Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Driving With Grace and Sweetie Walks! A Miracle!

A short little update here!  We are so excited that Sweetie is walking now!  She is so enjoying being with her sister-chicks and it is so adorable.  Thank you so very much for those who joined in and prayed.  God cares even about our little chicks!

First I thought I'd quickly share a couple of pics too from Grace and my country drive.  We took an old less traveled road and oh the eye candy there.

  Grace and I had sooo much fun.  We would stop and take pics and talk....So fun.  Of course these pics on my blog are from my little cheapie camera. But I still like them. : )  Grace's are much better though!

Sometimes when Grace and I drive we go to smalltown and through the drive-through soda place for some good ol' unsweetened strawberry tea....and always enjoy the country scene here behind the drive in.  Such a privilege to live in the area.  I thank God that He brought us back.

Is this not the most precious thing ever?   Joycie and I have been nursing this little Bantam and in our carnal minds we thought she would be lame at best and would have been so excited at that even.  Oh God did so over and above!  
Her little claw was froze it seemed, (and before that the vet had suggested to euthanize).  You see a week or so ago she was feverish, one leg was completely frozen in a forward position and the other entire leg was frozen in a backwards position.  Both claws were limp as they could be. 

We prayed and took care of little Sweetie and last week I noticed when we would pick her up her legs started operating back and forth as normal!

 God gave me the thought or idea to place a piece of masking tape on the bottom of her one foot that was left froze and also on the top to make a cast of sorts. That leg was also partially still froze.

  Joycie and I went to work. : )  Grace did her part in cuddling the little chick too.  These little Bantams, (Banties) have the cutest little feathers on their feets!  They look like house shoes!  
When we were doing our Sunday evening family devotions, I heard the chicks tweeting and I snuck into the hobby room where they are kept...Lo and behold...Sweetie was walking!  I smiled hugely and just stayed put in that room for a while praising the Lord for what He did!  It was a miracle!

Sweetie is here on our table as we very carefully removed the masking tape after she showed us for a day or so she could walk and walk well!  Praise the Lord!

Sweetie is a little darling, she knows our voices.  All of our chicks do.  She is a wee little Bantie, I suspect that since she was so sick she has a little catching up to do, but she may stay petite too and that's okay with us. : )   

So that is an update for those who were wondering how Sweetie is doing!  God is good.  So very good!

I'm making some vegan lasagna for supper tonight so it's assembled and ready to pop in the oven!  I made my Grandma Oddo's pasta gravy so it will be double good!  I also have some frozen bread rolls rising and a green veggie will be served too.  You may be wondering what I use for ricotta?  I use tofu in my own little ricotta recipe.  Yes indeedie.  I do believe it's just as good as Cousin Phillip's. ; )

Hope you are all doing well.  What are you cooking tonight for supper?  Do you have any praise reports this week?  Any prayer requests?

Praying for our country,  take care now, until the next time....    <3 br="" melia="" nbsp="">

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