Monday, April 8, 2013

Be Still and Know That I am God...My Walk. My. Walk. My Walk With the Father.

Today. This photo of me doesn't really look like that much like me, but then again it does. The toothy grin is all mine. : )  The hair color not so much and it looks like I have drawn on crow's feet! Oh my! I don't have crows feet! My hair?'s not short, I have it pulled back. Who cares. I guess I do or I wouldn't write it!  Oh dear me, I'm tired. *grin*

 I decided today was just too beautiful not to take a good ol' prayer walk. I had a lot to talk to God about. Sometimes we have little battles and we must let the Lord fight them for us.  Be still and know that I am God. That sums it up but I'm not making light believe you me. People can be sneaky and mean but the Lord knows how to expose things. He also knows and sees the manipulation and control that we so many times deal with  in situations.

Women who do not have a heart at home have a horrible problem with women like myself or my mom. Ignorance, jealousy, discontent and envy, it's sad and it's troubling. They may say we are abnormal because we enjoy our sweet, quiet homelife. There are many women who have bought the lies of the culture and feminism, or perhaps the busy-busy-go-go-go lie...It's a shame because true Contentment is a beautiful thing from the Lord.  A meek and quiet spirit is a precious thing in the sight of the Lord. ...And as Elizabeth Elliott used to say....And that's what the Bible says.

I feel a little at times like the young lady Dale in the old book 'All Through the Night' by Grace Livingston Hill.  I'm in the midst of it now in small ways. But...we can remember... God is bigger and He will surely fight our battles. That doesn't mean we don't feel the words people say or what they do or say behind the scenes but when it comes down to it we know God has the battle.  Be still and know that He is God! : )

Enough of that. : )  I went to the back of the property and I sit in my special place, I look down and I know I've had a quality walk when I see mud on my pants! *big smile*

I just love my sweet little dogs, they make such good little companions on my walks!  They are my fur angels!
   Our sweet little Muffie.  Muffie was rescued by Mar from the middle of the street with a rusted collar and so very matted bless his heart.I'll never forget, she called me "I passed this little dog in the street and thought I can't leave him there!  I turned around and...Mom, he jumped in the car and rolled on his back so happy!"

 Our handsome Charlie, I was laying down in the grass on my back talking to the Lord and Charlie came close standing next to me and I grabbed this most beautiful shot of our Charlie.  Charlie was rescued by our youngest, Becs, with her birthday money, she cried and said she loved him how can I forget?

The clouds above me...

 That's my prayer walk today. I hope you all are doing well, we can Be still and know that He is God! : )

Love, Amelia ...still that Last Child in the Woods along with her doglets...

May I suggest:  Be Still and Know by Millie Stamm, a beautiful devotional

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