Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glimpses of Us Girls at the Forest Cathedral

One of the most beautiful things I see many a day and count my blessings for are our daughters helping in the home. They are so good about just stepping up to the plate and creating delicious meals, healthy ones too. Michelle had just gotten home from her nanny job and stopped by the grocery store too. Perfect afternoon! We're still working on the kitchen as our entire home. That's okay it will be finished soon as God sees fit.

Beautiful hands, helping out at home. Don't you just love this?

"Look Mom, I got a great deal on these veggie burgers!" I love the way homeschooling allowed our girls to have the time to learn how to shop and peruse clearances and sales coupled with sensible couponing. Talk about life skills! : )

Lea decided to pick up the brush and clean the windas (windows) ; )

Back yard and front yard windows, she had them covered!

Marianna had just gotten home so she and Michelle decided to dance with the cat. Rebecca is amused in the background. Marilla the kitty not yet a year old is enjoying it? Hubs and I rescued Marilla the kitty last summer. She was a tiny little kitten who had bolted out under a freeway overpass. Hubs pulled over and I rescued the little gal.

Mornings are bright here, Rebecca is getting her healthy morning sun along with studying too.

Our view on good days, I just love these cows. When I talk to them they are calmed by my voice...I think it's great. No we don't eat them, they are Mr. Lundy's cows. Plus I am a vegetarian. Bet ya didn't know that did ya. Did you know I am prolife too in the way of unborn babies? I choose life. Lea is a counselor at a prolife clinic as I once was as well. Jesus is paramount in all of the above causes.

This particular day, there were several mommies with their babies, one mommy was licking her little calf and taking care of it. So darling. See them all laying down?

An evening to the Smalltown...Hubs and I decided to get out to our old stomping grounds and get a bite to eat. Isn't this a lovely scene?

This is Esther our toy poodle, she sits by me with our other three doglets during my morning prayer time. She is such a sweetheart. Marianna planted the rose bushes, aren't they pretty?

Well,well,well, tis I. : ) I don't like it that I wasn't smiling, this was a Sunday after church in Midtown Downtown visiting a church. I was a bit disappointed in the sermon that day. It's tough visiting churches sometimes, sometimes our homechurch is the best in the west I tell you. Hubs was climbing the entrance ramp, we had just gotten a bite to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant. Live music and the works. We get these wonderful pita sandwiches there for under $3.00 with olives and the works. It's a wonderful experience there. Our family loves it and sometimes this downtown establishment opens the windows so the patrons can enjoy the fresh air...This place has all kinds of neat candy, breads, deli, salad bar,coffees and some of the nicest and flavorful looking and tasting gelatto ever. Lately they have been having beautiful live music too. This place is quite an experience! :)

The following photo was taken last week one night...

Starry starry night... paint your pallette blue and grey....I loved this song ever since I was a little girl... I think it's about Vincent Van Goh. Things don't change in people even today we have those very same spirits who persecute and shun people. But we know God wins. God always wins. The loving Father always wins.

Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up. : )

That's the wrap for now, have a sweet evening to All! Love in Christ, ~Amelia


Amanda said...

dreamy amelia!

just dreamy!

Unknown said...

Such lovely girls, beautiful home, and I love those placid cows too : )

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Such sweet pictures of all the girls being so helpful. And, you know I like good deals so I am always eager to hear about them.

The snap shots of your home are always so quiet and reflective, you should open a bed and breakfast! What fun you gals would have with all your adventures, recipes, and cup of tea talk watching the cows.

Hugs to you. I hope everyone is feeling better there and enjoying their time getting ready for the girls adventure coming up.