Saturday, May 14, 2011

Updates, Sad & Amusing

Well it looks to be a lovely golden eve here...But oh how it has been a strenuous day even though a beautiful one.

It's rather wearing to move things from the other home to be sold and not have storage for the things here! There are no storage buildings built so it's a rather catch-22. Hubs tools are in closets etc. here, attic flooring has not been fully installed. So as you know...that is a difficult one at this time.

I had a lovely Mother's Day, Hubs and our Girls took me out to a very neat pizza restaurant in the middle of the huge metro, near the museum district and such...It's in an old house, and it's a rather hippie place. I didn't mind, the pizza is good and the hippie waitresses and waiters seem to be okay with me too. The pizza is wonderful there and there is a special nook upstairs we like to sit. The last time we ate there was for Lea's 28th birthday last fall...I just really like the place. A neat eclectic place.

I was disturbed though the day before Mother's Day. We usually have home church since the churches in an hours' radius from our last home have gone off the deep end. But ya know? I was so disappointed when looking at sites and calling churches. One site (an old, old church) had a pastor who looked like a youth pastor and touted his school and denominational college and football team more than Jesus. In fact there was no mention of Jesus on the site. No one answered the phone. I called our old church when we lived here ten years ago...I don't know if it was the pastor or elder but they were not encouraging about visitors. He mumbled the schedule for morning Sunday school and service saying that was it for Mother's Day. No kind of "Please come! We would love to have you!" I did find one site, another old church but the entire staff were women though. The entire staff. I will say this for them. I did find excellent Bible study material on the site, how to have a personal devotional time etc. I called one little very, very tiny historical church church and at least that pastor did have a nice welcoming recording that ended with "Blessings!"

In my quest I couldn't help but wonder how the lost who don't know Jesus must feel if I was feeling so alone on my quest to find a decent church to visit...

That Saturday eve. the girls fixed a delightful dinner for me Al Fresco...So nice. Orange Chicken over rice with veggies, with a nice iced tea with frozen fruit to ice it with.

There was a very horrible thing though that happened after dinner. The four doglets went a-barking at something in the nearby wooded area...My hubby went to check and it was our poor kitty. She was dead. It looked like she had died within 24 hours. She had been missing and I was afraid someone had taken her in, she was a beauty. She looked like she was on her way home poor little baby and something got her, or bit her or she died of natural causes...I was upset. I'm still reeling from it and can't sleep well because of it along with the topsy turvy way things are around us with moving and such. It was a horrible thing to see my cat laying there. We had gotten her ten years ago when we lived here before...I just hate what happened...It sickens me and makes my heart hurt, especially when it looks like she was trying to come home...

We've had some visits from Mr. B and Byron...they are a hoot. Sweet men and friends of our family. They bring fresh veggies from their ranch garden in fact Mr. B and Byron took Mar. for a ride to see the magnificent huge garden. Mr. B wanted to ride with Mar. He says... "You're prettier than Byron!" Ha! They have a cookout kitchen and all there...Marianna enjoyed seeing it all.

Life can be funny here at times. My mom is 81 years young, and let me tell you I mean YOUNG. I have a friend who asked her if she had had a face lift if that tells you anything. She likes to come visit us. Well....One morning she comes and the gate is locked. What does she do? She climbs the high fence next to the gate and goes over it. Yes, she did that. Marianna told her to not do that anymore!

Hubs has bought me a camera for Mother's Day so I do hope to start getting some pics up in the near future as soon as everyone gives me a tutorial on it..

That's the wrap... Things do seem a bit unsettled this week so I could use an extra prayer or two...But I'm counting blessings for they are many!

Oh and by the way...We saw one of my all time favorite movies this past Mother's Day weeks, "The Best Years of Our Lives" (1946) Oh my goodness gracious that is some movie, a bit sad at times but victory perserveres and prevails. I love the flyers parents...Such precious, precious people.

See the Trailer Enjoy the beautiful theme music too....

Here's the Amazon link...Some good reviews and a synopsis of this most wonderful movie.

Here is one of my favorite clips. This shows a great example of a faithful marriage through thick and thin as their grown daughter is sensing life difficulties. With four daughters, I so understood the entire picture.

Oh and one more thing...Marianna stopped by the little jewelry store in the little town owned by the local vet's wife. She was so very sweet. Such a classy southern lady. The jewelry store opened in 1924 by her parents. She remembered us! She sent five little pocket calenders home with Mar. Her poor veterinarian hubby passed away just last year...I had talked with him over the phone about our sick little poodle one day shorty after he retired, he was so alert and so very helpful...Who would have known he was fighting for his health? I'm sure they remember the 40s well. Yes... I can't wait to go see my friend in the little town. She too was friends with Mrs. Blount. In fact? She told Marianna she would like to see Marianna teach piano. After Mrs. Blount passed away there has not been another piano teacher in the town or area for anyone...So that gives Marianna something to chew on indeed. The Lord will lead and guide...

He is good. What am I without Him? (Thinking of the Twila Paris song...What am I Without Him) A great song...Nothing like listening to Twila in the country here... Beautiful.

Goodnight All.

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Finding a church is so difficult - I hope the Lord can lead you to just the right place!