Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Pity Not to Post Today

Oh my, it would be a pity not to post today.

Marianna and I had such a lovely time last week in the little town we decided to take another run today and brought Michelle too. So neat, just so neat. I wish I could think of more poetic words but they will come as I type.

After all we must all realize this is an account in the life of Mrs. Amelia for remembrances and just fun reading, hopefully posts of God's Victories in life.

The drive to the little town is beautiful in itself, nature abounds, the golden sunlight on the trees is divine. A picture, a portrait of God's Handiwork at it's best.

Last week we found ourselves at a drive in hamburger place, we were nibbling at our savory treats as a bird nibbling golden grains in paradise listening to the radio and enjoying life. We start up our engine and the battery is dead. *laughs* Yep, dead. It was one of the "Oh no" feelings. The manager comes out and helps, jumps our car and tells us to please stop by again, he just moved here from the city and loves it, the small-town atmosphere and the friendly people. We smile and agree of course telling him we too are back as newbies but oldies too from ten years ago...

On the way home what do we see? We see a real wildfire on the beautiful scenic road rushing across the prairie! It was put out but was definitely a threat....I can't tell you how many fire trucks from surrounding areas were coming down our thin little road. Pick-up trucks pulling up to where cattle was being kept. Downright scary. We stopped at one area where smoke was just starting to rise from a black spot as if a giant magnifying glass has been set atop of it! I hopped out and poured ice from my huge glass of tea from the hamburger drive in upon it and put the smoking center out....Interesting. When I got back in our car I wreaked of smoke. It reminds me of sin. Put it out when it starts! Stick around and you will wreak of it.

The sunsets are so pretty here, even in Smalltown. We go to our local restaurant where nothing has changed...amazing. The royal wedding is playing on a fuzzy tv there in the entry room...A girl in a tank top with tattoos on her legs turns and smiles and tells how she would be a nervous wreck if she were in the brides shoes...She was nice bless her heart. Most`people in Smalltown will talk, and I like that! In the burbs people could be odd. They were too busy to talk for the mostpart. Too busy to enjoy real life. Enough said on that.

We have baby birds in the wheelbarrow, talk about cute, love seeing the mommy bird take care of them from my kitchen window. We were delighted to see a local ranch hand who had come to help plant grass for our immediate yard not want to disturb the birdlings....Good character.

We have some wayward cows that make their way into our property and it is cute. Our youngest Rebecca (17) all dressed for ballet class, pink tights, black ballet skirt and tshirt for modesty and PASTEL COLORED PLAID RUBBER BOOTS go to shoo the cows...Oh to have a camera! Of course Charlie-dog runs circle around the longhorn's hooves...The cows go into the holding pen where they stay.

Today? We go down the wonderful familiar scenic route to Smalltown, go to the old jewelry store where there is a sign up. "At Rotary Meeting, Be Back at 1pM" We peer into the windows, the place has been there since 1924....It's still the same, still the same.

We drive to our old piano teachers home, I loved her so very much. She was my friend. No age gap divided us, no sirrie bobbie. We were citizens of Heaven and we knew it, she understood me and was a wise confidant'. A sweet confidant', when she was young she looked like Greer Garson, the young portrait of her beautiful likeness of Greer hung near her piano. Oh how I miss her. We drive down her street today, we are playing Louis Armstrong's, What a Wonderful World....The street? Just the same for the mostpart, only a new pride, a new neatness in a few homes. We see a soldier's star banner in one of the windows, we see the same shutters with heart shapes cut out. I tell Marianna that Mrs. Blount may be watching from above....I say outloud: "Mrs. Blount we're on your street and we're listening to Louis Armstrong" Marianna says she is going to start crying and I'm with her. We couldn't talk as we get to Mrs. Blount's little mint green house. Only Louis was singing.....Such fine memories from years ago...

My daughter Marianna tells me just now that the sweet people like Mrs. Blount just being themselves make the biggest impact and don't even realize it. Marianna is prayerfully considering teaching piano in the country to children here. And yes, she uses the same old fashioned publisher in curriculum. She realizes her gift and desire as a teacher may very well be because of sweet Mrs. Blount. I tearfully type how I remember the first time I talked with Mrs. Blount over the phone... When I inquired about prices, she told me she would try to find sheet music on the clearance table for 25 cents a sheet if needed in addition to the old publications of piano books...Her monthly charge? She charged $20 a month and a discount per student after that. She tells me "Just tell the girls to bring their smiling faces." She would later tell the girls to try their best but... "No one is perfect but Jesus." Yes. Mrs. Blount was special indeed.

Mr. Meador? He was another friend of mine. He walked with a bit of a hunch and would hold one hand on his hip as he walked, a baseball type hat on his head, a little man with glasses.... he owned a tiny little tire fix-it shop. He would slowly limp hunched over a bit with his hand on his hip and roll the tire with one hand as he would submerge it under water to spy the leak. He had been in Smalltown since WWII. He never married. The first day I met him, I had had a flat and was so disgusted, the little car dealership had referred me to this sweet saint. I met him and noticed by his empty chair he had been reading a book on Heaven as he awaited customers. He would come visit us and later send me little cards signed so cute with Joe M. and was such a dear. We would visit him every now and then as we were in town. He's in Heaven now too with Mrs. Blount. It's strange two of the sweetest people ever, they aren't here anymore.

This day reminds me of a song one of our better high school choirs did one spring program... I remember it was so old fashioned. It was about a town revisited by a previous resident. The lyrics went as the young young men sang with their beautiful sweet but masculine voices....And everybody knew my name.....

I'm not sure if anyone remembers my name in Smalltown I was for most, a picture of an outsider except for beautiful people like Mrs. Blount and Mr. Meador...but that's okay.

For some reason it still reminds me of the song....I wonder if it's because of the old fashioned sound of it....or just me returning.... ? I do know this. Mrs. Blount and Mr. Meadors would remember my name if they were still here

That wraps up the private thoughts and meanderings of Mrs. Amelia on this fine evening in the country.

Good evening to All... ~Amelia

P.S. See my entry today on Vision For a Godly Home blog to see a Tribute to David Wilkerson and two fine sermons, Eternally important. You will also hear Mrs. Blount's favorite song on my playlist....Claire de Lune.

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What a lovely day! And so many different kinds of events!Contentedness shines thru your writing!