Thursday, August 13, 2020

Hopeful Videos and Some Sincere Thoughts on Life in Christ and our Nation

I'm writing thoughts this morning that came to mind.  I'm also including two special videos and a link, I hope it's not too much.  Remember when maybe you were a little child at the discount store, maybe a Kmart?   Remember once in a while your parents let you get two things instead of just one?  I remember once I was able to get one of those boxed halloween costumes and a board game too. So that's kind of how I felt putting these videos and a link up.  Please oblige.   

I thought this was such an interesting story...And just so you will know it ends happily.  The video story reminded me of my dad when he was little. My dad's mother died when he was ten years old and then was sent to a military academy, a prep school in Biloxi Mississippi. My mother was in his first grade class at school when his mother died and she said you could see such sadness in his little face and she remembers looking back at him also as a little child with sadness also in her face to convey her sympathy.  They were king and queen of the May Fete back then in the little Tom Thumb wedding and later married for real when my dad returned to the waterfront.

Hoping you will find the little story below interesting as I did and yes, the end is good.  It is good.

In the News, GOOD NEWS FROM WASHINGTON that You May Not Hear:

We also have good news from Washington that President Trump has added Dr. Scott Atlas to the medical team, praying this will be a positive move towards common sense and wisdom for our country in this ailing time of political correctness and lies greatly harming small business and greatly and unmercifully harming our elderly in nursing homes who are literally dying of loneliness.  

God does answer prayers.  Here is a video of Dr. Ron Paul explaining.  Did you know that I was 8 minutes from Dr. Paul delivering our fourth baby girl?  Just a factoid there... : )  That same baby girl would also work for Dr. Paul later.


I was listening to a Fernando Ortega hymn this morning and it rolled over to this huge favorite of mine by Ann Graham Lotz.

He beautifies the meek....  The Pharisees couldn't stand him but they couldn't stop Him... He is the Lion and He is the Lamb...   Please, Just give me Jesus...   Thank you Dear God for just giving me Jesus...

Enjoy and be encouraged:


It's so wonderful to have the Holy Spirit living in my heart as a Child of God, we can hear Him, that Still Small Voice if we will be quiet.

There are times when I miss my dad something fierce and I'll be out in my garden and I see a cardinal or a familiar orange butterfly....

God reminds me that He is with me and that great cloud of witnesses the Bible speaks of...Many mysteries.  I trust in God and He'll take care of the rest.  I know He will take care of His Children. I also know He is moved by our prayers...Our concerns are His concerns.

I think about my dad and those who have gone before us and I think to myself...Oh, if only they could see what is going on in our country...Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, tears come to my eyes in the quiet but...

God is my comfort and strength.  He wins.  Thanking God for a President who as a whole is a good protector and bears the name of Christ.   He has quite a past but don't many of us?  Isn't that what Jesus is all about?   My life is like an onion one layer at a time, God takes one layer at a time... My husband reminds to look at a person's fruits.  What they do.

Well I'll close for now, I smile sometimes when I see that Greatest Generation wearing their Trump hats and I think it's so precious.  I know my daddy if he would have  been with us in good health mentally and physically would have loved to wear one of those hats and I can so see a Trump flag on his golf cart that he used to go to the grocery store in, he would have loved that.

Many of you may know that I lost my dad in a not so good way and it is still very painful to my heart.  But God wins and I know God is with me.  


Be kind to people, be kind in your comments and comment to be kind!  I've never understood people who will not comment when they like something, to encourage others.  Isn't that the Jesus thing to do?    

Have a  sweet day in Jesus,     ~Amelia



Sandi said...

"Did you know that I was 8 minutes from Dr. Paul delivering our fourth baby girl?"

OH, COOL! I like him.

Your story about your dad was vague in parts. I understand. Sometimes the harsh details are better left to themselves. But my heart aches that he lost his mother and the impact that seemed to have on him even into adulthood. I was thinking today about trust in God and when we see people "fall away" maybe that is because there was a crack in their trust foundation. Maybe that is where he fell. Please forgive the criminals...Not sure why my sentence stops here. I wanted to give you a reason to forgive them. All I can come up with is the image of you about to scale the heights of a mountain and carrying their guilt will only weigh you down. You are meant to ascend like a free bird.

I am praying for you to get those treasures back from that house. God hears us when we pray. You never know who might be in that house who hears God, or will, and will be moved to make things right. Amen!

God bless you today.

Amelia said...

