Thursday, December 1, 2016

Little Gifts and Blessings this Holy Day Season

The little Blessing of Muffie.  This afternoon he came quietly crawling up next to me.

More than several-several years ago Marianna was going down the street in our old suburb and this little fella was sitting right in the middle of the street looking at her in her car.  She figured he belonged to someone and slowly went around him, he stayed in the middle and would not leave the spot.  She pulled her car in a U-turn and went back, opened the door and the little guy hopped in!  He rolled around on his back so happy!  He was either very lost for a very long time or very neglected.  A little ball of matt and his collar rusted shut.  He is terrified til this day of rain.  I remember our vet back in town, Dr. Manicotti, wide-eyed, telling us quietly when Muffie was having trouble walking one morning...We don't know anything about this dog...  I was tickled in a way, he said it very kindly as the same way I would talk to one of my little girls.  I'm sure he didn't want us to be disappointed or upset if there were to be anything wrong with the little guy.  Well, it's been a long time and the little guy has turned out be a sweet little boss man.  ; ) He is a darling.  Muffie.  A Gift.

This morning, Jem tells me Muffie is cold, so I retrieved his coat for him. ; )  He is such a snaggle-tooth cutie here.

 Very Muffie.  I think he was tiring of that coat, I took it off after he warmed up a bit!

The mornings are quiet here usually.  Sometimes quietly hopping with lots of girl activity with our daughters.  One studies, one talks a business deal over the phone, one is wondering about a new job...Always something.  Our married daughter is getting better, and we're thanking God, making an almost miraculous way for her to go to a popular natural doctor and writer.  This doctor is turning some serious stuff around God's way.  Gifts.  Miracles.  Every one. 

 Sunset the other night...Heavens declare a sweet glory...

 Here is a retro kitty ornament Lea bought at an old German ornament shop recently in honor of Elbie our newest kitty-baby.
 This is one of my precious Dollar General finds... I love retro snowmen...They are so sweet I think.
 Our tree dons icicles for the 40s look. : )  Gotta have icicles.  Yes indeedie!

 Elbie.  Such a little boy...I think he's been a-playin' under the cars again... He says "I didn't do anything." 

 I notice the bright  green greenery on the grey colored oak.  Perhaps we can be that evergreen to others in the Christmas Holy Season and always....

 May we be the Christ bearers and Life to others.

 Here's some Holy-Day Holiday Season fun for you!  It's that time of year, and we love Bing Crosby! This is a sweet, cheerful song.  Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Bing Crosby's veterinarian from those glory years.  We sat with him on a hayride during a local autumn festival amidst dripping oaks and southern homes lining a river...  The fella is a local, an older, charming gentleman. I recently saw him giving a historical talk on the corner in smalltown  to a group of people...So neat.  Such a cast of characters.  Gifts.

Have a sweet evening all.   Amelia


Linda said...

Great choice of video, Amelia, and I enjoyed your story and photos of little Muffie! Your nature photos are lovely, and I love the Christmas ornaments. Elbie is delightful! :)

Amelia said...

Thank you Linda! I am so glad you appreciate the 40s too!

Thanks again Linda, I look forward to reading your new blog! You always find such fun and meaningful things.

Have a great day! : )

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Muffie looks extremely adorable!

Amelia said...

Thank you! He is a blessing.