Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night!

I've got the sun in the morning and the moon at night...

~from, Annie Get Your Gun by Irving Berlin

This is me last week in the evening, before sunset. I decided to meander to the pond with one of my daughter's pretty teacup sets with my coffee. Sometimes it's fun to just do something different like that. You certainly can't put me into a box that is for sure! : ) It was rather poetic I think. My pink flip-flops even match the cup and punch plate...

My daughters and I have been enjoying listening to Betty Hutton singing Irving Berlin's: "I Got the Sun and the Morning" from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun". We sing it together when we work in the kitchen, this song is guaranteed to put a zip in your doo-dah!
Irving Berlin In Hollywood (Film Score Anthology) by Irving Berlin (Audio CD - 1999) I just love the lyrics! This is such a nice cd with many old time musical scores. We checked this copy out at the library.

You can see "the" Betty Hutton singing it on youtube if you like.

I Got the Sun in the Morning

ANNIE OAKLEY: Got no diamond, got no pearl, Still I think I'm a lucky girl. I've got the sun in the morning And the moon at night. Got no mansion, got no yacht, Still I'm happy with what I got. I've got the sun in the morning And the moon at night Sunshine gives me a lovely day, Moonlight gives me the Milky Way. Got no checkbooks, got no banks, Still, I'd like to express my thanks. I've got the sun in the morning And the moon at night. And with the sun in the morning And the moon in the evening I'm alright. Got no butler, got no maid. Still I think I've been overpaid, I've got the sun in the morning And the moon at night. Got no silver, got no gold, What you've got can't be bought or sold. I've got the sun in the morning And the moon at night.

The roses my sweet hubby brought me for our 31st anniversary a couple of weeks ago. It was funny, we drove into a neat town we have fond remembrances from, a wonderful old town even equipped with an auditorium, locker room, dark room etc. in a huge buff colored brick building (very characteristic of the 40s)... old USO building where they had entertainment etc. for the soldiers during WWII and everything!... You know me, I just love that stuff. Yes indeed. It was one of those nights where the restaurant wasn't quite as we remembered it though. Let's just say we laughingly and good naturedly called it a mistake house instead of a steak house.

Still fighting an earache and vertigo. No fun. I got myself upset last week and on top of that had a delicious piece of chocolate cake our darling girls made for us and if you've known me for long, sugar and I do not do well especially when recouping. Such is life...

I can't complain, I've got the Lord and the sun and the morning and the moon at night!
God is so good, I love my family. ~Amelia

Here are some more neat pics by my youngest daughter of two of our four doglets and other neat stuff on her blog. Enjoy!

And...I have a very nice easy-breezy down home Italian dish I created that Hubs is already requesting again! I'm sharing it with you all on my thats-italian blog.


Jane B. Gaddy said...

You've got it all, sweet girl! (Even better than Bogey and Bacall!) Great little post. I love following you around down by the lake, cup in hand, pink flip flops, red roses, quaint little towns, '50s music, and beautiful daughters. Such good living!

Amelia said...

Hi Jane! I thought of you last evening as I mosied on down to the pond with my silver dog, Charlie. The crescent moon had started shining above and I thought, that moon is shining on Jane too! Thanks for coming on down to the pond with me to enjoy the sights and sounds and sunsets!

Hugs to you dear Jane! My daughter just said she needs to come visit your blog. : )

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, Amelia! I have so little time to get on here anymore....but I'm determined to try! It was fun to read and look at your pictures and see what one of my very favorite bloggers is up to these days. I always enjoy your girls when I see them on Facebook. They are true blessings and such godly young women. I'm glad I've "met" your family. Thank you for sharing your life, love, recipes, thoughts, hopes, dreams and TRUTH! You are loved!