Sunday, July 31, 2016

Two Sunday Sermon Shorts: "The Love of Money" & "Pride" ...And 'Why Voting for Trump is a Good Moral Choice'

On the love of money and the love for God....
"If you are attracted to one, you will reject the other."  -Zac Poonen

Two Sunday Sermon audio shorts for today:

The Love of Money...  and   Pride  by Zac Poonen from  

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Photos by Robert Stock

Allow me to say, you can have a love of money without being rich.  And you can be rich, without pride, being a responsible behind-the-scene steward for the Lord's Work with humility. 


And last but not least...

Why Voting for Trump is a Good Moral Choice  by Wayne Grudem

The author leaves no stone unturned.   ...And I agree.   Yes, at this point, I am voting my conscience.  I personally cannot stand to leave our Supreme Court at risk for generations, not to once again mention the Unborn.  To me, it's the Jesus thing to do.

Here are two more articles for good measure:

To the Never-Trumper - A Biblical Case for Trump

Megachurch Pastor David Jeremiah Reveals How His Vote Will be Decided 

Goodnight, loves.  

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