Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Oh My Sweet Guiseppe, I Will Miss You my Baby.

Saturday before last, the seventeenth, Guiseppe was barking off and on...it was an odd little bark.  Rebecca, our youngest was at the kitchen table and said with concern...That doesn't sound right.  I think you should bring him in.

He had been feeling under the weather that week, but we were not too alarmed as this little fur baby has had so many close calls and periods of just not doing well.  I would nurture him and care for him, we always had our girls pet sit when we had to leave, he was never left alone for the past year and a half.  Edit.Tue.5:44pm:  Guiseppe was blind and lame.

Jem and I wrapped him up in his blanket, I put his dress-onesie on him, the one I saved for company.  Why?  He had lost so much fur in old age, his little tail looked like a possum and his lame hind legs were literally fur-less.  Lately, we have diligently kept a onesie on him so he wouldn't be chilled.

Dr. Hester looked at him, and thought for sure it was a pinched nerve or his arthritis because of the specific little bark.  Dr. Hester gave him a shot, a mixture of B12, prednisone, and an antibiotic since a bug was going around and little Guiseppe had thrown up that morning.

We talked of how God's timing is so important and His will in things.  I had shared that it must only be God's hand, not mine.  Dr. Hester is a precious, precious Christian man and wholeheartedly agreed.

We went on home, prednisone pills in hand.  If you were to see my bag for Guiseppe you would think I had a baby with me...I did.

When we arrived home we lay him on one of our little pet beds by a window and I placed a warm heating pad under his pad, he looked very happy to be home, Dr. Hester said his heartbeat was strong.  His eye?  This particular eye had come out of socket several years ago and Dr. Hester had operated to put it back in place, it never properly set straight so little Guiseppe would look up at me with this one seeing eye, it was the sweetest thing.   His other eye was blind.

We saw after him, as usual, this day, tending to him.  That evening his little bark would increase and we would hold him, he would look up at me with his little partially seeing eye.  I put him on my chest falling asleep with him on my chest on the couch.   Finally, he barked a little and shook a little and I suspect that is when he passed away, I didn't even realize it at the time I was so exhausted, it was around 11:17p.m and all I knew to do was hold him and comfort him.  Lea had texted Jem and me to see how Guiseppe was, she was spending the night with a friend.  Jem unknowingly texted her all was well, Guiseppe had fallen asleep and had quit barking...

It's been soooo incredibly difficult, so hard and so painful, I have cried, I have wailed.  The day Jem buried him, I took his little green striped shirt off and put a clean white one on him, placing him in a new aqua colored flannel blanket fabric I had intended on making him extra blankets with...  I wrapped his little box in snowman paper that reminded me of Guiseppe's innocence and a precious little spirit.  Lea and Rebecca were home and came in and just stood as I wailed pathetically, Lea touching my arm, touching Guiseppe's little head. Rebecca stood at a distance, that is her quiet little way.

It's one of those crazy things when you've taken such care of a little being and suddenly they are gone.  I guess you could say...Guiseppe and I took care of each other.

I miss my little Guiseppe dearly.  Dearly.

Around ten years ago...

The first day I saw Guiseppe was in the suburbs when our neighbor across the street who lived on the golf course brought Guiseppe to me, she thought he was Muffie wondering around on the golf course.  I took him gladly though and cared for him, his brother showed up at another home two doors down where a little boy would dutifully walk the precious dog.  It's always been a mystery as to where these precious fur angels came from.  I've often wondered if the owner didn't pass away, and relatives released them into our neighborhood?  (I do not condone) I know most reading here would never do that.  But it is so odd what had happened back then, I'm thinking over ten years ago.  It is sobering on how time goes so fast on this green earth.


Allow me to share these recent shots of little Guiseppe with Jem. Lea took these.

This was his favorite part of the day ever...Sitting with Jem in the evening as we watched Turner Classics black and white movies.

Just a couple of weeks ago, our kitty, Monkey came to sit with Guiseppe.  One of our other kitties, Howdy had done the same too recently.

Guiseppe had been lame in his back legs since July.

Some of our other fur angels seemed upset the next morning, they had sniffed Guiseppe's little lifeless body and later rested.  I captured some of their expressions here...





