Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Meet Buddy, Ben Hur, Valentino and sometimes...Brutus

We have a newly adopted doggy.  He is truly the Gentle Giant, perhaps we could even call him Gentle Ben?  Usually "Buddy" is the first thing to come to our lips though...This recent big baby is here at the Forest Cathedral and is just precious.

This day Jem and I went on an adventure and on returning I captured these following shots.

If you read about Mo-Mo in the last entry, we have been praying over her, and Mar has had quite a few runs to the vet with her. Even Dr. Hester was a bit puzzled over our very, very sick, but still sweet kitty.  Thank God she seems to be back to herself after several very touch and go weeks.  ...Just in case anyone is wondering how she is these days.  We love our pets.   

I feel now would be a good time to thank the pastor from India, the young homeschool mom who had messaged me a while back, and the anonymous commenter who replied favorably to one of my comments on another blog, (even though a meanie-boots erased it) it was auto messaged to me.  What a precious lot and Godsend you all are.  Usually at various times of discouragement in blogging, a tiny Remnant of Saints will message me or comment and are truly the typing fingers of the Father.  We serve such a personal God, He knows our hearts and sure knows how to show that He does...I am in major awe at times.

It's all for an Audience of One and my Family here is also so wonderful on verbal encouragements as well. 

Meet our most precious gentle-giant fur-angel...Buddy.  He is actually in front of me on a concrete table outside one most enchanted eve after Jem and I took a drive...He just hopped up on top of the table!  He thinks he is little.  But we don't mind..

Jem and I arrived from our day-adventure and these family shots ensued..

Dad, (Jem) quickly gives his wisdom to life's questions...Buddy at his side so glad to see Jem.

 Our feather angels, Jem and two of our daughters just enjoying that beautiful evening.

Lea discussing the world's problems as Buddy officiates in his most peaceful way..

So cute, Buddy and Henrietta visiting... Mar and Lea are thoroughly amused. So great.

Buddy and Coffee...Isn't it funny?  He makes Coffee look so little!  Coffee chews Buddy's legs and cheeks and Buddy doesn't even mind... They are the team.  As you probably know we have four small little doglets too...and kitties....and chickens...

Buddy our sweetheart.  The gentle giant...Thank you God for sending us Buddy, we will take good care of him. 

I've been busy sewing the Jasmine top from Colette patterns and enjoying that, just taking my time, sizing it, altering it as it needs be...just designing a pretty little top I will be proud of.  I have several other creation waiting my creative hand as well...So fun.  Sew fun.  Our daughters are doing well, just having fun in life, a Life in Christ.

This week's movie for our family will most likely feature the old movie, Seven Days in May (1964).

Tonight's dinner will be a Mediterranean pasta dish made with cashew flour, lemon juice etc. and it is so gooood.  Jem tells me to make it again!  It's a keeper! : )

When we reflect on God's goodness, pure gratitude wells up in our hearts for all He's given to us.  And it's easy to be joyful and at peace.   

Randomness:  I love pretty ballet flats.  That's all I wear....So dainty I think.  I say I've been liberated from geisha-girl shoes. (high heels)   Yes indeedie!

Take care now, Amelia:  The Last Child in the Woods, just happy to be here.  Thank you Father.


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a sweet new doggie friend! He looks so soft and gentle. Congratulations on this newest gift from God. :) I love all the pictures and enjoyed once again, another sweet post from you! I'm so very glad we reconnected. I have, by the way, changed the name of my blog, the look of it and given it a new address to match. No more Fitness Crazed Home School Paparazzi Mom. My newly revamped blog is now called Nurturing the Heart. I hope you will add the new blogging address to your feed and I'm sorry to have to ask you to change it....again. :) You can now find me at
Love and hugs to you, sweet friend!

Amelia said...

Thank you so much Jana, what a dear you are to stop by and see what our family is up to! : ) Yes, our sweet 'Buddy' is doing well and gaining our trust each day, he is the sweetest most good-natured thing ever. He even steps out of the way of the chickens when they try to eat his food. He is a sweetheart. <3

I've got you followed now on 'bloglovin' so that will work! yes indeedie!

Much love to you dear one; what a great thing it is to keep in touch with sweet tried and true friends... : ) amelia

Abbi said...

It was fun to read about your new friend and your day. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family out in your pretty yard.

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Awww. Sweet puppy dog! A sweet face to love that is for sure. You all have the biggest hearts!