Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Evening and Before

Before. I figured I would take a walk last week or so...I was under the weather but I thought a walk would do me good and I made sure to cover my ears with a fleece hairband. Little did I know as I walked my doglets on the back of the property my eyeglasses left the scene, I suspect when I was taking pics. (I slip them on top of my head many times, I'm near sighted and don't need them for up close as in spying through my camera) You see my eyeglasses are may times my hairband too. Still haven't found my glasses, I'm wearing twice superglued ones now and I think that second walk to the back to try to find my glasses didn't really do me a bit of good in getting well. Being even slightly chilled and having a cold don't agree with me. In the pic? That's little Muf strutting in front ahead of me. He thinks he's ten feet tall he does.

Lea and Hubs brought this so-cute get well balloon home to me a couple of weeks ago! I think this is neat, it looks like one of my retro men bravely sitting on top of the Brooklyn bridge as they have lunch back then is holding my balloon for me. Only a highly sensitive person would notice such a thing? The balloon is much cuter in person, it has little doodle bugs on it and when the light hits the balloon it reflects it's "Get Well" upon the wall!

Michelle brought these to me day before yesterday and I thought they were so very pretty! They are fascinating I think, the white and the lavender together. So puffy and pretty!

Do you like the Valentine table cloth? Lea gave it to us for an early Valentines gift. I think the colors with the pink and turquoise are kind of retro!

Day before yesterday, I zoomed in the view from across the bedroom, from my side of the bed as I rested. My Bible and Hub's Bible setting there. I love watching the trees sway in the breeze and the different colors of light on the trees at various times of the day and evening through these windows.

This evening around five I thought I'd venture out to the pond at Hub's encouragement...This shot tells the tale. My little old phone, a box with the name of my drugstore medication on it, Delle was going to pick some more up for me and I was ready-teddy for her call. And what relaxing time is not complete without a Grace Livingston Hill book? This one is the 'Substitute Guest' published in 1936, a wintery Christmas-time tale. As usual, I didn't have much time this past Christmas season so I'm enjoying it now. Grace Livingston Hill, what a testimony she has as a Christian author. Many old church libraries have volumes of her books...I enjoy collecting the old copies when I am able, I love seeing the beautiful inscriptions in the opening pages to the recipient of the books from years ago, many during WWII. People were so much more thoughtful then it seems, so much more mannerly. The copy on my lap is obviously a used paperback I picked up online when I first heard of Grace Livingston Hill.

My buddy-boy, Charlie. He is very protective, so emotional. Look at those Einstein-eyes would ya?

Winter-winter sky...

Winter reflection in the pond...

I spy golden light coming behind me...

Aha. The gold evening sun against the trees against that dark blanket of the sky. Fascinating I think.

One last shot this evening before I went in....this looked so heavenly to me.

So that was the view from where I was sitting as the sky changed and I tried to take some fresh air in and get well...

The girls are a huge help, Marianna made a great soup tonight and even eats pressed raw garlic cloves with me like a pro and fellow partner and cheerleader. I called a local smalltown g.p, and talked with the nurse. The nurse said this thing could go on for 8 weeks. What a bug I have caught myself. Hopefully I won't have to trek to his office. At least I they are kind there. That is a blessing to know.

I'm just seeking God in how to handle things, but as long as I'm on the upswing and I know this long bug is something of a norm this year, although hard to believe, I'll watch and wait and depend on the Lord.

He is Faithful.

Love to All, please pray for me, I'm still weak but today I at least washed a load of towels, they are in the dryer and will be dumped in a basket. That's pretty good for me these days. It's difficult to keep a positive outlook at times, but how can I not? There is so very much to be thankful for! ~Amelia


Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Excellent forest photos.

I like the contrast with the light and shadow.

Blessings in Christ.

Amelia said...

Dear Russell, Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment! Thanks so much for taking the time to come by, I do appreciate it greatly!: )


Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Welcome, Amelia. The very gracious reply much appreciated.

I hope your weekend in blessed.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Mrs. Amelia, I hope you are feeling better. I haven't heard so I was checking in on you.

The pictures are beautiful.

How did you like the "Substitute Wife?"


Amelia said...

Hi Carmen! : )

Hey gal! I'm still under the weather and am tired. I'm getting better little by little thank the Lord but it is a weary valley time for me.

"The Substitute Guest"? You're not going to believe this but then again maybe you will...I haven't finished it because I've been sidetracked on several other books! : ) I've been reading Paul Bragg health books and a really neat one, "Try Giving Yourself Away" (excellent) along with "First We Have Coffee" (adorable)..

Oh woe is me. ; ) I do want to finish Substitute Guest, have you read it? If so, what did you think? So far I have enjoyed it.

Thanks for coming to check on me that is so sweet. It's a difficult time and I appreciate you coming to check on me. I covet your prayers.

xxoooo ~Mrs. Amelia

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Yes, Silly Me! The substitute Guest! What a title I created - wowzers. Yes, I read it a long time ago. I don't remember much about it though. I have to pick it up again, I suppose. I don't have much time to read these next few weeks. We are packing up the house to move. But, after that when we hit the road, I will have plenty of time.

I am glad you are feeling better. I will keep praying for your healing.