon but am thankful to God I'm better.

On my mind... Our family presidential debate party! Yay! All my girls will be home!

Noticing that... I need to put another load of wash in... I'm spending too much time on here. Lea is still out from her walk, it's been a while...Hmmm.

Pondering these words... God you know, it's all of this and so much more...But God you know that this is what I'm aching for...God you know I just can't see beyond the door...So right now.... from the song below by Steven Curtis Chapman

From the kitchen... Supper will be veggie slopppy joes and sides with a healthy cookie desert from Delle.

Around the house... A dripping in the kitchen, Beccs turning pages of her books, sleeping doglet noises, Lea drinking her water after coming in from he walk.

One of my favorite things... This poignant Steven Curtis Chapman song I listened to this morning, if this doesn't touch you nothing will. It also gives me strong feelings and appreciation for my baby Beccs now 18 still feeling free to lay her head on my shoulder as I touch and comfort her face in my palm, or sometimes she takes my hands and place them around her shoulders from behind as she lays her face upon my arms....Thank you Jesus.

Photos I would like to share...
These are photos of Mr. Lundy's cows on our property yesterday morning. There was a line of electric fencing between me and the cows. I walked up to this huge white cow along with the elsie cow and they startled and started to run away. I sweetly told them:

"Don't run away, I won't hurt you...It's okay..."

And it was so neat. When I had started quietly talking to them, he stopped and turned around and looked at me for a bit. It was as if he said...

You won't hurt me?

It was so neat as I talked to the two cows and they peacefully chomped away once they sensed I wouldn't hurt them and meant them no harm.

When I came from my morning visit with the cows, still in my robe, two of our four doglets greeted me:



Have a nice evening, love, ~Amelia


Amanda said...

loved reading your daybook.
I stayed awake for almost.
just almost all of the debate.

so funny to read that your family gets excited too:)

hope you feel well soon!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I hope you are feeling better! I took a peak into your blogs to see if I could get a hunch on how you are doing! Still praying for your house to sale.

I always enjoy reading day-journal entries they are always so neat to read.

I hope you enjoyed the debate party! I missed the last 10 minutes of it.

Sweet pictures of those cows!