Mo Mo

Animals are such sensitive, sentient beings.  I had the blessing of sitting next to Governor Abbot's mother-in-law at a banquet, such a saintly lady, by the way, one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met...She and her equally kind and precious husband were telling us of their little pet dog who would lay on the grave of their other little dog who had passed away.

This was a year or so ago, Guissepe after one of his baths... so sweet.

This is classic Guiseppe.  He had such a sweet little smile...

We loved and still love Guiseppe.

This is Rebecca, our youngest daughter, she encouraged us to go ahead and bring him in to the vet that very day.  I'm so glad, I would have been blaming myself if I hadn't, thinking I could have done more.  Rebecca just turned 25. It's hard to believe she is my baby girl.
My Photo

When we were first building our home here in the Forest, probably around eight years ago.  Michelle, our third born holding Guiseppe.  She's married now with a baby on the way, she always noticed if Guiseppe seemed cold or uncomfortable.  She herself has fought some serious health issues and it has made her very perceptive to others' needs.


 Beautiful flowers Lea brought to me.

Rebecca brought this precious penguin to me with a sweet Guiseppe face .

Jem brought me this lovely bouquet.

Marianna brought me this sweet snowman, she said it reminded her of the little snowmen on Guiseppe's little burial box, sweet faces like Guiseppe.  Marianna will be having a little one this spring.  More to come on that.

The little snowman paper on Guiseppe's little box.

My bookcase in my room, this is Guiseppe's little green and white onesie I have carefully placed there.


A rainbow peeking through the sky a few days after Guiseppe passed away.   God is with us.

Thanks, Friends for your prayers, I appreciate you all.

We have really enjoyed our family this Thanksgiving, they have been so sweet about Guiseppe.  My son in law, James had always made a place in his and Marianna's home for Guiseppe when they had us over...How sweet is that?  My son in law, Josh and our daughter Michelle offered to come over the next evening after Guiseppe passed away as I was home alone briefly.  What a blessing these kids are...

In the mornings I am reminded of this song and the verse to Be still and know that He is God.

Another song in my mind a LOT, ...Faith of Our Fathers by Bing Crosby.

There is something about Bing Crosby's soothing voice that I just love.   I am very comforted by it...

I have recently posted both of these songs, please oblige.

Thanking God for sweet saints who understand these things.  Thanking God for old-fashioned things and people who also enjoy them who make us feel as if we're not alone.

God is with us.



Tammy said...

I came here through Mrs. White's blog. I am so sorry for the loss of Guiseppe. I am praying for peace and comfort for you. Remember, not even
a sparrow falls that He does not know about, so I am sure He has little
G well in hand now. Hugs.

Debbie Harris said...

Dear,dear Amelia...I was so sorry to read your posting.
I can't help but think of you and the sorrow and pain you are feeling right now. Having been where you are makes my heart hurt for you. I'm so,so sorry.

Your other precious fur angels look so forlorn with the loss of their friend.
Animals are sensitive too, and they will mourn just the same.
May you all be comforted by God's abounding grace and love.

Sending my love your way ♡

Barbara said...

Dearest Amelia, this is SUCH an endearing post! I am saddened at the news of Guiseppe's passing. What a sweet little creature he was! Truly, anyone who has you as a caretaker is blessed beyond words. Your gift of mercy is remarkable.

Dana said...

I'm so sorry! You took such good care of him in his later days. We recently lost our diabetic cat when my son ran over him accidentally in the driveway. It was absolutely heart wrenching and I still can't look at pictures of him without feeling the loss. And our dog seemed to be aware of it too. I pray you are comforted by the Lord today!

Marianna said...

Tears welled up remembering sweet little Gus. I know it must be so very hard as Mr. Speaker our kitty has become such a close companion of mine, I can't imagine how I would feel if something happened to him right now. They really do become family members, these fur babies. Rest in knowing that NO PET could have received greater love and care than y'all gave him! Truly, he was a blessed little pup; and I'm sure that's why he lived as long a life as he did. Praying for you during this time of grieving. Love the songs and the pics. (FYI, the three above the one with Monkey are not showing up... at least on my end!) Again, so sorry for your loss! I know it's so tough. Praying for more "I LOVE YOUs" from the Lord this week! <3 <3 <3

Amelia said...

