Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Takes Genius - To Live Counter Culturally in this World" and Daybook Too.

I heard a preacher say that last Sunday on the radio and I so understand what he is saying...But ya know? Sometimes, in fact, almost most times we don't even try! Ain't it the truth? If you just live for the Lord and follow His ways you will be considered counter cultural won't ya?

Today I'm writing this blog in our living room with Lea, Marianna and Rebecca. We're watching "Oklahoma" in the background. Michelle is at her nanny job.

For supper? Michelle is making grilled veggies in pitas. A great recipe by the way.

I'm drinking at the moment: Green tea with Jasmine...The fragrance of flowers, loveliness.

I'm wearing? A blue and white cap sleeve pin stripe blouse with a blue chambray skirt.

I see outside? The sun trying it's best to come out...

I hear and see: The musical, Oklahoma and.....rumbling thunder with the sun-shining. Wow.

I'm thinking: I do not understand rude, thoughtless people. Just do not understand them when I see a habitual pattern. What in the world? Do they not think that they hurt people's feelings? Life's too short to dwell on it though.

I'm also thinking: Some people are SO very sweet and kind... that when they do perhaps do something that could be considered rude, I can think to myself and even say...They didn't mean nothing....My little Rebecca used to say that when she was a little four year old. She said one time when my dad spilled his pipe ashes on the carpet burning holes. (He still has no idea he did that) Rebecca said: Mommy, Grandpa didn't mean nothing....He didn't mean nothing Mommy. Is that not the sweetest?

I'm reading: Try Giving Yourself Away by David Dunn (1947) Oh my. Such a wowee book...I've been reading excerpts from time to time after supper at the table. Everyone's been enjoying it greatly.

The learning room: "The Sinking of the Bismark" along with brain storming with sisters for Rebecca's grad. party. I love, love, love being able to smile and being able to "get" Rebecca on her ideas...Being in the country is just awesome for parties. The ideas are endless!

I am thankful for: A Peaceful day here at home. Lime green tiny print gingham fabric I am making a spring-time casual dress from! A nice cool dress I am planning. Very feminine for the home.

One of my favorite things: Pondering something and asking God "Why?" and then I turn the radio on and Nancy DeMoss is talking about those "Why" moments. Note: I normally do not ask God why. But lately I feel like a little girl, and this question of Why? It just pours out of my heart to the Father. Mercy from my Father in Heaven would definitely be one of my favorite things. : )

Here are the pics I thought I would share with you on "Lea & Michelle's New & Improved Trash Day". This is from last week, this is what a morning here looks like. I hope you enjoy Michelle and Lea's new and improved "trash day". Now isn't this the prettiest trash day you've ever seen? : )

Okay, here we go Sister...

Here they come back...Everything looks A-Okay. (Love the reflection) What a nice morning!

Coming back into port...

All is Well on a fine morning in the country at the Forest Cathedral. : )

Hope all is well on your end of the country, rain or shine. Love, ~Amelia

P.S. I have a good ol' movie and easy-breezy Italian recipe on my thats-italian.blogspot if you want to see! : )

I also have some challenging and inspirational messages, many if not all on raising our young folks on my Vision For a Godly Home.blogspot

Enjoy and be blessed!

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