Friday, November 9, 2018

Uncle Bennie

If you have been keeping up with my Uncle Bennie and praying with me, I'm sickened at heart...He has passed away.

Just this morning they were saying that he could last another year.   Just this morning...   Just.  This.  Morning.

They had taken him off the ventilator day before yesterday and he astounded them on how well he did.  Today his blood pressure started lowering, his entire family was in his room, his eyes were tearful and he passed on to the other side from this green earth peacefully unto the Presence of the Lord.

My mom and he were darling little siblings on the waterfront in the 30s... My mother?  Clearly upset.  She is soon to be 88, Uncle Bennie was 86.   A very young 86.

My Grandma, Uncle Bennie, and my mother, probably around 1933.

He came through beautifully through triple bypass surgery.  The doctors were artful in their work conferring for hours and taking very good care of him.   But then came the ageist attitudes and hatefulness of a certain disrespectful nurse coupled with a young doctor who lacked discretion in aftercare along with gross negligence.  There is more detail I've written already in previous blogs.

Finally, the old family doctor was in charge, the same one who saw him through cancer and watched with a glad and thankful shock as the bacteria left his body just last week.   That doctor fought for Uncle Bennie, he told the family that Uncle Bennie was such a fighter, just such a fighter.  There are still doctors from the old school who will fight for our loved ones.  If you can find one like that you have found a gem.

Uncle Bennie is with my Grandma and Grandpa Oddo now.

I'll miss your gentle ways, Uncle Bennie.

Thanks to those who took the time to comment and pray with me.

I'm an only child, and Uncle Bennie was the only uncle I had that I've known in life.

It's been a heck of a couple of years.   Pray for your loved ones, take care of yourselves, the hospital systems and the ageist and humanistic attitudes are not to be trusted.   It's not God's way.  He is bigger.  And He is Just.  (a gentle nod of the head).

You took good care of me at a certain time in my life Uncle Bennie.

Love you.   Maybe now you can take care of pets, maybe you are a veterinarian in Heaven?

Maybe you, Grandma and Grandpa are on the beautiful peaceful waterfront again...

Me and Uncle Bennie one Easter Morning.

Do you remember when you came over Uncle Bennie to help me with my sick puppy?  You came over and with your gentle Elvis Presley voice said...I hear you have a sick puppy you took a thermometer out of your pocket...

Edit.  11.10 8:47 am.  I remember Uncle Bennie riding around town in his jeep, just like the one Elvis Presley drove in one of his movies where he was also in the army.   My grandma always had a professional photograph Uncle Bennie had done of himself posed with his acoustic guitar next to the beige rotary phone.  It was so iconic of my grandma and grandpa's house.  Later there would be a wedding photo of Jem and me also next to the phone.

It's funny, in my family decor was hardly ever changed.  Once things were up, they were up.  There was never anything changed for the sake of change unless extremely out of style, they were all too close to the great depression for change for fun.  My family laughs at me because so much of that is engrained in me.

This little fur angel looks very much like my Uncle Bennie's dog, Jigger.

Well.   That's it for now.  A public blog for those sprinkled around this green earth who will stand and pray and just be perhaps interested in the life of this forest girl and her family.

Take care now,  prayers are very appreciated dear ones.       ~Amelia

Perhaps I will add edits as I gather my thoughts.   Just a quick blog for the moment.


Barbara said...

Dearest Amelia, I am sorry to read here of your loss. It is temporary as you will be with your Uncle Bennie again, but a loss for now, nonetheless.

Your descriptions of him are so sweet and endearing. May we all try harder to leave a positive impression, to make a godly and loving influence on those who know us.

Mrs. White said...

Oh Amelia! I am so sorry for this great loss. "Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." God bless him!

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I love Barbara's comment. So true!

Amelia said...

Dear Barbara, Thank you so much. <3 And you are so correct, may we live our lives in such a manner that we would be remembered with fondness and someone who reflects Christ. It's so true that I will miss Uncle Bennie and am ardent of heart that I wasn't able to spend some quality time with him in his winter years but yes, we will see him again. Wonderful eternal reminders.

Amelia said...

Dear Mrs. White, Oh such a blessing to hear from you dear one. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Yes, it is such a great loss. I had such plans to connect with Uncle Bennie more so this year. I love the wonderful verse.<3

It's so wonderful that you interact so beautifully not only to me but to others in blogging. I think that's such a huge part of blogging as a Christian.

Michelle said...

These photos are so precious and beautiful. I'm so glad you have them to remember Uncle Bennie by. ❤️ His life will be missed here, but so glad he's in no more pain now. ❤️

Amelia said...

Thank you sweet Michelle. <3 We will have to get Grandma to tell us more stories about Uncle Bennie. He's in perfect Peace and health now with God the Father like you wrote. That is a good thing. <3

Debbie Harris said...

Dearest Amelia~ I was so saddened to read your posting here of your Uncle Bennie's passing. My heartfelt condolences are sent your way with much love.
Your dear Uncle sounded like a real gentleman who touched many lives, he will certainly be missed.
It is such a comfort when we know that they are with Jesus and their loved ones who have gone on before them.
May you find peace in knowing he is in a better place, a far better place, praising and rejoicing in the presence of God.
For you, my dear friend, rest in those arms of Jesus, and find great peace and comfort abundantly.

Sending you much love and BIG {{Hugs}}