Sunday, July 24, 2016

'Religiosity & Spirituality' by Zac Poonen Only 12:44 ...Concerns for the Country & the Sanctity of Life, is it Forgotten?!

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 Do we know Christ personally?   ...Or is it just a go-to-meetin' kind of thing?

Today's sermon offering that we most enjoyed:
'Religiosity and Spirituality' by Zac Poonen

Zac Poonen nails it again from


Praying for our country.  Who will  do the best thing for the unborn?  I am seeing so much insulting and pettiness along with hateful name calling but not so much concern for the unborn.  Hey, brothers and sisters, this is no time to prove prideful piddly party concerns.   Pence sounds pretty darn good to me. He has been proactively prolife, an unashamed Christian.  I've heard motives etc. questioned.  Who the heck cares even if that is the case?  Who will get the job done at this point!  ...We have Supreme Court Justice positions to fill as well.  Good grief!   The house is on fire and the unborn babies are in it. The Sanctity of Life is in the Balance!  ...Many things are. 

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Have a peaceful Sunday night, loves.   

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