Monday, May 16, 2011

The Years of Our Lives...

Listening to the soundtrack from: The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)



Went on a nature walk with my four doglets...I saw an armadillo trotting towards me and a cotton tail rabbit...The little cotton tail rabbits have been frolicking around our home along with beautiful red cardinals and it is adorable...If you could animate it, it would look like the old Snow White movie.

I'm Still smiling thinking of a dump truck from the county who drove down our driveway as the girls and I stood speechless as they dumped a huge pile of dirt near our well! They were at the wrong place! Oh my! Who says life in the country is without action?

Visited my dad yesterday....He's 81 and a dear.

Here is a pic of he and mother in the early 50s. Neat eh?

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I mentioned the movie, The Best Years of Our Lives (below post) and a full post on it on one of my other blogs, thats-italian to Daddy yesterday, he remembered it well...He says. (He is a sensitive soul at times) "It's kind of sad isn't it?"

He was 16 at the time and in a private military school in Biloxi, Mississippi.

I've got some good stories for ya from Daddy coming up by the way in future posts. He was a cutie and a character at that but also a leader.

The visit was soooo nice though. Daddy took us all out to eat, Hubs and our four daughters...Poor Dad has macular degeneration and breathing problems from smoking a pipe for years... He is on so many meds, they have blown him up like a balloon poor baby. My daughter, Marianna and I are Family Herbalists and would love to see him go natural but he likes his doctor and is in the system. I'm not one to pressure but I can pray.

I would like for him to live closer, we worry about him. He falls sometimes...and has a very hard time getting up but he doesn't want to move away from his town, I'm not sure why, since he doesn't know many people there. He doesn't like change much though. Reminds me of myself and I'm sure I remind him of himself too. ; ) (You should read some of his salty editorials)

Yep, that's Dad. Mercy-plus with some definite Prophet sprinkled here and there.

While we were there, Daddy wanted the girls and I to go upstairs and go through Grandma Jeanette's clothing in the closets. Grandma Jeanette passed away around nine years ago and before that she didn't leave the house for two years. The upstairs is frozen in time...incredibly surreal. The girls and I went through her clothes bagging them up along with two racks of shoes sitting still in time for years. Some of the heels had disintegrated into little heaps of sawdust upon the floor. Our faded photo was there...Her mother's photo there...All kinds of things frozen in time. Mail, letters etc. An old console tv set as well...Jewelry our girls had made her, a felt bookmark hanging on the wall with sequined "I Love You" made by my little 17 to 29...


The brevity of life here on this earth.

When we left to come home our hearts broke...He was standing there with his hand on a tree looking up at the sky. I told Hubs..."I think he's going to cry"...We cautiously watched him to make sure he would be okay, but we gave him his dignity, we didn't want to embarrass him.

When we arrived home I called and shared my concerns in a diplomatic way...Him falling at times with no one to help. He tells me...

"My knees go out but I can get myself up if I pray close to my bed where I can pull or push up against the bed. I have to remember to pray close to my bed..."

God be with you and yours...Until the next time.



The Coderlambian said...

I will definately have to look up that movie! We're always looking for something good to watch!

Love to hear about your dad...looking forward to hearing some of his tales!

Have a great day, Amelia!

Unknown said...

Such a dashing young man and beautiful lady!

'Always pray close to your bed'. I'll be sure to remember that! ; )

Jane B. Gaddy said...

I just saw this one and had to read it. It's amazing how our lives align when it comes to the precious memories about our parents. It's good you're writing them down. Makes them linger longer. My grandmother used to sing an old song... "Won't it be Wonderful There?" I say a hearty "yes" to that! We'll just start living all over again and in the presence of our dear Savior!