Dear Tammy, Thank you so, so much for taking the time to come by and comment so very thoughtfully. It means the world, and I just love what you wrote. Truth. <3 Please come by again! Your comment blessed me immensely. (((hugs)))

Amelia said...

Oh Debbie, Seeing your comment was like that friend who comes over to give you a hug at times like this. I could sense the warmth and love coming from your comment and I so, so, so appreciate it sweet friend. <3

Amelia said...

Barbara, Sweet Barbara. Thank you so much for your godly encouragements. I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart I appreaciate it and treasure what you wrote. Thank you. <3

Amelia said...

Dear Dana, Thank you so much for taking the time and coming to comment. You must know how much it means to me for sweet gals to come and care and share. I'm so sorry about your kitty, I've had some incidents similar to what you describe and it is horrible, I know what you are saying when you say you can't even look at the pictures. There are some things I can't even think about. Thank you for caring and being a part of the Body of Christ. In my opinion, this is what it's truly about. <3

Amelia said...

Marianna, oh dear Marianna, oh as you know this has been. so. hard. You know how much of the family little Guiseppe, Gus, G has been. Bless his little heart, he tried so hard to hang on.

Thank you Marianna, you and James were a meaningful part of care and prayer for Guiseppe, you always asked about him after being married and James even welcomed him into your new home because he knew the specifics of care for little Guiseppe. Even when you were preparing to marry James and I talked about Guiseppe's care during the wedding.

I covet prayers, and yes, oh yes. I look forward to those special Gifts from God as He comforts. <3 <3 <3

P.S. I corrected the photo problem, they are up and running now. Thanks for letting me know.

Amelia said...

To anyone who has read here and noticed photos missing. I think I have them up and running now, I hope to post more in the future of our little Guiseppe.

Lea said...

Oh what precious pics of our sweet little Guiseppe... I'm so glad we have those to remember him by. He was such a precious little angel and as he aged, I tried to take mental notes of him. As you mentioned, he would so contentedly sit beside "Popo" (aka Jem) and would gently wag his little tail so happily. That truly was his favorite part of the day - sitting beside his buddy, Popo. It was so precious to see. Despite his very elderly state he knew where he was. And he was so content being cared for by you as well. You knew just what he needed - oftentimes Popo would defer to you, knowing you would be able to figure out just what he needed when no one else could. And being held by you made him feel warm, safe, secure and very loved. Because he was. What you and Dad did to care for him has made an imprint on my heart - all your effort, energy, sacrifice of sleep, thought for him, carefully treating his many little issues, and all with such heartfelt compassion. He would keep y'all up many hours over the past year especially and y'all so faithfully made those sacrifices for this little guy. And you knew just how to make him comfortable and treat what was wrong with him. Both of your selfless sacrifices for sweet little Guiseppe, made an impact on me of what it looks like to so sacrificially give of time, effort and energy. I'm so sorry for your loss, Mom... praying the Lord continues to comfort you as you navigate through the grief of loosing our sweet little Guiseppe. <3

Amelia said...

Aww Lea, Your comment made me cry...He was such a little angel and has now crossed to the other side. Guiseppe was and is not only an angel but such a precious part of our family. Just last Saturday as we sat in that banquet and the singer sang 'O Holy Night', I thought of our little Guiseppe and I about lost it.

You also were a great part of Guiseppe's little but long life with such a willing heart to help with this little fur angel. You never complained but would get up out of your chair immediately to help. When I would bring him in, in the mornings you would say as I would stop and show his cute little face and expression..."Oh, Guiseppe". <3 He was one loved little fur angel, he just wanted to be with us. I remember the other week holding him and thinking what a joy it was to hold such a sweet little fur angel. Thank you for those prayers, it truly is a navigation of sadness and remembrances. Christmas will be different without Guiseppe.

Rachel said...

What a heart-wrenching post. Losing a pet (a loved one!) is so tremendously hard, I'm tearing up just typing it. I can definitely feel your love for Guiseppe, what a lucky guy. Thank you for giving him such a warm and loving home.

Amelia said...

Rachel, Thank you so very much. Your heartfelt comment is so appreciated and is a Godsend to me this evening.

God Bless you Rachel!

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Lea said...

Thank you, Mom, for your very sweet words... that truly means so much to me...!! <3