Monday, February 20, 2012

Hodge Podge of Thoughts on Getting Well and Kicking Wastebaskets

A little of this and that, hope you enjoy my Barbara Stanwyck clip of "me" kicking the wastebasket later in this well as Meet John Doe. 1941. Any of you ever feel like kicking a wastebasket? Any of you fighting this bug going around?

Oh me oh my I'm trying to get well with the good Lord's help of course. The nurse I talked to wasn't kidding when she said 8 weeks recovery.

I came across this as I was reading last night, It's from the book:

"First We Have Coffee" by Margaret Jensen, it's a story of a Swedish immigrant family. A poignant Christian book...

This excerpt takes place after a whooping cough outbreak...

"Very shortly, the dark clouds of another impending storm broke and a flue epidemic engulfed the immigrants. Mama went from one house to the other, caring for the sick and dying. Her own house also needed her. She arose to tend a crying child and the ailing furnace. There was no use in calling Papa; he was critically ill. She would have to do the fixing herself. Walking toward the cellar stairs, she crumpled, her own strength suddenly drained from her. To us, Mama (in her early thirties, slender and beautiful) was ageless, the symbol of life itself, the Statue of Liberty built on the Rock of Ages. This night she wept alone."

"Oh God she cried. "one day in bed, is that so much to ask? Oh God, strength to tend this furnace, is that so much to ask?"

"Softly as a whisper in the night, a Presence drew near. "Why don't you ask Me to heal you? There is nothing too hard for Me."

"Oh yes, Jesus. Heal me, and I will use my strength to serve You."

I too have asked God to heal me, it's becoming a weary time for me and I have "crumpled" several times in the past week.

One day I was by myself, I felt so strange, the rest of the family was at Uncle Sam's funeral. The funeral sounded bizarre. The hurst had to back up as well as the car procession from the major freeway overpass in Midtown! My husband tells me he couldn't believe it. An entire funeral processional including the hurst backing down backwards from a huge and high overpass. Can you imagine?

I went to the health store with Mar and Becs in old town Saturday, it's the place where I took my mother to meet her nutritionist once upon a time. The owners, a sweet middle aged married couple are very well read and have a computerized machine that analyzes our health (specifically) on a given day. After I had crumpled on Friday, Mar. asked if she could either take me health store or the doctor's office. Afterwards Mar. bought me a wonderful lunch to go... Isn't that sweet?

I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh and am shocked at the question of Santorum being too conservative. I've heard it all lately. Our country is in such trouble.

Many people put pocketbooks and "fill in blank" before the Lord and the unborn babies. They seem to think compromise is the answer. The tower of Babel once again?

They look at people like me or my family and they think oh how nice, but we don't like how you got there.


I become aggravated sometimes...discouraged. My husband called today with a Mr. Potter and George Bailey situation, he being George Bailey. Breaks my heart, it seems it's always someone we thought so much of...

Picture me kicking a wastebasket aggravated Barbara Stanwyck in the beginning of "Meet John Doe". (1941) Oh how could I relate to her when I saw that the other day! Or....Picture Jimmy Stewart in "It's a Wonderful Life" yelling: "And that goes for you too!"

Barbara Stanwyck kicking that wastebasket : )

Here is the powerful end scene of "Meet John Doe" (1941)

Barbara Stanwyck will refer to Christ on the Cross 2000 years ago...

It looks as though you can see "Meet John Doe" (1941) in entirety on youtube. It is a wonderful movie.

It's another Frank Capra movie great. You have to love that Frank Capra, his story is amazing, the real American success. He was from Bisiquano, Sicily, Italy where my grandpa was from.


Here is a shot this morning, our country neighbor had come trying to round up her cows that had mosied onto our property... She moved here from Midtown. She tells Mar that one day she realized herMidtown home owned her and thus she moved here to the country in a smaller cottage home. I really get tickled with her cows and ponies. One morning she was out in the road in her robe rounding up her cows. The little calves are so cute. : )

My husband's tractor this morning resting by the fresh tilled earth...

The beautiful roses hubby brought me for Valentines!

Our little toy poodle, Esther on Valentines Day.

Aren't these pink carnations so pretty? Lea brought them to me when she knew I was crumpling one day. Isn't that sweet?
Lea set this little table up outside with the retro tablecloth for a Valentines lunch outside. My mother was here so they all enjoyed the outside lunch.

Better run, this is a hodge podge I know. Thanks for sticking with me. Life is a hodge podge isn't it? : )

Supper? Lea and I just put on some canary beans for a nice cozy supper. Things have turned overcast.

Live, laugh, love and get well! Love to All, ~Amelia

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Maxine said...

Hi sweetie. Long time no talk to. Thanks for the pretty flowers, for Esther, for another good movie, and all the hodge podge of thoughts. Hope you're feeling better now and not desiring to kick any wastebaskets. All is well here, just the same--watching much of the crumbling of our nation's moral fiber, but knowing God is surely not forsaken his own.

Love to all.