I so appreciate you Sandi. Yes, it's hard on blogging, I am vague sometimes because it's public here obviously and I hate to mar people's reputations etc. The criminal? A pastor's wife and her husband from a St. * Missionary Baptist church. The wife worked at the bank in the beginning. My merciful dad would help her out sometimes and she would take advantage, my dad had a problem with neediness and you are correct, I really think it was from his mother tragically dying coupled with an ungodly father. The pastor's wife offered him things that should have been for her husband only. The pastor's brother who was a child sex offender (a 3 yr. old), a person on parole from prison was living upstairs to "help" because he was studying to be in ministry too. I truly forgive the people but obviously am so stunned still that my dad was stolen from me and he allowed it, It was very, very traumatic. We were dealing with a very corrupt system, police had their hands tied, even adult protective services were corrupt, as they knew the wife, she worked for the local govt. office at that point. No attorney in town would touch it. If you knew me and my sensitive heart you would maybe understand the anxiety this all caused, I have the personality of a counselor/artist of which I am and have been. They had my dad cremated, not what I wanted and they pretended everything was fine. My dad was like a child led to poisoned candy. I forgive my dad because I know when he crossed over he saw things very clearly and he would not want me to hold any ill will against him which I don't. Three days after he died those words from a pastor's blog literally jumped back and forth at me. I'm an only child and I love(d) him dearly even when he acted up. I miss my dad and I always thought that I would have him in his older years, I have knowledge in herbology and health and could have helped him here. I had looked forward to having fun with him and bringing him to the old Methodist church in downtown. Now? I know I will see him on the other side. But yes, the pain is very real simply because I miss my dad. I believe we are like tiffany lamps, broken but beautifully put together, and through brokeness we can help others and ascend just as you write. I share my thoughts honestly here and hopefully with discretion and grace. I hope that my brokeness will help others somehow know and understand we can go on with Christ and help others too. Thank you so much for your prayers, I do pray for the woman, her husband etc. The last time I drove by the entire extended family was in the home, little children were riding their bikes out side and I felt sorry for them, I really did, their innocent faces...It made me sad.

Thanks again for your prayers, sometimes I think about all the little drawings and photos in that house...and that is heartbreaking. One of the last times I was in the home I had gone upstairs and they had bank statements upstairs they had been looking at. You couldn't make the stuff up. It was a very bad situation that no one would believe unless it happened to them.

Oh, I could write so much but have remained vague and hopefully someone will know that they can go on too in Christ.

Thanks again Sandi, your thoughtful comment is what blogging is all about. I do hope they get their heart right, Oh God I do because I would not want to be in the hands of God with all of that. I released them a long time ago but I...Miss my dad. : )

Bless you Sandi, I appreciate you.

Amelia said...

Sandi, I'm sorry about the novelette, I type 70 words a minute and sometimes I don't realize how long my comments are. *big smile*

Sandi said...

That's okay. I like to read. :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

God is with us all the time, Amelia. He is sad when we are sad; and He is only a prayer away to comfort us. All we need do is be honest and tell Him how we feel. Our loved departed can see us and know how we feel at times of loneliness and how we miss them.

God bless you and yours.

Amelia said...

Victor, thank you so much. Your most understanding comment is a Gift this morning. Your comment is a wonderful and most comforting reminder. That is what keeps me going in life, to count my Gifts everyday as God has been good to me and to be able to tell the Father all about it...Just all about it. I can't emphasize enough how your comment blessed my heart. Thanks again, you have a Gift for encouraging others and I thank you for using that Gift here, it blesses my heart.

Christine said...

What a impact full post!!!!!!

Amelia said...

Thank you Christine! Your comment is a blessing to me! <3

Barbara said...

More people need to keep in mind that everybody is going through stuff in their lives and we often have no idea what that might be. Be that as it may, our kindnesses, generosity of spirit, and forbearance can go a long way in helping others cope with their challenges.

Yes, God's got this and He is the victor!

Amelia said...

Very true Barbara. So very true...

Yes, God wins. He is moved by our prayers and that is also quite a comfort in these times and especially in times of private pain we may be going through. We can "Tell it to Jesus..." as the old hymn goes and oh how true it is.

Little Mama Mia said...

The family pics are so precious!! <3

Thank you for sharing your heart, Mom. Praying for you as you still grapple with Gpa's passing and the surrounding circumstances. I know that is incredibly difficult.

The "Give me Jesus" video is so good...!

And will play the other video today (internet permitting) - sounds very interesting.


Amelia said...

Thank you Lea, Life is full of plot twists and some are great and some are heartbreaking, at least for me it's been that way but I hang on to God, not in a weak way but in a loving childlike faith and trust towards the Lord that sprouts some very strong wings if you will, but yes I appreciate your thoughts,you know my personality and many things that barely touch someone else hits me to the roots of my heart, I've always been a sensitive being, even being able to see beyond things many times like a knowing from God since I was a little girl. I think the word,'grapple' adequately describes how I feel on certain days. One day I'll have to write in chapters what all happened. I never ever would have thought though that something like this, something that could be on a detective program would have happened to our family like that. But God is Just. I struggle with the absence of my dad, him being taken away from me even before the actual death but I know God's got this down to the depths of my heart I know. Yes, those photos are very precious to me and one reason I post them is because it represents how my Daddy loved me and I loved my Daddy.

Isn't that video wonderful? I never tire of it!

<3 ~mom

Little Mama Mia said...

Big HUGS, Mom <3