Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cozy Valentines Memories! So Fun! So Sweet!

Solving the problems of the world, our four daughters after our sooo sweet Valentine dinner; wonderful homemade pizzas. Sooo delightful and just really so neat, like my Italian grandma & grandpa's house.  

Even though our girls are older and our youngest is eighteen we still like to do whimsical little things for Valentines day. Every day should be Valentines day really, it's a time to celebrate love and appreciation for family and friends, thanking God for our Blessings.

 Aren't these boxes above lovely???  Beccs made these and put some wonderful homemade candy in each beautifully wrapped in tissue.  She used stevia instead of sugar and oh it was so divine!  Just the boxes she put together were a gift in themselves!  All the girls had the sweetest little things to trade ever! 

Li-Li made these lovely felt hot beverage holders and tissue holders for our purses.  Sooo darling.   

 The girls really enjoy decorating...See the cute Valentine lanterns?  It gave things such a whimsical look!
Look at these cute little cards Mar-Mar made!  She is under intense training to become a court reporter and she put her new skills to work on these adorable Valentines cards in steno!  Sooo clever.  Pray for her, the classes aren't easy, students are sometimes seen crying in the hall with a nodding, good natured-nurturing professor.  Although Marianna does seem to be thoroughly enjoying the challenge.  One oriental young man in the class quit to go to vet school. It's true. She bought her steno machine from him.  I wonder if he knows according to our doc cousin that vet school is more difficult to get into then med school in our state?

All of our girls have been trained to be homemakers first but with the very strange times we are in, people going off with every weird thing imaginable, our older girls especially are making provision in versatile businesses that can also be done at home too until God sends His best to them in His timing.  It's times like these I wish we were millionaires so our girls could just be home not worrying about this stuff.  Oh such is a mother's heart (as she wrings her hands on her apron, a good natured sigh and a trusting look to the Lord!)

That's about all.  I just wanted to share our little Valentines day time together...It was fun. It was sweet. And it's all about the love of God and our love for Him and His blessings no matter which way you look at it.

And to all a goodnight. 

Sweet dreams.    ~Mrs. Amelia


Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Such lovely Valentine pictures.

I will pray for her! I saw from her blog post that she was going to school so I already had her on my mind.

The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

Looks like a lovely day! Good for you all for making each other such lovely gifts. <3