Friday, April 4, 2014

God Gets Me...And an Epic Dye Fail

To be so smart I sure am dumb sometimes...

Do you ever feel like your thoughts look a little like this? 

loading ...

Mixed with this?   loading ...

The outward manifestation and hurt may feel like this?   Kind of  like...This is nutso, crazo and soooooooooo  unfair.  What do I DO?! loading ...

Yeah...We get our thoughts off of the Lord sometimes don't we, we start to worryin' and a-frettin'.  It's not that we are abnormal for being upset but we forget that in the background God is doing His best in the situation...we forget to keep praying to the Father.

Today when I left for the store my thoughts were a combo of the above but I kept praying but was still assuming some things, past and recent things...when I got home things looked different.

I received a delightful note from my dad and talked with him over the phone...some major weirdness and discouragements had been going on...  Other major discouragements too were brewing on the radar...some things weren't quite what I thought.  One concern was what I suspected and actually was an answer to prayer that it crashed! I was cor-rect on that one!  : ) 

It's been an intense week and season but God is really good.  There were also some things I prayed about and ya know?  I shut up about what I was praying about.   And God came through!   Why should I be surprised?  dummy-dummy-dummy  ; )  Absent minded professor here.

I am glad to say I have shut up, did not say a word on some things that were being misunderstood even by those I love and God came through when I least expected it!  It's very hard and can be extremely hurtful, being intuitive on things, many things and being with those who have different spiritual giftings...and they don't get us.  You want to scream! (you know... like Donna Reed in it's a Wonderful Life when she's caught behind the bushes?)   So I've learned to shutteth-uppeth if at first, maybe even if at second, ; ) ...if I'm not received. ; )  God gets me and gets me sooooo well.   When only a few folks do, God gets me!

God is moved by our prayers, His answers will many times vindicate, soothe us in mercy or He will gently correct us in a way we can receive and sometimes He corrects the other party..we sometimes are even allowed to see it.

I'm not giving the Father enough credit I know, I could write a book on how He moves, He is just so intricate, so multi-faceted...I'm 53 and I'm blown away at times... Just blown away and sometimes?  Maybe I'm not so smart.  Maybe?  I just need to pass the test of trusting the first time missy?   


Here is a Dye-fail I would like to share with you:

Dying Clothes of a Different Color:   Oh noooooooo....Do not try this kids.

We are a bunch of creative geniuses over here don't ya know? ; )   Actually we do try...I tell Jem that I will be in my studio on days like this... I tell him I am CoCo Chanel on these days and the artist will be at work creating.  At one time I could illustrate and design fashions pretty quickly.   After being married for 34 years we get each other on this stuff... I can be as little girl as I want with Jem...Plus.  I was saving money by George.

Marianna and I thought we were going to have some fine new clothes in one of our favorite colors, Dark Navy...Honey Child, I thought I was going to be spiffy in my new navy blouses and Mar in her eyelet no longer school bus-yellow dress... oh yes indeedie. We were going to rock our worlds!



As the Italian Mama in the old movie, Marty (1958) said about Marty's date...She don't-a looka like-a no Italian girl-a to-a me...

This-a-don't-a-looka-like-a-navy to-a-me....
The white turned lavender.

The white turned  purple-pink.

The yellow turned...I'm not sure...a mix of khaki green on the lining (kinda pretty), purple mud with hints of red on the outer. Oh dear me...

Isn't this awful?  Yep, two entire bottles of navy dye, cotton material, a cup of salt and way too much time... and this is what we got.

I knew the trim wouldn't dye but I figured the look would be neat.  Well, I've dyed items before, say, a black cotton cardigan - black, or a brown shirt - brown, faded pink worked fine and dandy in brightening... but I haven't tried this type of thing over a different color in a long while if ever.  The last time I saw such a drastic dye, I noticed my friend's mom's dyed green cotton bathing suit 42 years ago.  Yep, I could see the blue dots through the green but I still thought it looked neat and I admired that beautiful and glamorous woman's thrift.  My project here was not so neat... *eh hem*.  (nor is it glamorous) 

So friends, don't waste over $7 for the bottles of dye, more $ for electricity used on rinsing and rinsing not to mention the water... and clorox used on bleaching your washing machine... on clothes of a different color.

No use crying over spilled milk but maybe I will save you grief, time and money.  I have no idea why ours came out like this... Such is life. : )   Maybe yours has come out differently, nicely?  Have you had dye fails too?  Let me know!  I love to re-purpose clothes, let me know if you have tips on successful dyeing! 

  Take care all,  from one creative messy blogger.... It's me, Amelia.  Last Child in the Woods.  : )


Anonymous said...

I apologize for the giggles. I couldn't help but laugh at the way your shared the epic dye fail! Thanks for the heads up and I really am sorry it was such a disappointing project, but kudos to you for attempting to be thrifty! :)
Also, I can relate to the rest of the post all too well. It blessed me. Thank you for sharing your heart!
Love and (((hugs))) to you, sweet friend!

Abbi said...

Sorry about the fail! Thanks for sharing your insight. :-) I do remember trying to dye something once and it not being super successful. I was thinking about trying it again but haven't found the time. Maybe I needn't bother.