Thursday, August 11, 2016

Our Beautiful Gentle Giant, Buddy. Our Hearts are Broken.

We will miss you so much Buddy.  Our dear beautiful gentle giant, Buddy.

Last week, Aug. 3, Buddy didn't come in after he was last seen playing with Gracie, one of our other large dogs out by the pond.   Jem and I became suspicious when night fell and Buddy didn't come into the house...The next morning our precious Buddy was not in the living room waiting for us and Jem knew to drop everything and get on his scooter to find him...Buddy was found in our pond, he had passed away. I saw Jem stop on his scooter and just sit there.  He drove back up to the porch, I'm standing there in my robe...Jem says, Buddy is dead.  In the pond.  I blindly just walked in pjs and robe to the pond saying,  No, this can't be...this cannot be....   It's amazing how we remember things in these times...  The light colored sand and dirt being like powder below my feet, the  shoes I was wearing as I stared down...

We have no idea really what had happened, we first thought perhaps a snake bite but after research I'm wondering about a heart attack, something vascular in nature. 

One of Buddy's favorite things was going in the pond lapping water up with his tongue just getting the biggest kick out of it all...I would laugh and laugh, he was a delight to watch in those times.

Jem and I at the pond, I could see Buddy's precious hamster-like ears below the water that I had so lovingly pet, often remarking that they were like velvet, the swirly part of his white fur by his arm...   Jem gently taking Buddy out of the pond turning his large body over...Jem finally trudged to the big tractor after quiet deliberation, and drove it to where Buddy lay...And we lovingly put Buddy in the large scoop of all things...It seemed so horrible, so undignified for our precious Buddy but it was all we could do to get Buddy to his place of rest,we had no extra help that morning.

Jem said it was agonizing for him, bringing Buddy to the back of the property, the same trail he and Buddy happily traipsed many a day...just the evening before.   Jem was and is taking it hard and so am I.  So am I.

I cannot tell you the times our precious bulldog would sit on my feet, guarding me.  Where I napped, he napped.   When our married daughter, Zuzu would come over with her kitten, Buddy would sit in front of whoever was holding the kitten in typical, nanny fashion.  He was so very sensitive, he sensed feelings keenly, much like me...He was afraid of our cats, running across the room from them...He would give us his large paw and we would say... Yeah... Buddy.  Big baby Buddy.  Sometimes I would get his large cheeks in my hands, as I smiled and move them playfully, gently, lovingly saying...Buddy, Buddy, Buddy....Big Baby with my lips in a pout. 

 When Buddy first found us. 
Buddy had been dumped in our area and it was obvious that this beautiful creature had been abused, he was literally afraid of his own shadow.   Just last week he had jumped and ran from his own shadow, much like me, I had thought to myself...

The last thing I said to our big baby Buddy out by our back garden near the shade of the Lilac bush...I was taking care of our blind little dog and Buddy was looking up at me feeling rather insecure as he most often felt when I gave attention to our other dogs...I said...  I love you Buddy, I love you Buddy.   You are MY Buddy!  He looked at me in what seemed a nonchalant way and went in the direction of the pond...That was the last time I saw our Buddy.

Jem and I both are heart broken.  We miss our Buddy.

His friend, Coffee is lost at times, she would nap with her friend, Buddy. 

Buddy and Coffee

A hard week.  Very hard, very difficult.

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Barbara said...

I send you my sincere condolences regarding the recent loss of your dear Buddy. We had a Cocker Spaniel named Buddy (and his brother was named Pal). Wonderful names for dogs because that's what they are, our buddies and our pals.

His pictures are wonderful. I could almost feel his fur as you described how you would pet him. May the Lord's comfort help you to sleep and heal through this really tough time.

Amelia said...

Thank you Barbara, thank you so very much. I love the names of your Cocker Spaniels, I know they were very loved. ...And the names are wonderful, it is very true what you wrote, it describes our fur angels perfectly.

I really like what your wrote...You are truly an emphatic person and a Blessing. Thank you.

Little Mama Mia said...

So beautifully & thoughtfully written, Mom. Poor Buddy. How shocking it was when he passed away, so suddenly. It is a good reminder both for pets and humans alike to value each day and not to ever forget to show our love.

Such a cute pic of him and Coffee....

Patti said...

Hi Amelia, this is my first visit to your blog. I found you because Bloglovin gave me a notification that you had started following my blog "Joy in the Middle." I wanted to visit you as well.

My deepest condolences on the loss of your precious Buddy. Truly, our 4-legged friends are like family members, aren't they, and it is heartbreaking to lose them.

We lost our 15-year old beagle August 1, 2013. We grieved for weeks, and even now, we still miss her. We do have 2 other beagles, an almost 8-year old and an almost 8-month old, named Gracie!

Looking at your blog, I see that you are a classic film fan. I am totally addicted to classic films. I especially like the 25-year period from 1934 to 1959. I used to write a classic film blog, but after 3 years of doing that, I found the joy of watching films snuffed out by reviewing them.

I homeschooled my kids from 1st and 3rd grades until they finished high school. I am now "retired," but I look upon my homeschool years as some of the best years of my life.

I look forward to visiting you again.


Amelia said...

Lea, Thank you dear one for taking the time and come and comment...Poor Big Baby Buddy. Who would have known? We just don't know do we do... I think of him so, so often. So, so often...

xxoo Mom

Amelia said...

Hello Patti!

Welcome to my little blog here! : ) I'm so very blessed that you came by and just loved reading your thoughtful comment. Thanks for following, it was an encouragement to me, a gift from the Lord.

I noticed when on your blog that you had a 'Gracie' too! That is so great! It sounds like you like Beagles? When I was a little girl, that was my very first dog, a Beagle, his name was 'Cutie'. I loved Cutie. : ) I would take him on short rides in my baby carrier with a bonnet on his head! I don't think Cutie liked it very much, the little guy would hop out! Poor little Cutie!

It was very sweet of you to share of your little fur angel who had passed away as well, so, so sweet. They are truly little heartbeats at our feet aren't they? Such blessings.

Oh so you love the old movies too?! We just love the movies form the 30s, to the 40s and yes, some 50s too! They are just so special in so many ways...Such a different time in our country, the country had much more of a healthy fear of God, I suppose with WWII going on? Many trials during that time in our country..Oh I do think I was meant to be young in the 40s! ; ) Actually we are watching 'Sergeant York' at this moment, one of our favorites!

Yes, homeschooling is such a blessing. I too, look back at those years with such fondness, as a very, very happy time as well, as you put it, one of the best years of my life. : )

Thank you so, so very much for taking the time to comment here. As you can tell I really enjoyed reading your comment, it was such a nice surprise! I had seen your blog linked on another blog. I look forward to reading and commenting your blog too! I really enjoyed it when I visited there and had even gone back to it to read again and looked it up on bloglovin so I can keep up with your writing! :)

You take care now, until the next time! Blessings! ~Amelia