Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Sweetie Update and Glimpses of Life Here. Music and Sweet 50s Show.

I thought I would post some pics of little Sweetie. This is Sweetie a few days ago in her blankets and box....she is so sweet and thank God Sweetie is getting stronger.  We pray over her and sing to her sometimes, we play pretty music here as always.  We love pretty music. When we hold her up her legs now move back and forth praise the Lord!  You see, just last week, her legs were froze, one forward, one backward and she was feverish. A vet had wanted to euthanize.  We decided not. Since then and before not only do we pray but Mar visits the tractor supply and found out from a knowledgeable young rancher guy who works there to give Sweetie and our little flock antibiotics in their water times like this.  You give me a good farmer, rancher, grandparent and they are worth their weight in gold.  Yes indeedie. 

This is Sweetie in her box with our girls watching in the living room and I thought it was so cute the way she had her wing over the box!

Today I am so very, very thankful to the Lord she is outside in the little gated area on the grass with her siblings. : )  It looks as thought at this point in time her one claw is a bit stiff and unmoving so Mar put a piece of cotton ball under the claw to open it up and some tape.

We had quite a surprise yesterday!   We couldn't find her and found she had scooted, walked into the indoor pen with the other siblings!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I thought for sure Jem or Becs had placed her there but she got her little self in there all by. her. self!  Praise God!  I am so glad we did not euthanize this little darling.

Today she is even fluffier! 


Just in...Driving With Mom

I just came in from taking  Becs driving. She needs her license and we need to get on the ball....We have been having such lovely outings here in the country!  Becs brings her hotshot camera and captures some beautiful scenes...So. fun.  Thank you Jesus for this time with my 'baby' girl.

 I caught this a week or so ago with Jem one evening on datenight.  This is one of the old historical ranches very close by.  This ranch was ran by a woman all by herself!  She would frequent the skinny road in her pink cadillac!  A very neat white two story wood frame home is back up in the property there.  Cowboys still run this ranch.  <3 br="">

I had a dream there were clouds in my mirror...clouds in my mirror....and.....   ; )

This is Delle getting ready to enjoy my new recipe of Vegan Tamale Pie!  It sure turned out good!  I hope to post the recipe soon on my thats-italian blog.  

I really should condense to this one girls think I should...I started Vision For a Godly Home because of our Homeschool Workshop.  Thats-italian was started for everyday...and when the Lord led us here to The Forest Cathedral it was such a miracle I just had to journal it this is my day to day week to week life.  I just plop it down here. : )  Something to pray about.

This is Jem and our little Muffie.  In the evening hours, Muffie is all Jem's.  Jem is doing his nightly sit-ups, he's been doing this routine as long as we've been married!  : )  I like candid life shots like this.  Do you?

Life is candid, it's a surprise, up and down sometimes like a roller coaster but God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I love Him so.

Listening to: 

  This is PRETTY.

Our family has been enjoying this sooooo ADORABLE old 50s series:
   This series is so SWEET. 
This is an old black & white television series and is precious.  Christ honoring.  
The little boy was praying such a sweet, sweet heartfelt prayer in the one we saw last night, he reminds me of Jem when he was a little boy.   

I asked Jem what made him want to always move to the country since he was a little boy?  
He tells me someone took him to the country when he was little, he doesn't even remember who.... and he remembers walking through the property just loving it....and he says with a serious look on his face... I just loved it!

....  And that I guess is the start of our Forest Cathedral.  

A few more thoughts and notices this most delightful Friday afternoon before closing:

While driving today Becs and I listened to:
Are we adding to the Beauty?  I think of this often.  My attitudes, the way I say I speaking to my family as kindly as I would speak to a stranger?
This ministered to my heart just now:

This reminds me of my talks with the Father.  This one came up by accident but it was not an accident. : )

That's it for now friends and kindred spirits, this may be an abrupt ending I know but please oblige.  I've got to get sewing on a skirt and wanted to let you know what I've been up to and how Sweetie is.  Let me know what you have been up to won't ya?  : )

Love,     ~Amelia

P.S.  I just received a report that Sweetie is standing up and walking, clumsily walking but walking!   Thank you for your prayers!  Please keep praying!   xxxxoooo  

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