Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vote Like Your Life Depends on it. For the Unborn...It Does. Updates on Uncle Bennie and Prayers Oh so Needed!

Today is voting day of course.  Please, please, please vote like your life depends on it.  For the Unborn it does!

As a Christian, this is the Biblical way.   Many will say, 'Oh no, we mustn't get political'.   Well for me and as Pastor Ed Young from Second Baptist in Houston, Texas (Winning Walk on youtube), says...  "If you don't want the church to be political then you don't know your Bible."   I agree.   This is not the old time political scene.   This is a fight for Life.  My Bible tells me that God hates the murder of innocents, the destruction of innocent blood.  My Bible tells me to rescue those innocents who are being led to slaughter.

One of the 7 Things that God HATES:

Proverbs 6:17  Hands that shed innocent blood.

I've got to speak out, won't you?

Here is just one of many must-read articles on the issue of abortion.   The murder of the unborn.   This is not a choice.  This is a separate little life within this baby's mother.

abortion survivor, premature baby

A doctor tells his story...

"But this infant wasn’t lying limp like the others were doing. He was moving his arms and legs and looked as if he wanted to cry..."

Complete Article Here

Some may say...But there are other issues.  Yes, but to say those issues come even close to the issue of unborn babies being murdered...   That boggles my mind.

And may I say that my Italian grandparents and my German, great-great grandparents were immigrants.   They were proud to be AMERICAN.   They came here legally and I know from papers I have seen with my eyes,  my Italian grandparents were vetted properly, down to the state-health of my grandfather's complexion.  Each one of my grandparents was so proud to be American and loved our country so much.

They were so very proud of being Americans!   The Italian families did not even teach their children to speak Italian because they wanted them to be American!   Perhaps that is extreme but it also shows how badly they wanted to assimilate into this great country!

A note about me, if you were to meet me in person you would see I'm mostly a gentle soul (I've been told) but I'm also quite honest and I also despise injustice.  I am a woman of principal and although a person of mercy I also have that biblical prophet that will come out as well as sometimes my loud laughter that comes deep from within as well as a toothy grin accompanied with a wink sprinkled with a dry sense of humor.  I grew up in a home where my father was on city council and trust me.  The truth was told.  My father was so aggravated at a city council meeting once when he was so horrified at the lack of common sense with some NASA engineers he grabbed the rule book and tossed it down the aisle in front of the audience and everyone and everything.   Yay for truth and yay for people willing to speak it!


An Update for Uncle Bennie.

EDIT:  5:21  Friday.  11.9.18  I just received word that Uncle Bennie passed away.  The doctors said they never saw anyone fight like Uncle Bennie did...   He tried so very hard...  So.  Very.  Hard.   Please pray for our family.

EDIT:  5:14pm Friday. 11.9.18   Uncle Bennie did better then what some thought when taken off of the ventilator.  He is still resting comfortably.  Thank you for your prevailing prayers!

EDIT:  This evening.  Thursday. 11.8.18   Uncle Bennie has been off ventilator since yesterday and is resting comfortably.      Thanks be to God!   To all who read here, please keep praying.  I appreciate all who read here and will pray with me.  

Oh my goodness, it's been up and down, up and down.  Thank you very much to those who have written that they will pray and for those who are praying in private as well.

Uncle Bennie is weary I'm told.  He is on a respirator most of the time as of the last report.  Thank God for  Dr. Italiano who obviously believes in the sanctity of LIFE.

He is gently caring for Uncle Bennie and is watching and waiting for further actions.  Things are very touch and go.  His daughter is sleeping on a cot next to him...  She says everytime the machine makes a brutally loud noise Uncle Bennie opens his eyes widely...She says...  "It's okay Daddy...."

It's been a difficult thing for our family.   Dr. Italiano knows my uncle is a special guy and knows our family, treating even my grandparents years ago as a younger doctor.  Thank God for the doctors that have not bought into the dangerous and evil teachings being taught today.

And may I add?   The serious and life-threatening problems Uncle Bennie is fighting is because of the humanist easy-euthanasia death-panel attitudes of the modern medical establishment not to mention gross negligence?   Some doctors seem to think they are gods themselves.

I will update as I am able here on this blog until my next post, please oblige.  Thanks to all who come to check and pray.  You are appreciated!

