Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Listen, Look...the Cross. God is Everywhere...Everywhere

The Cross.

At the cross at the cross where I first saw the Light and the burden of my heart rolled away...

This past week Mar and I had to rush our kitty, Mo-Mo to our country vet's, she was in pain and had come to my door meowing loudly at 3amish.  This is a mild mannered kitty, she is.  So we knew something was wrong.

..a quiet moment...Mo-Mo and Rebecca...

Mar and I hopped in the truck and Mar asks me to drive...Just call me 'Sister Steve' from Father Dowling mysteries in cases like this.  My adrenaline knows how to do it's thing.  I've been known at 9 months pregnant and overdue how to calm my husband holding a tot (Marianna herself!) with a bleeding wound as he was about to pass out, that was one of those ER visits back then.  I've done my share of freaking out and done my share of calming and miraculously doing and thinking fast.  This was a fast moving moment and I drove.  

Mo's symptoms?  Her breathing - rapid, she couldn't walk, she would try and flop over, so pitiful. Her eyes were moving oddly. She was in pain when picked up.  

On the way to our precious Dr. Hester's I see a cross on the front of a mactruck...It was early morning and the cross was lit up...Oh how it spoke to my heart.  What a beautiful sight!  As we pull up to the clinic, Mar bolts in with Mo and I follow a very thin little lady with a dark tan, short grey hair, she looks like a very hard worker reminding me of someone from the waterfront where I grew up.  She was so precious she picked up on the emergency and held the door open quickly, another athletic man with a worried, compassionate face quickly stood back. 

Later I sit on the waiting bench, it looks like an old church pew, probably is, knowing Dr. Hester.  I see up close the very small and thin, hard working tanned woman's hand as her hand is relaxed on her jean pocket...A silver band...with a cross.   The Cross.

Never underestimate what a cross, the Cross will do for people who are in trouble or perhaps are seeking.  I like to wear a Cross these days, it speaks to people who I am and why I do what I do. 

In the exam room I talk with the helper and I hear a little goat bleating in the back...So great.  Dr. Hester appears in his jeans and rodeo buckle, the dude was a rodeo clown and that got him through vet school.  

I watched Doc Hester with our little Mo.  He was so sweet and gentle to her...chastising the helper for not holding her properly.. He tells the helper:  No, you leave her there on the blanket, you leave her there.

 I think God might tell some that too...He is saying, No leave her alone, just leave her alone. 

Mar is at the vet once again with Mo, hopefully things are winding down now...Hopefully a little light, Light shone on the last of the problem will be a happy and joyful end to this mystery. 

All of these people speak various messages to my heart... The merciful tanned, hard working lady, the merciful jogger man with the worried face who stood back... our gentle vet.  They all speak messages.   The mac truck with the cross on the front lit up, the Cross-ring on the precious tanned lady's hand... All messages.  All encouragements and whispers from God the Father.  Quiet, sweet messages... They were there.

More shots of Mo-Mo from a little over a year ago...

Lea with Mo-Mo as Rebecca captures the moment that Holi-day season...

  Howdy and Mo-Mo our precious kittens big boy and big girl...

I'll close with Guisseppe that same year, remember Guisseppe?  He just went through eye surgery, God sends these fur angels and we care for them...A Blessing. 

Ask the animals, and they will teach you.   Job 12:7

St. Francis of Assisi used to talk to animals and never felt the fool.  More to the point, they listened.  He loved animals because to him they were God's special messengers, bearers of his secrets.  

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Abbi said...

What fun to hear about the ways you were seeing God all around you.