Thursday, March 7, 2013

Everyday's a Journal Page

Hi Y'all, Everyday's a journal page isn't it?  What will we compose? 

This is my vintage Big Ben windup clock I've been keeping by my bathroom sink.  I can see how long it takes to get ready etc.  I've also been watching the time and setting an alarm (usually my kitchen clock) hourly to see what I used that hour for. It's a very good tool and so far has been quite encouraging. : )

When I works I works and when I plays I plays...

 Me. Yesterday, a creative day...I couldn't wait to start on a new skirt. I think I love pretty long skirts more than Elvis loved jewels.

This is my farm print material, yesterday I cut my skirt out, today I will sew a bit.  It will be a cutesie little skirt, I just adore this fabric.  I use the Simplicity 4881 in the longest version.. This will be so fun to wear here at home or to a smalltown restaurant or store. Perhaps a teahouse with a cardigan one day?  I might even add a perky ruffle at the bottom for flair and whimsy.
 Last week, I sewed a skirt out of this material I bought from Hobby Lobby. I thought it was so nice and springy. I trimmed the bottom of this one in a delicate crocheted tiny black lace I had on hand. This will be a bit more dressy, I can belt a top over it.  I sewed the lace on by hand Saturday night while watching this in the living room: 
LASSIE: A MOTHER'S LOVEThese old Lassie series are sweet and wonderful. I like to keep things sweet in our home, it makes a difference. : )

Why in the world people dance with this culture I do not understand. 

Lately we've seen more than one family go blub, blub, blub down the drain. It doesn't happen all at once does it?  It's little by little, the proverbial frog in the pot.  But on the positive side, there are some really nice old programs that I just love and these Lassie series are one of those sweet little perks! : )  This dvd has four Lassie programs on it, adorable.  We also loved the Christmas Lassie series, oh so sweet and Christ honoring.

Sunday-Sunday...After trekking to Midtown last Sunday to visit our favorite church these days, we were leaving and I spied these cute cowboys also leaving church, maybe from the rodeo?    

 Time to eat now.  We went to a favorite Greek deli and store in town. So fun on a beautiful Sunday.
Such a pretty part of town...And such a gorgeous day! Jem can't wait to eat and get back home to the Forest Cathedral!
At the deli, Delle artfully gathering some croutons for her soup.

 Jem takes his soups seriously, very seriously.  Trust me, he was quite happy when he sat down to eat. ; )
 I keep track of my sandwich like this.  It's fast and easy and I think a little humorous too.  : )

 A jazzy lunch, they have the nicest music here on Sundays.  It's wonderful. You choose what you like in the old world store-deli and go to the seating area in the restaurant and voila!  Pretty music and sweet uplifting atmosphere. Delle is enjoying her lunch as the six of us solve the problems of the world. Laughter included.
 These flatbread sandwiches are so great, the bread is warmed and they add what you like... olives, mint, tomatoes, peppers, and the inside of the bread is generously coated with zataar seasoning. When you bite down on it the seasoning crunches. So delicious.

I found this in the ladies room...Li Li had left it...These are nice little cards with a sweet plan of Salvation in Jesus Christ on the back.  Leaving tracts or giving them personally is a great way to share the gospel.  Hurting people are all around us whether it's the city or country.  Never underestimate a tract. Once a sweet lady (a checker at a store) came up to me at an event and pulled a tract card with Jesus picture holding a man on the front, I had given it to her months before and she carried it with her everyday in her pocket. Is that not the sweetest thing?  We can be Jesus with skin on to others, and you know?  She was Jesus to me too.

It's time to head home now....back home and ready for a new week....Back to Home Sweet Home at the Forest Cathedral....


Getting late, the pets have missed us.  This is our sweet little oldster, Guiseppe...

Our new little boy, Howdy, he knows it's times to go night-night....Well it looks like it was covers down for Sunday evening. 

Praying for our country, and we think Rand Paul is wowee by the way...   That was epic.  Special thanks to Senator Cruz, Rubio and others as well. So great! 

Have a wonderful week All!


The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

I was so excited about Rand Paul, too! Wasn't it that encouraging? Very proud of him.

My Mother gave tracts out all the time---for years! She gave out the little booklets that say "Smile, Jesus Love You." I try to carry on her good habit. I need to pray for the Lord to remind me, because I always forget.

I love that fabric, Ameila! What an adorable skirt fabric for a country girl! I can't wait to see it. I need to get my sewing space set-up again. I'm working on it! I can't wait to get into that habit again, too.

Hope you have a great Saturday. God bless you!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I finished up my Senator Thank You notes just the other day! His speech was so encouraging and on the spare of the moment! I put a picture on my blog! ;) Imagine what would happen if things were planned! I am glad that someone told him about all the tweets in his favor! I am sure he was very tired.

Your smack lipstick kiss is so adorable! It made me chuckle.

We are reading Lassie some time this week. Then, we are going to watch the movie for family night. I just introduced the boys to the old 40's movie of Rin Tin Tin. They loved it!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

I forgot to tell you that my Dad had a Alarm clock extremely similiar (still does)! The most faithful clock I have ever seen! I do believe he has owned it for at least 40 years for I have seen pictures of it in the background of my baby pictures. It still ticks and wakes him up even today!

Amelia said...

Hi Carmen, My mom had the "Baby Ben" alarm clock! It was the same color combination just smaller. I think she probably had it before I was born in 1960. I found this one on ebay and grabbed it up! I love the soft ticking sound it makes and I've also found two vintage working ladies windup timex watches as well, one silver and one goldtone. I bought a windup timex for Jem this past Christmas,(all from ebay) it is exactly like the one my dad always wore for everything, work and dress-up.