If anyone doesn't think the Sanctity of Life is a big deal?   Hm.   Just watch your older loved ones in the hospital and the attitudes that are prevalent.  And pray to God it won't happen to you.

Vote like your Life depends on it.  It might be yours and it is for those precious little unborn babies.

I'm sorry if for most of you I'm preaching to the choir.  But I'm increasingly shocked at the apathetic attitudes and just general lack of interest being found in one of my adult daughter's Sunday school class of 20 plus singles in a suburban Baptist church mind you.  ...And it seems people are so just so afraid of speaking truth.  I just don't understand it.  I just don't.  Could it be that many churches are more concerned about building numbers then building godly churches?  We must be different to make a difference, anything else is just not worth a whole lot in my opinion.

If you would like to read my post on Roe Vs. Wade What Has Become of Us?

You can click HERE   
This tells a lot about me and the cruel cultural change I saw growing up.

Let's get out and vote for LIFE.

Closing with this song that has been on my mind...

I sent this to my family, and one of my younger married daughters, Michelle wrote...Things were so different.

Both of my married daughters strive to keep things very let's say 40s in their homes as I also try to do.  I enjoy a wholesome, old-fashioned atmosphere.

Please vote friends, vote Life.  

Signing off from the Forest Cathedral...      ~Amelia


Barbara said...

Praying for peace and comfort for you and yours in this difficult time.

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara.

Marianna said...

Soon true what you said about the unborn and Christians being non-apathetic about it. Not much to add there. I, too, have really enjoyed Ed Young's sermons lately and how outspoken he is about the injustice of abortion!

I'm so thankful to have a president right now who also loves America like we do and our immigrant ancestors did! It is encouraging, but there is so much to pray about. The elections Tuesday were both encouraging and discouraging... especially our local elections were discouraging! So many good judges, etc. were lost.

We're praying for Uncle Bennie every day. So glad for a good doctor right now... so many, as you said, are not caring!! Love the Bing song; so peaceful in the midst of uncertain times.

Amelia said...

Dear Marianna, It's true, the election results were a bit of both. I too am afraid of the local election results, it's frightening what might have come down. That's so sad about the good judges. A huge concern.

Yes, thanking God for our President. I'm so very shocked that there are some because of pride who refuse to acknowledge the good he has done.

People often talk of the Holocaust and the apathy of the churches. I'm seeing much the same thing now concerning the murder of the unborn, people look at us with eyes glazed over. There doesn't seem much godly concern or anger about much of anything. I'm even seeing the antichrist spirit within a few churches and what is coming from the top of those organizations.

Thank you and precious James for praying for our Uncle Bennie, it's refreshing to hear from those who do care about the state of so many things in our midst. Bing's song is truly a reminder of a good, precious plumbline, isn't it? It seems like just yesterday I had sent a Bind Crosby cd to Grandpa with that very song on it.

May we be that godly home! Thank you Marianna for taking a godly stand.

Amelia said...

For anyone praying with me, an edit/update for Uncle Bennie has been posted above on blog. Thank you for praying with me!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you're willing to speak up for the innocent when so many won't. It's truly shocking that so many churches and Christians are so silent. Having a little one on the way, makes it even more mind boggling how someone could be pregnant and try to deny it's not a human life...a separate heart beart and it's own unique DNA. If you claim to be a Christian and vote for someone who supports the killing of the unborn, I really have to question whether they are truly saved.

On another note, I'm so saddened about uncle Bennie. He fought so hard and so strong. It's heartbreaking to hear the lack of care the first doctor and nurses had for him that made him spiral down so much. :'( The good doctors are few and far between, unfortunately.

Amelia said...

Yes, Michelle, the silence is deafening. When 'politics' crosses over to the things God hates, and the horrible, horrible murder and torture of unborn babies and some will never speak out, I'm afraid we have some very serious heart problems and wacked out theology. Churchianity at it's worse. The popularity game and kidult wanting to belong social club at it's shallow best. Very disappointing.

Oh poor Uncle Bennie, oh he fought so hard. It's so sad, that he came through triple bypass at this age beautifully only to be struck down by mistakes and humanistic ageist attitudes of hateful and lazy staff. The younger doctors are being trained in a complete ungodly way. Our friend, Jon who is now a surgeon can attest to that. He was scraped over the coals by a chief doctor in residency for introducing himself as a Christian.

God help this country and God make right what people are calling church!