Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh My...Those Cows!

Mountain Bounty

“Keep close to Nature’s heart ... and break clear away once in awhile to climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods, to wash your spirit clean.”
– John Muir

I wish the cute little pic above looked like me today or last week but it doesn't. ; )

Oh dear me, the cows, the cows, the cows...

For the past two weeks the neighbors cows have taken over, broken through our electric fence and eaten most of our garden. A mommy cow has chased our daughter, my husband has been reduced to a mad man chasing and hollering after them with clanging two pvc pipes together yelling..."Yaw! Yaw!"

They have made themselves at home on the front porch and eaten our potted flowers, they think our newly planted grass is a delicacy... Yes indeed.

Why don't you call the neighbor and tell him to get his cows off your land? Because he leases our land from us for his cows, it's just that they are not supposed to get past the electric fence near to our house.

I'm sitting their sewing a neat tunic top with retro print and all that jazz when I look up and see a golden brown image in the window by the front door...I mutter..."No, this cannot be" It was. I get closer and see a brand displayed through my window. I slowly and carefully let Charlie our fearless cowdog out the front door against the mama cow as Charlie zooms out and dances around the poor cows legs and the poor cow is tripping over her dangly legs in the muddy flower bed... Oh folks it's been something else.

The other morning I'm up at 7AM in my robe driving my Hubs little red compact car slowly off the land as the moo-moos follow...This ought not be...As I drive back up to the homestead listening to a doctor telling the benefits of his vitamin C powder over the radio that Sunday morning I see our 25 yr. old daughter, the same one who was chased by the mad mommy cow. I call her Mare-Mare sometimes. Her name is Marianna. She is standing in the midst of an almost totally devoured vegetable garden that she has labored and toiled over for months, pitifully standing there in her seersucker robe. The sight was not a good one folks. Poor Mar-Mar. Oh dear me.

Such is life, but we're in good company. Yes indeed. Hubs tells me as he was going to work yesterday AM one of the ladies down the road was walking in her robe leading her cows back home again in the middle of the road...Hubs tells me she looked a bit out of sorts...

That's life on the Forest Cathedral Ranch here, I hope to post pics one day soon...

OH those cows! (The babies are cute though...)

Today I've bathed three of the four doglets, our cowdog Charlie hid from me...and that ain't the half of it honey-child... I'm now wearing beige capris and an aqua polo with pink flip flops getting ready to dive into a good ol' supper creation in the kitchen. Oh and did I mention that three of the family computers crashed this week and Hubs shot himself in the arm with the nailgun? That's about as close as I'm gettin' to any "simple" woman's daybook. ; )

Blessings to All! Until the next time.... Last Child in the Woods. Yep, that's me.



The Coderlambian said...

Wow! What a week...
Can't imagine it!

Unknown said...

Oh ho ho! The simple women's day book doesn't have a line for 'Husband's Activities', or 'Animal's Activities'....the poor vegetable garden! I would not be very gracious about that I'm afraid! Hope you all have a quieter week next week!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Oh No! What a story...

I can't imagine!

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Sweet girl, I couldn't help but laugh all the way through. You told it in fine fashion. I could see the wrinkled brow but with some little laugh lines making their way through. I do love cows so much, but on their side of the fence! Life in The Forest Cathedral... never a dull moment, right?
My best to you on this lovely Trinity, Florida day, though hot as blazes. Hope it's cool under your trees. It's great to know the God of creation, eh?
Jane BG