Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Favorite Things. A Picture Blog with a Few Words.

A few more than a few favorite things...

Charlie...He's our dreamy little dog.  Our youngest daughter rescued him with her birthday money quite a few years ago...He has the longest eyelashes ever, like a fanciful little Dr. Suess animal, he was peering at me in my quiet time yesterday morning.  I snatched this shot.

A recent morning here.

A recent evening...I love the sky, the clouds...God's handiwork.

One of our kitties, Monkey cuddling with Guiseppe our elderly little dog I care for 24/7.  I thought this was so cute.  As many of you know, Guiseppe is almost completely blind and lame, but he is very with-it in his emotions and feelings.  He wags his tail when happy and licks our arms when sitting next to him.  He also lets us know when hungry, wet or thirsty.

Elbee, our little white cat, he is a character.  He was rescued by Marianna as a tiny kitten.  He was a little ball of white fur toddling down a busy country road, he had cuts on his back from a hawk's talons.

Soft velvety corduroy and sewing...Mary Tyler Moore type pantsuits.  I made the top from a pattern I redesigned from a Japanese sewing book.  The pants are a neat new favorite pattern New Look A6517.  I love clogs too.  My clogs are the Payless vegan safety step clogs.  They give me a bit of height with a one-inch heel lift with a slight rubber platform so I can cheat a couple of inches height on this pair of comfy clogs!  Dare I share about my great prescription Dr. Scholl's insoles?

Vintage things.   I found this 'Vera' scarf very reasonably priced on ebay.  I remember in first grade I had forgotten something, and my mother came to my classroom door and she looked so pretty that day.  She had a plum-colored 'Vera' tunic type top on with black slacks, I was proud that she was my mommy.  Finding this scarf was a treasure for me.

My girls!   We have four daughters, and this is a pic of two of our eldest.  Lea and Marianna taken last week!  The fella in the middle?  I don't know where they picked him up at!  Haha!

Walks with Jem, my husband in the evenings.

Clifford, my pretend horse in smalltown.  Lea and I drive through a fast food joint and get a big iced tea with lemon...We park in the back towards this beautiful setting and watch my pretend pet horse, 'Clifford'.

Da Moooon...Sung like Donna Reed and Jimmie Stewart in one of my favorite songs from one of my very favorite movies, 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

Autumn Decorations and my screened porch.   'Oh Autumn how I love thee...'

Birds, I love birds...They have special meaning to me.

My 'To Kill a Mockingbird' necklace from another one of my very favorite movies, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.  Lea gave this to me one year.  This is a staple for me in the fall to wear and to watch.

The Museum of Natural Science.   I love-love the museum district in the city.  If you look closely you can see a little bird on top of the child's hand of the statue.  I love art like this as well, so pretty, so graceful.  There is just something about it...Something about the area...

The museum store.   This place is like a museum on its own.  Jem and I were hanging loose this day.  I'm not a fan of selfies but this one turned out kind of decent?  Ha.  It looks like the same look I have when putting mascara on!  Haha!  My dad would always make fun of me doing that with that staring look, he would then sway about singing a Maybelline song about mascara-ing one's eyebrows.  I shake my head... How do you mascara your eyebrows?  *giggle*

Mo-Mo's sweet little pink nose, she is the sweetest kitty ever.

A morning here recently.

My new cozy minky pale pink with silver couch blanket.  I like it.  I bought this at Dollar General, I love that little store.   The colors remind me of a vintage bedroom, maybe Mary Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life" had one like this?

A large picture hanging in the nursing home hallway.  My girls and I volunteer at the nursing home, oh what treasures are there.  I've met Ruth Bell Graham's hairdresser and a few WWII vet heroes there as well.

One reminded me of an older version of the young man played by Robert Hutton who had his appendix removed inside of a submarine during WWII in the old movie,  'Destination Tokyo'  (1943)  Love, love, love this movie! Just watched it.  The appendix operation?   It really happened.  It's mentioned in the Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas.   ...A wowee museum by the way.

And that's about it for today.   Just felt like putting up some of my pics.

God is looking for people on whom He can place the weight of His entire love, power, and faithful promises.  And His engines are strong enough to pull any weight we may attach to them...

From my devotional, Streams in the Desert this morning.

Truth is always exciting.  Speak it, then.  Life is dull without it
~Pearl S. Buck

Have a nice day, loves,  blessings to all.....     ~Amelia in the Forest


Debbie Harris said...

"Streams in the desert" a wonderful read. My precious mother-in-law introduced me to that book, it was one of her favorites.
I had to giggle at your dad's amusement as you put on mascara. My dad was always amazed at how many round hair brushes I used when styling my hair. I go from quite large to very small, guess it is rather amazing. :-)
You ate such s a beautiful and gracious lady, dear Amelia.
Looking at your photos and reading a little about you is always enjoyable.
I wished more people were as lovely and caring as you and your daughters when it comes to rescuing and loving animals. You certainly have a house full of joy.

Thank you for this delightful posting.

God bless you~

Debbie Harris said...

Oops!! That spell check got me again!
I ment to say, you are such a beautiful and gracious lady.

Barbara said...

This post is delightful! So many wonderful scenes, creatures, and people. Your daughters are beautiful. Your selfie is very good. Using a mirror is clever. My selfies (w/o a mirror) always look horrible -- too close to the camera, even with my arm extended. I always delete the effort.

Thanks for such pleasant reading and p photos!

Marianna said...

What an uplifting post! So nice to see all the little pets in their little elements... Charlie the drama king; Mo the sweetie; Giuseppe with his little guardian angel, Monkey; and Clifford the big white horse who is a show off. :) I like the scarf and fallish outfit, too! Very vintage and elegant. It is a good selfie! Love that museum area,too, and the statue is just gorgeous! So many pretty things to enjoy, so much goodness of God sprinkled in the everyday life! Thanks for taking time to document and share it wth us; you are always so good about that. <3

Amelia said...

Awww... Debbie, Thank you so much! I so understand the correction, my daughters get some rather hilarious and amusing texts from me! Haha!

Our dads were a nice, cheerful part of our lives, right? Your round brushes do sound interesting! Hmmm...Big to little... My goodness, I'd like to see a youtube of that myself! : ) Streams in the Dessert is such a good devotional, I've used it for a long time and always return to it when I've tried others.

Thank you so much for your precious comment. I treasure each one.


Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara! I'm so very glad you enjoyed the post. : ) You made me smile and laugh when you described selfies. I've thought of what you wrote more than several times and smile...Because I know how it is! Haha! My selfies usually magnify any darkness under my eyes and make me look even jaundiced! lol, Today, I discovered the natural daylight is a little better, but I do like the mirror 'technique'. ; )

I appreciate you Barbara!


Amelia said...

Thanks Marianna! Yes, our Charlie is still the 'Carlos'. He is my early morning coffee buddy too. : ) And Clifford, I need to bring him an apple one day? It's never a dull moment with our animal sanctuary! Yes, it is so the goodness of God.

Every day is a Gift, it's a journal page, what shall we compose? Remember that song by Chris Rice?

Thanks to my dear Marianna for taking the time to comment, <3 : )