Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Sweetie. Today.

Oh so many thoughts this unusually cold day...

Our country is in trouble isn't it?  So many prayers going out this week.  My heart breaks over the innocent lives taken in Boston and Texas... The deceit of the enemy of our souls that tainted the two young men. So. Tragic.  And of course the Gosnell trial.  It is so horrible, so cruel and barbaric what has happened and happens everyday in our country in the womb and in some cases out of the womb. There are no words.   My husband says, even how people (monsters) treat little animals is just so horrible. 

Today Mar and I brought one of our baby Bantam chicks to the vet.  Her name is Sweetie,

...the receptionist asks..."I hope you don't mind me asking, but does your chick have a name?"

I tell the sweet receptionist..."Oh no I don't mind, her name is Sweetie! : )  I think your question is a valid one, these are feeling little animals, our chicks are our pets too!"  

The receptionist agrees and seems relieved we understand feelings in animals and yes, small animals.  And this is Smalltown not the city. (just so you'll know) ; )

Above the receptionist waiting room area is painted hugely...

All Creatures Great and Small the Lord God Made Them All...

Our poor little Banty  has not been well since yesterday, her little legs, one goes forward and one goes backwards, she is feverish...

The most young female vet comes out and smiles a sweet smile. I look down and see well worn farming boots under her pants, her long wavy hair is pulled back in a barrette, a sweet young natural face a bit plump. Sweet girl.  She gives a grim prognosis...but also tells us she has had to read up on the chick since hearing we were coming. She tells us they aren't used to seeing chicks. (who in the world is I wonder these days but I would think in a rural area?)  She tells us perhaps euthanize; Mar and I both don't do well on that, tears well as they already had yesterday...Mar walks across the room and grabs for kleenex. We're like that.

These are God's Creatures, and I only want to do them good never, never harm. She doesn't appear to be suffering, she's also eating and drinking. : )

I suggest to the sweet young vet that perhaps we should wait and pray, pray and wait...and loosely band Sweetie's legs in place as she first suggested.  She kindly says yes, and suggests giving Sweetie a shot to ease fever. She listens to Sweetie's chest and hears congestion as well.

I know the Good Lord made this little Banty and He can heal her...I've already thought about making something for her to get around in.  We bought the little hens for eggs and eggs alone and of course sweet pets too. <3>

Mar and I bundled our little 'Sweetie' up and carried her out in her box with soft cloths, her food and a dropper with water.

Mar and I stopped and had our customary little snack of unsweetened strawberry tea, onion rings and tater tots, it's the picture of contentment for us there in smalltown, it's an oasis of Peace. Yes, we ate our snacks with our baby chick in the car, we tell the car hop, a young black man about our chick and before he leaves he tells us he hopes our chick gets well soon.  ...It's smalltown and I think that's great, it sooo makes me glad and thankful.

We are watching and praying over 'Sweetie' with her sparkling little sweet eyes just a-prayin' and taking care. 

God is watching too.  He knows even a sparrow and if and when it falls....and if it doesn't.

This little yellow and black spotted one in the middle is little Sweetie when she was a newborn, 3 days old fresh from the tractor supply.

Lifting our country up in prayers, The Lord is the answer, and I don't say that lightly as I'm sure you'll agree.

Pick some flowers outside if you can... Mar and I stopped on the side of the road and Mar was able to pick the prettiest springtime bouquet...Oh it's so pretty!  You should have seen me holding the box with Sweetie on my lap and holding the flowers in the other hand riding down the road!  : )

Good sweet memories.  : )

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big 
 difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

~Marion Wright Edelman


The Saxophone Player's Wife said...

How is Sweetie doing today?

Amelia said...

Hi Carolyn! You are so sweet to check on our little chick. : )

As of today she seems to be alert, eating and drinking. Her little legs are still not working though so prayers are sooo appreciated. She is so personable, it just breaks our heart.

We put her propped up in her little box where she can see outside and she likes that.

Bless you Carolyn! I hope to put pics up soon. : )