Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday- Monday and a Thursday Morning Here at the Forest Cathedral

A Thursday morning not long ago at the Forest Cathedral...The lights and shadows were amazing this morning.  As you scroll down you can see the light and shadows move, glow and subdue....

This particular Thursday morn I see Li-Li running back in from the car, she has forgotten something.  These kind of mornings are a bit of rush-rush and sweet goodbyes....Li-Li was bringing our two junior kittens, Mo-Mo and Howdy in to the vet's for spaying and neutering. Ohhhhh how we hated to send those poor little kittens in for that.  They have never even been off our property. Poor little babies.

See the red tractor?  It's our new country neighbor's, he had temporarily parked it here.  I told new neighbor his tractor was cute to look at out from my kitchen window here and he informed me in a humorous way that he would prefer his tractor not be referred to as "cute" but masculine and hulky. *chuckle*

I love quaint jam jars that can be used for drinking glasses too.  This is my special lonestar glass. : )  Nothing like nice cool water with that morning coffee.

I hope you all are doing fine adjusting to this new time change.  I'm kind of mad at myself.  I woke up at a good time and then overslept.  Shame on Mrs. Amelia.; )

Well, today I'll be washing clothes & blankets and most likely go to smalltown with Mar, delivering give-away clothing to the Christian center and making a run to the smalltown grocery.   ...and I think that's a good thing.  Yes indeedie.  ...and then there is that famous question....What's for supper?

Have a blessed day Everyone.  Praying for our country, may we lift it up in prayers, it's a crucial time as you know I'm sure.

Big Hugs to All!      Amelia