Friday, August 7, 2020

A Most Informative & Uplifting Interview by Dr. Stella Immanuel & a Soothing Song to Bless Our Souls...

   Hello Dear Readers,  Today's offering is a full interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Christian medical doctor who graduated with honors and also loves the Lord Jesus.  She shares her life and the mighty benefits of HCQ.   She was given a full program, interviewed by Michael Berry on his show on the radio most recently.   Following that I have shared one of my favorite songs by Fernando Ortega...I think it's just beautiful and just good nourishment for our souls.  We've listened to Fernando Ortega for years.  We've seen him in concert and he is delightful, a wonderful sense of humor too, he just loves the Lord and it is so evident in his music.

Listen to "Dr Immanuel Full Interview" on Spreaker.

So soothing, so truthful, so nice to let the Lord, our Father speak to our hearts through this beautiful song and music.

Take care and let's not let anything steal our joy!

Psalms 91   

Let's keep our comments kind please.  I've never enabled comment moderation and would hate to start now.  In my life and this blog I don't have time for senseless debate and dislike immensely any  obtuse deflections from a heartfelt message. 

May we encourage one another and lift each other up in Christ Jesus. 

~Amelia at My Forest Cathedral 

Victorian Woman In A Garden At Dawn Photograph by Lee AvisonVictorian Woman in a Garden at Dawn  ~Photograph by Lee Avison


Sandi said...

Good to know there are treatments out there!

Amelia said...

Yes! : ) And now if they will stop politicizing the HCQ treatment, to the extent that lives have been lost. It's been around for years but not much money for big pharma etc. plus some want their vac pushed. Kinda scary but thanking God for Dr. Stella and Frontline Doctors willing to speak out. One of the doctors, Dr. Simone Gold was fired from the hospital she worked out of for speaking out.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, Amelia. Great to see you on blogger again.

God bless.

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Victor!


Michelle said...

That is a good song! And yes, thankful for doctors willing to risk their career to help others. What a blessing selfless people like that are no matter if we agree with them on a personal level or not. ❤️
And sweet pic of you and Esther. How I miss that dog. 💔

Marianna said...

Great pic of you and sweet Esther!

Wonderful interview with Dr Immanuel — Especially what she says about her being dead in Christ! I aspire to having that little concern for my reputation! I hope what she and the other doctors are saying abt cures will be heard and that they will be vindicated.

Love that song and his music!!

Amelia said...

Yes, Dr. Immanuel is a special kind of doctor, one who takes the Hippocratic oath seriously. Unfortunately, Dr. Simone Gold also one of the America's Doctors on the Frontline was fired from the hospital she was working out of. America, America, God shed His grace on thee...And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea... Praying for America.

Yes, I so miss our little Esther too. <3 ...I really do. The more people I meet the more I love my dogs.

Amelia said...

Thank you Marianna, that little punkin, Esther was such a cutie pie...Love(d) her so much.

Yes! People can't harm a dead man in Christ who is dead to this world. Nothing can touch her and she gets that and is a warrior for truth no matter what people may say about her. We need to pray for America's Doctors on the Frontline, they are being threatened over the use of HCQ and everything else. It is interesting and even amazing the spiritual line that is being drawn on the attitude of masks and everything else, the blind acceptance and submission is staggering. We've got to pray hard.

Yes, isn't that song beautiful? I've always loved it and now it rings true more than ever.

Barbara said...

Amelia, like you, I have enjoyed the music of Fernando Ortega. Years ago when I was working at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs as a volunteer, Mr. Ortega came to one of our chapel services. His music is wonderful and says in worship what I cannot do on my own.

Amelia said...

Hi Barbara! We were just listening to more of his songs today in the car after church...So great. I never tire of Fernando Ortega's music. It's uplifting and vertical too...And just gorgeous music. You are so correct, the words express so well how we are feeling towards the Lord and our great hunger for Him...

Our family toured the Focus on the Family headquarters back in the later 90s! It was a very neat place. I remember the blow-up crayon over the desk that received the children's mail. And our little girls loved the slide and things to do in the children's area. I went down the slide too! : )

Little Mama Mia said...

Such a good Fernando Ortega song! listening to his music definitely brings me back to our days growing up and reminds me why we used to listen to his music so much.

So good that Dr. Stella has been speaking out! How political it is that HDQ is being shunned when it helps people!

Amelia said...

Lea, I never tire of Fernando Ortega, Dad and I listen to him a lot.

Love that Dr. Stella, isn't it funny that people may question a slight doctrinal difference that actually isn't that off if they go to Genesis. But the same people will attend to a doctor who is an atheist and on and on.

HQ. There are more specialists coming out now saying the lack of use of hq should be considered a crime similar to war crimes. Many, many, many people have lost their lives for sick political gain.